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Gabrielli, Valeria, Muñoz-García, Juan Carlos, Pergolizzi, Giulia, De Andrade, Peterson, Khimyak, Yaroslav, Field, Robert A and Angulo, Jesus (2021) Molecular recognition of natural and non‐natural substrates by cellodextrin phosphorylase from Ruminiclostridium thermocellum investigated by NMR spectroscopy. Chemistry – A European Journal. ISSN 0947-6539

Andrade, Peterson de, Munoz, Juan, Pergolizzi, Giulia, Gabrielli, Valeria, Nepogodiev, Sergey, Iuga, Dinu, Fábián, Laszlo, Nigmatullin, Rinat, Johns, Marcus A., Harniman, Robert, Eichhorn, Stephen J., Angulo, Jesús, Khimyak, Yaroslav and Field, Robert (2020) Bottom-up Chemoenzymatic Synthesis Towards Novel Fluorinated Cellulose-like Materials.

Kuhaudomlarp, Sakonwan, Walpole, Samuel, Stevenson, Clare EM, Nepogodiev, Sergey A, Lawson, David M, Angulo, Jesus and Field, Robert A (2019) Unravelling the Specificity of Laminaribiose Phosphorylase from Paenibacillus sp. YM‐1 towards Donor Substrates Glucose/Mannose 1‐Phosphate by Using X‐ray Crystallography and Saturation Transfer Difference NMR Spectroscopy. ChemBioChem, 20 (2). pp. 181-192. ISSN 1439-4227

Hems, Edward S., Wagstaff, Ben A., Saalbach, Gerhard and Field, Robert A. (2018) CuAAC click chemistry for the enhanced detection of novel alkyne-based natural product toxins. Chemical Communications, 54 (86). pp. 12234-12237. ISSN 1359-7345

Wagstaff, Ben A., Hems, Edward S., Rejzek, Martin, Pratscher, Jennifer, Brooks, Elliot, Kuhaudomlarp, Sakonwan, O'Neill, Ellis C., Donaldson, Matthew I., Lane, Steven, Currie, John, Hindes, Andrew M., Malin, Gill, Murrell, J. Colin and Field, Robert A. (2018) Insights into toxic Prymnesium parvum blooms: the role of sugars and algal viruses. Biochemical Society Transactions, 46 (2). pp. 413-421. ISSN 0300-5127

García Calavia, Paula, Chambrier, Isabelle, Cook, Michael J., Haines, Alan H., Field, Robert A. and Russell, David A. (2018) Targeted photodynamic therapy of breast cancer cells using lactose-phthalocyanine functionalized gold nanoparticles. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 512. pp. 249-259. ISSN 0021-9797

Monestier, Marie, Latousakis, Dimitrios, Bell, Andrew, Tribolo, Sandra, Tailford, Louise E, Colquhoun, Ian J, Le Gall, Gwenaelle, Yu, Hai, Chen, Xi, Rejzek, Martin, Dedola, Simone, Field, Robert A and Juge, Nathalie (2017) Membrane-enclosed multienzyme (MEME) synthesis of 2,7-anhydro-sialic acid derivatives. Carbohydrate Research, 451. pp. 110-117. ISSN 0008-6215

Schofield, Claire L., Marin, Maria J., Rejzek, Martin, Crocker, Paul Richard, Field, Robert A. and Russell, David A. (2016) Detection of mSiglec-E, in solution and expressed on the surface of Chinese hamster ovary cells, using sialic acid functionalised gold nanoparticles. The Analyst, 141 (20). pp. 5799-5809. ISSN 0003-2654

Marin, MJ, Schofield, Claire, Field, Robert and Russell, David (2015) Glyconanoparticles for colorimetric bioassays. Analyst, 140. pp. 59-70.

O'neill, Ellis C., Trick, Martin, Hill, Lionel, Rejzek, Martin, Dusi, Renata G., Hamilton, Chris J., Zimba, Paul V., Henrissat, Bernard and Field, Robert A. (2015) The transcriptome of Euglena gracilis reveals unexpected metabolic capabilities for carbohydrate and natural product biochemistry. Molecular BioSystems, 11 (10). pp. 2808-2820. ISSN 1742-206X

Pergolizzi, Giulia, Cominetti, Marco, Butt, Julea N., Field, Robert A., Bowater, Richard and Wagner, Gerd K. (2015) Base-modified NAD and AMP derivatives and their activity against bacterial DNA ligases. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 13. pp. 6380-6398. ISSN 1477-0520

Marin, MJ, Rashid, Abdul, Rejzek, Martin, Fairhurst, Shirley A., Wharton, Stephen A., Martin, Stephen R., Mccauley, John W., Wileman, Thomas, Field, Robert A. and Russell, David A. (2013) Glyconanoparticles for the plasmonic detection and discrimination between human and avian influenza virus. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 11 (41). pp. 7101-7107. ISSN 1477-0520

Nepogodiev, SA, Fais, M, Hughes, DL and Field, RA (2011) Synthesis of apiose-containing oligosaccharide fragments of the plant cell wall: fragments of rhamnogalacturonan-II side chains A and B, and apiogalacturonan. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 9 (19). pp. 6670-6684. ISSN 1477-0520

Fais, Margherita, Karamanska, Rositsa, Allmann, Sarah, Fairhurst, Shirley A., Innocenti, Paolo, Fairbanks, Antony J., Donohoe, Timothy J., Davis, Benjamin G., Russell, David A. and Field, Robert A. (2011) Surface plasmon resonance imaging of glycoarrays identifies novel carbohydrate-based ligands for potential ricin sensor development. Chemical Science, 2 (10). pp. 1952-1959. ISSN 2041-6539

Campo, Vanessa L., Carvalho, Ivone, Da Silva, Carlos H. T. P., Schenkman, Sergio, Hill, Lionel, Nepogodiev, Sergey A. and Field, Robert A. (2010) Cyclooligomerisation of azido-alkyne-functionalised sugars: synthesis of 1,6-linked cyclic pseudo-galactooligosaccharides and assessment of their sialylation by Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase. Chemical Science, 1 (4). pp. 507-514. ISSN 2041-6520

Dedola, Simone, Hughes, David L. and Field, Robert A. (2010) Peracetylated α-D-glucopyranosyl fluoride and peracetylated α-maltosyl fluoride. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 66 (3). o124-o127. ISSN 0108-2701

Dedola, Simone, Hughes, David L., Nepogodiev, Sergey A., Rejzek, Martin and Field, Robert A. (2010) Synthesis of α- and β-d-glucopyranosyl triazoles by CuAAC ‘click chemistry’: reactant tolerance, reaction rate, product structure and glucosidase inhibitory properties. Carbohydrate Research, 345 (9). pp. 1123-1134. ISSN 1873-426X

Tomlinson, Mark L., Guan, Pingping, Morris, Richard J., Fidock, Mark D., Rejzek, Martin, Garcia Morales, Carla, Field, Robert A. and Wheeler, Grant N. (2009) A chemical genomic approach identifies matrix metalloptroteinases as playing an essential and specific role in Xenopus melanophore migration. Chemistry and Biology, 16 (1). pp. 93-104. ISSN 1879-1301

Mukhopadhyay, Balaram, Martins, Maristela B., Karamanska, Rositsa, Russell, David A. and Field, Robert A. (2009) Bacterial detection using carbohydrate-functionalised CdS quantum dots: a model study exploiting E. coli recognition of mannosides. Tetrahedron Letters, 50 (8). pp. 886-889.

Tomlinson, Matthew L., Rejzek, Martin, Fidock, Mark, Field, Robert A. and Wheeler, Grant N. (2009) Chemical genomics identifies compounds affecting Xenopus laevis pigment cell development. Molecular BioSystems, 5 (4). pp. 376-384.

Dedola, Simone, Nepogodiev, Sergey A., Hughes, David L. and Field, Robert A. (2008) 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-α-D-glucopyranosyl azide. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 64 (8). o445-o446. ISSN 0108-2701

Karamanska, Rositsa, Clarke, Jonathan, Blixt, Ola, MacRae, James I., Zhang, Jiquan Q., Crocker, Paul R., Laurent, Nicolas, Wright, Adam, Flitsch, Sabine L., Russell, David A. and Field, Robert A. (2008) Surface plasmon resonance imaging for real-time, label-free analysis of protein interactions with carbohydrate microarrays. Glycoconjugate Journal, 25 (1). pp. 69-74. ISSN 0282-0080

Schofield, Claire L., Mukhopadhyay, Balaram, Hardy, Sinead M., McDonnell, Martin B., Field, Robert A. and Russell, David A. (2008) Colorimetric detection of Ricinus communis Agglutinin 120 using optimally presented carbohydrate-stabilised gold nanoparticles. The Analyst, 133 (5). pp. 626-634. ISSN 0003-2654

Zhi, Zheng-Liang, Laurent, Nicolas, Powell, Andrew K., Karamanska, Rositsa, Fais, Margherita, Voglmeir, Josef, Wright, Adam, Blackburn, Jonathan M., Crocker, Paul R., Russell, David A., Flitsch, Sabine, Field, Rob A. and Turnbull, Jeremy E. (2008) A Versatile Gold Surface Approach for Fabrication and Interrogation of Glycoarrays. ChemBioChem, 9 (10). pp. 1568-1575. ISSN 1439-7633

de Oliveira, Marcelo T., Hughes, David L., Nepogodiev, Sergey A. and Field, Robert A. (2008) Indirect approach to C-3 branched 1,2-cis-glycofuranosides: synthesis of aceric acid glycoside analogues. Carbohydrate Research, 343 (2). pp. 211-220. ISSN 1873-426X

Dong, Changjiang, Major, Louise L, Srikannathasan, Velupillai, Errey, James C, Giraud, Marie-France, Lam, Joseph S, Graninger, Michael, Messner, Paul, McNeil, Michael R, Field, Robert A, Whitfield, Chris and Naismith, James H (2007) RmlC, a C3' and C5' carbohydrate epimerase, appears to operate via an intermediate with an unusual twist boat conformation. Journal of Molecular Biology, 365 (1). pp. 146-59. ISSN 0022-2836

Schofield, Claire L., Haines, Alan H., Field, Robert A. and Russell, David A. (2006) Silver and Gold Glyconanoparticles for Colorimetric Bioassays. Langmuir, 22 (15). pp. 6707-6711. ISSN 0743-7463

Mukhopadhyay, B, Maurer, SV, Rudolph, N, van Well, RM, Russell, DA and Field, RA (2005) From Solution Phase to “On-Column” Chemistry: Trichloroacetimidate-Based Glycosylation Promoted by Perchloric Acid−Silica. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 70 (22). pp. 9059-9062. ISSN 0022-3263

Mukhopadhyay, B, Russell, DA and Field, RA (2005) One-pot acetalation–acetylation of sugar derivatives employing perchloric acid immobilised on silica. Carbohydrate Research, 340 (6). pp. 1075-1080. ISSN 1873-426X

Tomlinson, Matthew L., Field, Robert A. and Wheeler, Grant N. (2005) Xenopus as a model organism in Developmental chemical genetic screens. Molecular BioSystems, 1 (3). pp. 223-228. ISSN 1742-206X

Woods, Katherine, Hamilton, Chris J. and Field, Robert A. (2004) Enzymatic liberation of lycotetraose from the Solanum glycoalkaloid alpha-tomatine. Carbohydrate Research, 339 (13). pp. 2325-2328. ISSN 0008-6215

Bickley, Jamie, Cottrell, Jennifer A., Ferguson, John R., Field, Robert A., Harding, John R., Hughes, David L., Ravindanathan Kartha, K. P., Law, Jayne L., Scheinmann, Feodor and Stachulski, Andrew V. (2003) Preparation, X-ray structure and reactivity of a stable glycosyl iodide. Chemical Communications (11). p. 1266. ISSN 1359-7345

Book Section

Wheeler, GN, Field, RA and Tomlinson, ML (2012) Phenotypic screens with model organisms. In: Chemical Genomics. Cambridge University Press, New York, pp. 121-136. ISBN 978-0521889483

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