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Ellis, John, Barratt, Joel, Kauffer, Alexa, Pearn, Lauren, Armstrong, Brigette, Johnson, Michael, Park, Yasunori, Downey, Lara, Cao, Maisie, Neill, Levina, Lee, Rogan, Ellis, Bethany, Tyler, Kevin, Lun, Zhao-Rong and Stark, Damien (2021) A new subspecies of Trypanosoma cyclops found in the Australian terrestrial leech Chtonobdella bilineata. Parasitology, 148 (10). pp. 1125-1136. ISSN 0031-1820

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Ferreira, Eden R., Bonfim-Melo, Alexis, Burleigh, Barbara A., Costales, Jaime A., Tyler, Kevin M. and Mortara, Renato A. (2021) Parasite-mediated remodeling of the host microfilament cytoskeleton enables rapid egress of Trypanosoma cruzi following membrane rupture. mBIO, 12 (3). ISSN 2150-7511

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Brainard, Julii, Hammer, Charlotte C., Hunter, Paul R., Katzer, Frank, Hurle, Georgina and Tyler, Kevin (2021) Efficacy of halofuginone products to prevent or treat cryptosporidiosis in bovine calves: A systematic review and meta-analyses. Parasitology, 148 (4). pp. 408-409. ISSN 0031-1820

van Oosterhout, Cock, Hall, Neil, Ly, Hinh and Tyler, Kevin (2021) COVID-19 evolution during the pandemic - Implications of new SARS-CoV-2 variants on disease control and public health policies. Virulence, 12 (1). pp. 507-508. ISSN 2150-5594

Ellis, John, Ellis, Bethany, Tyler, Kevin and Reichel, Michael P. (2021) Recent trends in the use of social media in parasitology and the application of alternative metrics. Current Research in Parasitology and Vector-Borne Diseases, 1. ISSN 2667-114X

Brainard, Julii, Hooper, Lee, McFarlane, Savannah, Hammer, Charlotte, Hunter, Paul and Tyler, Kevin (2020) Systematic review of modifiable risk factors shows little evidential support for most current practices in Cryptosporidium management in bovine calves. Parasitology Research, 119 (11). pp. 3571-3584. ISSN 0932-0113

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Alrefaei, Abdulwahed, Gerhold, Richard, Nader, Johanna, Bell, Diana and Tyler, Kevin (2019) Improved subtyping affords better discrimination of Trichomonas gallinae strains and suggests hybrid lineages. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 73. pp. 234-241. ISSN 1567-1348

Alrefaei, Abdulwahed, Low, Ross, Hall, Neil, Jardim, Rodrigo, Davila, Alberto, Gerhold, Rick, John, Shinto, Steinbiss, Sascha, Cunningham, Andrew A., Lawson, Becki, Bell, Diana and Tyler, Kevin (2019) Multi-locus analysis resolves the epidemic finch strain of Trichomonas gallinae and suggests introgression from divergent trichomonads. Genome Biology and Evolution, 11 (8). 2391–2402. ISSN 1759-6653

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Ghallab, Marwa, Khater, Mona, Tyler, Kevin, Bouzid, Maha, Abd Elmegied, Azza Kamal and El-Badry, Ayman (2018) High-resolution Melting Curve (HRM) analysis in genotypic discrimination of Cryptosporidium isolates from stool of Egyptian children. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology, 48 (3). pp. 557-562. ISSN 0253-5890

Farooq, Hassan Ali, Khan, Hammad Ahmad, Alrefaei, Abdulwahed Fahad and Tyler, Kevin (2018) Endemic infection of the common mynah Acridotheres tristis with Trichomonas gallinae the agent of avian trichomonosis. Parasitology, 145 (12). pp. 1548-1552. ISSN 0031-1820

Nasr, Dina S., Yousof, Hebat-Allah S. A., Tyler, Kevin, El-Badry, Ayman A., Rubio, José M. and El-Dib, Nadia A. (2018) Giardia intestinalis assemblages among Egyptian symptomatic/asymptomatic cases in Cairo. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology, 48 (2). pp. 465-474. ISSN 0253-5890

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