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Rutter, Richard, Barnes, Stuart J., Roper, Stuart, Nadeau, John and Lettice, Fiona (2021) Social media influencers, product placement and network engagement: Using AI image analysis to empirically test relationships. Industrial Management and Data Systems, 121 (12). pp. 2387-2410. ISSN 0263-5577

Zimpel-Leal, Karla and Lettice, Fiona (2021) Generative mechanisms for scientific knowledge transfer in the food industry. Sustainability, 13 (2). ISSN 2071-1050

Nadeau, John, Rutter, Richard and Lettice, Fiona (2020) Social media responses and brand personality in product and moral harm crises: Why waste a good crisis? Journal of Marketing Management, 36 (11-12). pp. 1031-1054. ISSN 0267-257X

Rutter, Richard, Nadeau, John, Aagerup, Ulf and Lettice, Fiona (2020) The Olympic Games and associative sponsorship: Brand personality identity creation, communication and congruence. Internet Research, 30 (1). pp. 85-107. ISSN 1066-2243

Stephanides, Phedeas, Chalvatzis, Konstantinos, Li, Xin, Lettice, Fiona, Guan, Dabo, Ioannidis, Alexis, Zafirakis, Dimitris and Papapostolou, Christiana (2019) The social perspective on island energy transitions: Evidence from the Aegean archipelago. Applied Energy, 255. ISSN 0306-2619

Zhang, Min, Lettice, Fiona and Pawar, Kulwant (2019) Effects of intellectual capital and university knowledge on indigenous innovation: Evidence from Indian SMEs. Production Planning & Control, 30 (10-12). pp. 799-812. ISSN 0953-7287

Chalvatzis, Konstantinos J., Malekpoor, Hanif, Mishra, Nishikant, Lettice, Fiona and Choudhary, Sonal (2019) Sustainable resource allocation for power generation: The role of big data in enabling interindustry architectural innovation. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 144. pp. 381-393. ISSN 0040-1625

Smart, Palie, Holmes, Sue, Lettice, Fiona, Schwartz, Gregory, Zwiegelaar, Jeremy, Pitts, Frederick Harry and Evans, Steve (2019) Open Science and Open Innovation in Socio-Political Context: Knowledge Production and Societal Impact in an Age of Populism. R & D Management, 49 (3). pp. 279-297. ISSN 1467-9310

Yu, Feifei, Guo, Yue, Lettice, Fiona and Barnes, Stuart (2019) Regional anti-corruption effort, political connections and firm innovation effort: Evidence from China. Bulletin of Economic Research, 71 (1). pp. 18-32. ISSN 0307-3378

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Rutter, Richard, Chalvatzis, Konstantinos, Roper, Stuart and Lettice, Fiona (2018) Branding instead of product innovation: a study on the brand personalities of the UK’s electricity market. European Management Review, 15 (2). pp. 255-272. ISSN 1740-4754

Rutter, Richard, Nadeau, John, Lettice, Fiona, Lim, Ming and al Shamaisi, Suwaid (2018) Place branding of seaports in the Middle East. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 14 (3). 197–212. ISSN 1751-8040

Smart, Palie, Hemel, Stefan, Lettice, Fiona, Adams, Richard and Evans, Stephen (2017) Pre-paradigmatic status of industrial sustainability: a systematic review. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 37 (10). pp. 1425-1450. ISSN 0144-3577

Lettice, Fiona, Rogers, Helen, Yaghmaei, Emad and Pawar, Kulwant S. (2017) Responsible Research and Innovation Revisited: Aligning Product Development Processes with the Corporate Responsibility Agenda. In: Revolution of Innovation Management. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 247-269. ISBN 978-1-349-95122-2

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Rutter, Richard, Hanretty, Chris and Lettice, Fiona (2015) Political brands: can parties be distinguished by their online brand personality? Journal of Political Marketing. ISSN 1537-7865

Zhang, Min, Lettice, Fiona and Zhao, Xiande (2015) The impact of social capital on mass customisation and product innovation capabilities. International Journal of Production Research, 53. pp. 5251-5264. ISSN 0020-7543

Bagherian, Jila and Lettice, Fiona (2014) A Multi-Level Perspective Towards Energy Regime Transitions: A wind Energy Diffusion Case Study. In: International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, 2015-04-28 - 2015-04-30, Cardiff University.

Lettice, Fiona, Tschida, Markus and Forstenlechner, Ingo (2014) Managing in an economic crisis: The role of market orientation in an international law firm. Journal of Business Research, 67 (1). pp. 2693-2700. ISSN 0148-2963

Bagherian, Jila and Lettice, Fiona (2014) A Multi-Level Perspective Towards Energy Regime Transitions: A Wind Energy Diffusion Case Study. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Rutter, Richard and Lettice, Fiona (2014) The Importance of Social Media for Validating University Brands. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Lettice, Fiona (2013) Editorial. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 19 (1-2). pp. 86-90. ISSN 1352-7592

Srivastava, Mohit, Rogers, H. and Lettice, Fiona (2013) Team performance management: past, current and future trends. Team Performance Management, 19 (7/8). pp. 352-362. ISSN 1352-7592

Lettice, Fiona (2013) KEYNOTE: Social Innovation – Challenges and Themes. In: Operations Management in the Third Sector Conference, 2013-03-20 - 2013-03-20, Leeds University Business School.

Lettice, Fiona, Pawar, P. and Rogers, H. (2013) Responsible Innovation: What Challenges Does it Pose for the New Product Development Process. In: 19th International Concurrent Enterprising (ICE) Conference, 2013-06-24 - 2013-06-26, The Hague.

Rutter, R., Lettice, Fiona and Barnes, Stuart (2013) An Empirical Study of the Effect of Brand Personality Consistency on Recruitment Performance within The UK Higher Education Sector. In: 8th Global Band Conference, 2013-04-03 - 2013-04-05.

Steffens, P., Lettice, Fiona and Thomond, P. (2013) Eyes Wide Shut: The Role of Organizational Field Transparency for Overcoming Organisational Inertia. In: 35th DRUID Celebration Conference, 2013-06-17 - 2013-06-19.

Ali, Sadaqat, Peters, Linda D. and Lettice, Fiona (2012) An organizational learning perspective on conceptualizing dynamic and substantive capabilities. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 20 (7). pp. 589-607. ISSN 0965-254X

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Steffens, Paul, Lettice, Fiona and Thomond, Peter (2012) Eyes Wide Shut: Overcoming Inertia When Faced with Discontinuous Innovation – The Role of Organisational Field Transparency. In: 28th EGOS Colloquium, 2012-07-05 - 2012-07-07.

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Lettice, Fiona, Smart, Palie, Baruch, Yehuda and Johnson, Mark (2012) Navigating the innovation-impact double hurdle: The case of a climate change research fund. Research Policy, 41 (6). pp. 1048-1057. ISSN 1873-7625

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Tantoush, Jalal, Lettice, Fiona and Chan, Hing Kai (2011) Impact of sanctions on buyer-supplier relationships - a commentary of a study about the Libyan oil industry. In: Manufacturing Engineering. Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 109-120. ISBN 978-1-61209-987-3

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