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Monfoulet, Laurent-Emmanuel, Ruskovska, Tatjana, Ajdzanovic, Vladimir, Havlik, Jaroslav, Vauzour, David, Bayram, Banu, Krga, Irena, Fabiola, Corral Jara Karla, Kistanova, Elena, Abadjieva, Desislava, Massaro, Marika, Scodetti, Egeria, Deligiannidou, Eirini, Kontogiorgis, Christos, Arola‐Arnal, Anna, van Schothorst, Evert M., Morand, Christine and Milenkovic, Dragan (2021) Molecular determinants of the cardiometabolic improvements of dietary flavanols identified by an integrative analysis of nutrigenomic data from a systematic review of animal studies. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 65 (16). ISSN 1613-4125

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