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Klankhajhon, Sirikanok, McAllister, Jan, Hingkanont, Poonsuk and Crozier, Kenda (2020) Exercise intervention in pregnancy: A feasibility study in Thailand. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, 30 (4). pp. 446-455. ISSN 0961-5555

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Lapeer, Rudy, Gerikhanov, Zelimkhan, Sadulaev, Said-Magomed, Audinis, Vilius, Rowland, Roger, Crozier, Kenda and Morris, Edward (2019) A computer‑based simulation of childbirth using the partial Dirichlet–Neumann contact method with total Lagrangian explicit dynamics on the GPU. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, 18 (3). 681–700. ISSN 1617-7940

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Book Section

Williamson, AJ and Crozier, KE (2004) Risk Management and Other Legal Considerations. In: Managing Childbirth Emergencies in Community Setting. Palgrave. ISBN 1403905177

Conference or Workshop Item

Crozier, KE (2005) Analysing Midwifery Competence in Birth Technology. In: Trennial International Confederation of Midwives Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2005-01-01.

Crozier, KE (2005) Midwives competence in technology use. In: RCN International Research Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2005-01-01.

Crozier, KE (2003) Birth technology competence. In: Nursing in a Technological World, Brisbane, Australia, 2003-01-01.


Bates, Karen and Crozier, Kenda (2015) Managing Childbirth Emergencies in the community and low tech settings. Palgrave, London. ISBN 978–1–137–37481–3

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