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, APCam Consortium, Thabit, Hood, Tauschmann, Martin, Allen, Janet M, Leelarathna, Lalantha, Hartnell, Sara, Wilinska, Malgorzata E, Acerini, Carlo L, Dellweg, Sibylle, Benesch, Carsten, Heinemann, Lutz, Mader, Julia K, Holzer, Manuel, Kojzar, Harald, Exall, Jane, Yong, James, Pichierri, Jennifer, Barnard, Katharine D, Kollman, Craig, Cheng, Peiyao, Hindmarsh, Peter C, Campbell, Fiona M, Arnolds, Sabine, Pieber, Thomas R, Evans, Mark L, Dunger, David B, Hovorka, Roman and Murphy, Helen (2015) Home Use of an Artificial Beta Cell in Type 1 Diabetes. New England Journal of Medicine, 373. pp. 2129-2140. ISSN 0028-4793

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