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Akashi, Motoko (2021) Manifestations of Creativity:Murakami Haruki as Translator. In: Murakami Haruki and Our Years of Pilgrimage. Routledge, Oxon, pp. 219-239. ISBN 9780367181413

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Andow, James (2021) If philosophers aren’t using intuitions as evidence, what are they doing? Dialectica. ISSN 0012-2017 (In Press)

Arı, Barış and Sonmez, Burak (2021) Human Rights Violations and Public Support for Sanctions.

Augé, Anaïs (2021) COVID-19 as a framing device for environmental protest: The ECOSYSTEM HEALTH metaphor. Environmental Communication. ISSN 1752-4032


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Deb, Paul (2021) "I Saw a Different Life. I Can't Stop Seeing It": Perfectionist Visions in Revolutionary Road. Film-Philosophy, 25 (3). pp. 251-271. ISSN 1466-4615

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