Synthesis and thermoelectric application of conductive polymer capped silicon nanoparticles and composites

Bian, Tiezheng (2017) Synthesis and thermoelectric application of conductive polymer capped silicon nanoparticles and composites. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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A solution reduction synthesis method has been used to produce organic ligand capped silicon nanoparticles in a large scale, and with electrochemical etching method in comparison. Nanoparticles produced are explored in a variety of aspects, including particle size, elemental composition, thermal stability and optical property. These results are used to determine how different ligands could affect the silicon core and the thermoelectric performance.
Polymerisation of thiophene is studied to produce two types of oligomer capped nanoparticles, with the difference that whether the polymerisation happens before or after ligand capping. The order of reactions has an effect on the nanoparticle surface coverage of ligands, which influences other properties such as solubility and thermal stability.
Two types of polymer-capped SiNPs are applied in thermoelectric use via different paths. A terthiophene capped sample was prepared by cold press and work in room temperature (25 °C). The product is suitable for wearable device application due to its flexibility even after doping.
The other polymer capped sample is prepared by SPS with doping of graphene, and is aiming for high temperature (500 °C) applications.
Muon spin spectroscopy is involved during my research as a side project to study the microscopic conductivity between silicon nanoparticles with conductive ligand (phenylacetylene) as bridge. Both SiNPs and model molecule [tetrakis (2-phenylethynyl) silane] are studied using TF - μSR and ALC - μSR along with DFT calculation as theoretical support.

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