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Ainsworth, Emma (2017) Photoreduction of outer membrane cytochromes: solution and proteoliposome nanocompartment studies. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Al-Yasari, Ahmed ORCID:, van Steerteghem, Nick, Kearns, Hayleigh, El Moll, Hani, Faulds, Karen, Wright, Joseph A. ORCID:, Brunschwig, Bruce S., Clays, Koen and Fielden, John ORCID: (2017) Organoimido-polyoxometalate nonlinear optical chromophores: A structural, spectroscopic, and computational study. Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (17). 10181–10194. ISSN 0020-1669

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Alhijjaj, Muqdad, Belton, Peter and Qi, Sheng ORCID: (2017) A multi-technique characterization of the stability of surfactant containing solid dispersion based buccal patches prepared by hot melt injection moulding. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 528 (1-2). 547–562. ISSN 0378-5173

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Almutairi, Saud (2017) Asymmetric epoxidation of enol ethers and esters using iminium salt catalysts synthesis of α-Hydroxy-Carbonyls. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Alshaker, Heba, Wang, Qi, Srivats, Shyam, Chao, Yimin ORCID:, Cooper, Colin ORCID: and Pchejetski, Dmitri (2017) New FTY720-docetaxel nanoparticle therapy overcomes FTY720-induced lymphopenia and inhibits metastatic breast tumour growth. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 165 (3). 531–543. ISSN 0167-6806

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Aronne, Antonio, Di Serio, Martino, Vitiello, Rosa, Clayden, Nigel J, Minieri, Luciana, Imparato, Claudio, Piccolo, Alessandro, Pernice, Pasquale, Carniti, Paolo and Gervasini, Antonella (2017) An Environmentally Friendly Nb–P–Si Solid Catalyst for Acid-Demanding Reactions. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (32). 17378–17389. ISSN 1932-7447

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Bastow, Emma L., Bych, Katrine, Crack, Jason C., Le Brun, Nick E. ORCID: and Balk, Janneke (2017) NBP35 interacts with DRE2 in the maturation of cytosolic iron-sulfur proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Journal, 89 (3). 590–600. ISSN 0960-7412

Bazzar, Masoomeh (2017) Fibrillar Polycaprolactone/Gelatin Homogeneous Composite Scaffold for Skin Tissue Engineering Applications. In: 2017 MRS Fall Meetings & Exhibits, 2017-11-11.

Bean, Tim P., Greenwood, Naomi, Beckett, Rachel, Biermann, Lauren, Bignell, John P., Brant, Jan L., Copp, Gordon H., Devlin, Michelle J. ORCID:, Dye, Stephen ORCID:, Feist, Stephen W., Fernand, Liam, Foden, Dean, Hyder, Kieran ORCID:, Jenkins, Chris M., van der Kooij, Jeroen, Kröger, Silke, Kupschus, Sven, Leech, Clare, Leonard, Kinson S., Lynam, Christopher P., Lyons, Brett P., Maes, Thomas, Nicolaus, E. E. Manuel, Malcolm, Stephen J., McIlwaine, Paul, Merchant, Nathan D. ORCID:, Paltriguera, Lucille, Pearce, David J., Pitois, Sophie G., Stebbing, Paul D., Townhill, Bryony, Ware, Suzanne, Williams, Oliver and Righton, David (2017) A Review of the Tools Used for Marine Monitoring in the UK: Combining Historic and Contemporary Methods with Modeling and Socioeconomics to Fulfill Legislative Needs and Scientific Ambitions. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4. ISSN 2296-7745

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Bertrand, Benoît, Romanov, Alexander S, Brooks, Mark, Schmidt, Claudia, Ott, Ingo, O'Connell, Maria Anne ORCID: and Bochmann, Manfred ORCID: (2017) Synthesis, structure and cytotoxicity of cyclic (alkyl)(amino) carbene and acyclic carbene complexes of group 11 metals. Dalton Transactions, 46. pp. 15875-15887. ISSN 1477-9226

Bew, Sean P. ORCID:, Liddle, John, Hughes, David L., Pesce, Paolo and Thurston, Sean M. (2017) Chiral Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of N-Aryl-cis-aziridine Carboxylate Esters. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56 (19). 5322–5326. ISSN 1433-7851

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Bonfio, Claudia, Valer, Luca, Scintilla, Simone, Shah, Sachin N, Evans, David J., Jin, Lin, Szostak, Jack W., Sasselov, Dimitar D., Sutherland, John D. and Mansy, Sheref S. (2017) UV-light-driven prebiotic synthesis of iron–sulfur clusters. Nature Chemistry, 9. 1229–1234. ISSN 1755-4330

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Cottey, Alan (2017) Abhor, imagine, abolish:Review of the book Abolition of nuclear weapons as a moral imperative by J. Kultgen. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 23 (2). pp. 201-203. ISSN 1078-1919

Crack, Jason C. and Le Brun, Nick E. ORCID: (2017) Iron–Sulfur Cluster-based Sensors. In: Gas Sensing in Cells. Metallobiology . RSC Publishing, pp. 136-178. ISBN 978-1-78262-895-8

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Cui, Jiaolin, Liu, Xianglian, Du, Zhengliang and Chao, Yimin ORCID: (2017) Enhanced thermoelectric performance via the solid solution formation: The case of pseudobinary alloy (Cu2Te)(Ga2Te3)3 upon Sb substitution for Cu. Materials and Design, 115. pp. 325-331. ISSN 0261-3069

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