Investigating the Effect of Small Molecule Ligands and Cations on i-Motif DNA

Day, Henry (2015) Investigating the Effect of Small Molecule Ligands and Cations on i-Motif DNA. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Carrying out my PhD has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced and there are of course many people whom I need to thank for helping me throughout this process. Firstly I would like to thank my supervisors Dr Zoë Waller and Professor Mark Searcey for allowing me to work in their laboratories and for their continued encouragement and guidance. I must also thank Novartis and the University for funding my work.
There are parts of this work which have been carried out in collaboration so I would like to thank Camille Huguin (for the FRET ligand screen and silver FRET titration) and Colin MacDonald (for NMR on the i-motif). I would also like to thank Professor Rob Field for donating the compound library and Dr Andy Gates for donating the cations to be screened in chapter 4. Throughout this work I have been fortunate enough to learn a variety of different techniques and work in a number of different groups so I would like to thank Maria O’Connell, Myles Cheesman, Andrew Mayes, Clare Stephenson and Richard Bowater for allowing me access to your laboratories, to use your equipment and in some cases for training me to use them. The technician team, particularly Tim Lane, James Goillau and Rebecca Baldwin have also been of great help to keep the lab running smoothly and safely when equipment has gone wrong.
Teaching and demonstrating has been an unexpected source of enjoyment throughout my PhD and I have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to the chemical education of a large number of students both in the teaching labs and in the research labs. Your questioning has kept me on my toes and helped me to improve my own communication skills and my own understanding of the subject. Never stop asking questions.
I would like to thank Lesley and Onur for their general support and Professor Ganesan for sharing his laboratory with us. I have been fortunate enough to make many new friends since moving to UEA, particularly Angus, Niall, Hannae, Teresa, Louis and Qiran for making the lab a friendly place to work. To the Searcey, Hamilton and Mathews’ groups thank you for your generousity with advice, chemicals and equipment.
Thank you to my friends who have stood by me throughout this process, I am sorry for the times I have neglected you and I thank you for your forgivness and support. To Jess, you have made this last and most stressful year also one of the most enjoyable and I wish you the very best with your own PhD. To John you have continually helped build my self confidence at the times when it has been at its lowest. Finally to my parents, thank you for your continued love and support. Your positive attitudes despite everything life throws at you, are and always will be an inspiration.

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