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Robertson, Claire, Savva, George M., Clapuci, Raducu, Jones, Jacqueline, Maimouni, Hassan, Brown, Eleanor, Minocha, Ashish, Hall, Lindsay J. and Clarke, Paul (2019) Incidence of necrotising enterocolitis before and after introducing routine prophylactic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics. Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition. ISSN 1359-2998

Kiu, Raymond, Caim, Shabhonam, Painset, Anais, Pickard, Derek, Swift, Craig, Dougan, Gordon, Mather, Alison E., Amar, Corinne and Hall, Lindsay J. (2019) Phylogenomic analysis of gastroenteritis-associated Clostridium perfringens in England and Wales over a 7-year period indicates distribution of clonal toxigenic strains in multiple outbreaks and extensive involvement of enterotoxin-encoding (CPE) plasmids. Microbial Genomics, 5 (10). ISSN 2057-5858

Jones, Emily J, Matthews, Zoe J, Gul, Lejla, Sudhakar, Padhmanand, Treveil, Agatha, Divekar, Devina, Buck, Jasmine, Wrzesinski, Tomasz, Jefferson, Matthew, Armstrong, Stuart D, Hall, Lindsay J, Watson, Alastair J M, Carding, Simon R, Haerty, Wilfried, Di Palma, Federica, Mayer, Ulrike, Powell, Penny P, Hautefort, Isabelle, Wileman, Tom and Korcsmaros, Tamas (2019) Integrative analysis of Paneth cell proteomic and transcriptomic data from intestinal organoids reveals functional processes dependent on autophagy. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 12 (3). ISSN 1754-8403

Scott, Nicholas A, Andrusaite, Anna, Andersen, Peter, Lawson, Melissa, Alcon-Giner, Cristina, Leclaire, Charlotte, Caim, Shabhonam, Le Gall, Gwenaelle, Shaw, Tovah, Connolly, James P R, Roe, Andrew J, Wessel, Hannah, Bravo-Blas, Alberto, Thomson, Carolyn A, Kästele, Verena, Wang, Ping, Peterson, Daniel A, Bancroft, Allison, Li, Xuhang, Grencis, Richard, Mowat, Allan McI, Hall, Lindsay J, Travis, Mark A, Milling, Simon W F and Mann, Elizabeth R (2018) Antibiotics induce sustained dysregulation of intestinal T cell immunity by perturbing macrophage homeostasis. Science Translational Medicine, 10 (464). ISSN 1946-6234

Kiu, Raymond and Hall, Lindsay J. (2018) Response: Commentary: Probing Genomic Aspects of the Multi-Host Pathogen Clostridium perfringens Reveals Significant Pangenome Diversity, and a Diverse Array of Virulence Factors. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9 (AUG). ISSN 1664-302X

Kiu, Raymond and Hall, Lindsay J. (2018) An update on the human and animal enteric pathogen Clostridium perfringens. Emerging Microbes & Infections, 7. ISSN 2222-1751

Kiu, Raymond, Caim, Shabhonam, Alexander, Sarah, Pachori, Purnima and Hall, Lindsay J. (2017) Probing Genomic Aspects of the Multi-Host Pathogen Clostridium perfringens Reveals Significant Pangenome Diversity, and a Diverse Array of Virulence Factors. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8. ISSN 1664-302X

Alcon-Giner, Cristina, Caim, Shabhonam, Mitra, Suparna, Ketskemety, Jennifer, Wegmann, Udo, Wain, John, Belteki, Gusztav, Clarke, Paul and Hall, Lindsay J. (2017) Optimisation of 16S rRNA gut microbiota profiling of extremely low birth weight infants. BMC Genomics, 18. ISSN 1471-2164

Kiu, Raymond, Caim, Shabhonam, Alcon-Giner, Cristina, Belteki, Gustav, Clarke, Paul, Pickard, Derek, Dougan, Gordon and Hall, Lindsay J (2017) Preterm infant-associated Clostridium tertium, Clostridium cadaveris and Clostridium paraputrificum strains: genomic and evolutionary insights. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9 (10). 2707–2714. ISSN 1759-6653

Forde, Patrick F, Hall, Lindsay, de Kruijf, Marcel, Bourke, M G, Doddy, T, Sadadcharam, Mira and Soden, Declan M (2015) Non-viral immune electro-gene therapy induces potent anti-tumour responses and has a curative effect in murine colon adenocarcinoma and melanoma cancer models. Gene Therapy, 22. 29–39. ISSN 0969-7128

Hall, Lindsay J, Walshaw, John and Watson, Alastair J M (2014) Gut Microbiome in New-Onset Crohn's Disease. Gastroenterology, 147 (4). 932–934. ISSN 0016-5085

Forde, Patrick F, Hall, Lindsay J, Sadadcharam, Mira, de Kruijf, Marcle, O’ Sullivan, Gerald C and Soden, Declan M (2014) Development and characterization of an enhanced nonviral expression vector for electroporation cancer treatment. Molecular Therapy — Methods & Clinical Development, 1. ISSN 2329-0501

Forde, Patrick F, Sadadcharam, Mira, Hall, Lindsay J, O'Donovan, T R, de Kruijf, Marcel, Byrne, William L, O'Sullivan, Gerald C and Soden, Declan M (2014) Enhancement of electroporation facilitated immunogene therapy via T-reg depletion. Cancer Gene Therapy, 21. pp. 349-354. ISSN 0929-1903

Williams, Jonathan M, Duckworth, Carrie A, Watson, Alastair J M, Frey, Mark R, Miguel, Jennifer C, Burkitt, Michael D, Sutton, Robert, Hughes, Kevin R, Hall, Lindsay J, Caamaño, Jorge H, Campbell, Barry J and Pritchard, D Mark (2013) A mouse model of pathological small intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis and shedding induced by systemic administration of lipopolysaccharide. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 6 (6). pp. 1388-1399. ISSN 1754-8411

Hall, LJ, Murphy, CT, Quinlan, A, Hurley, G, Shanahan, F, Nally, K and Melgar, S (2013) Natural killer cells protect mice from DSS-induced colitis by regulating neutrophil function via the NKG2A receptor. Mucosal Immunology, 6. pp. 1016-1026. ISSN 1933-0219

Watson, AJM and Hall, LJ (2013) Regulation of host gene expression by gut microbiota. Gastroenterology, 144 (4). pp. 841-4. ISSN 0016-5085

Hall, Lindsay J., Murphy, Carola T., Hurley, Grainne, Quinlan, Aoife, Shanahan, Fergus, Nally, Kenneth and Melgar, Silvia (2013) Natural Killer cells protect against mucosal and systemic infection with the enteric pathogen Citrobacter rodentium. Infection and Immunity, 81 (2). pp. 460-469. ISSN 0019-9567

Watson, Alastair J M, Hall, Lindsay J and Hughes, Kevin R (2012) Cell shedding:old questions answered. Gastroenterology, 143 (5). pp. 1389-1391. ISSN 1528-0012

Fanning, S, Hall, LJ and van Sinderen, D (2012) Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003 surface exopolysaccharide production is a beneficial trait mediating commensal-host interaction through immune modulation and pathogen protection. Gut Microbes, 3 (5). pp. 420-5. ISSN 1949-0976

Hall, Lindsay J and Watson, Alastair J M (2012) Role of autophagy in NOD2-induced inflammation in Crohn's disease. Gastroenterology, 142 (4). pp. 1032-1034. ISSN 1528-0012

Fanning, Saranna, Hall, Lindsay J., Cronin, Michelle, Zomer, Aldert, MacSharry, John, Goulding, David, O'Connell Motherway, Mary, Shanahan, Fergus, Nally, Kenneth, Dougan, Gordon and van Sinderen, Douwe (2012) Bifidobacterial surface-exopolysaccharide facilitates commensal-host interaction through immune modulation and pathogen protection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (6). pp. 2108-2113. ISSN 0027-8424

Murphy, CT, Hall, LJ, Hurley, G, Quinlan, A, MacSharry, J, Shanahan, F, Nally, K and Melgar, S (2012) The Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Analogue FTY720 Impairs Mucosal Immunity and Clearance of the Enteric Pathogen Citrobacter rodentium. Infection and Immunity, 80 (8). pp. 2712-2723. ISSN 0019-9567

Jansen, Angela M., Hall, Lindsay J., Clare, Simon, Goulding, David, Holt, Kathryn E., Grant, Andrew J., Mastroeni, Piero, Dougan, Gordon and Kingsley, Robert A. (2011) A Salmonella Typhimurium-Typhi genomic chimera: A model to study Vi polysaccharide capsule function in vivo. PLoS Pathogens, 7 (7).

Hall, LJ, Clare, S and Dougan, G (2010) Probing local innate immune responses after mucosal immunisation. Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines, 8 (5). ISSN 1476-8518

Hall, LJ, Clare, S and Dougan, G (2010) NK cells influence both innate and adaptive immune responses after mucosal immunization with antigen and mucosal adjuvant. Journal of Immunology, 184 (8). pp. 4327-4337. ISSN 0022-1767

Hall, LJ, Faivre, E, Quinlan, A, Shanahan, F, Nally, K and Melgar, S (2010) Induction and activation of adaptive immune populations during acute and chronic phases of a murine model of experimental colitis. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 56 (1). pp. 79-89. ISSN 1573-2568

Murphy, CT, Moloney, G, Hall, LJ, Quinlan, A, Faivre, E, Casey, P, Shanahan, F, Melgar, S and Nally, K (2010) Use of bioluminescence imaging to track neutrophil migration and its inhibition in experimental colitis. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 162 (1). pp. 188-196. ISSN 1365-2249

Hall, Lindsay J., Clare, Simon, Pickard, Derek, Clark, Simon O., Kelly, Dominic L., El Ghany, Moataz Abd, Hale, Christine, Dietrich, Jes, Andersen, Peter, Marsh, Philip D. and Dougan, Gordon (2009) Characterisation of a live Salmonella vaccine stably expressing the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ag85B-ESAT6 fusion protein. Vaccine, 27 (49). pp. 6894-6904. ISSN 1873-2518

Abd El Ghany, Moataz, Jansen, Angela, Clare, Simon, Hall, Lindsay J., Pickard, Derek, Kingsley, Robert A. and Dougan, Gordon (2007) Candidate live, attenuated Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium vaccines with reduced fecal shedding are immunogenic and effective oral vaccines. Infection and Immunity, 75 (4). pp. 1835-1842. ISSN 0019-9567

Book Section

Dougan, Gordon, Goulding, David and Hall, Lindsay (2011) Live Vaccines and Their Role in Modern Vaccinology. In: Replicating Vaccines: A New Generation. Springer, pp. 3-14. ISBN 978-3-0346-0276-1

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