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Abraao, MB, Shepard Jr, GH, Nelson, BW, Baniwa, JC, Andrello, G and Yu, DW (2010) Baniwa habitat classification in the white-sand campinarana habitat of the Northwest Amazon. In: Landscape ethnoecology: concepts of biotic and physical space. Berghahn Books, New York, pp. 83-115.

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Peake, Lewis (2010) UNSPECIFIED In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, Warsaw, pp. 465-476.


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Zidana, H, Turner, GF, Van Oosterhout, C and Hanfling, B (2010) Elevated mtDNA diversity in introducted populations of Cynotilapia afra (Gunther, 1984) in Lake Malawi National Park is evidence for multiple source populations and hybridisation. Molecular Ecology, 18 (21). pp. 4380-4389. ISSN 1365-294X

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