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Atkinson, Jennifer M., Falconer, Robert A., Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Pennington, Caroline J., Siller, Catherine S., Shnyder, Steven D., Bibby, Michael C., Patterson, Laurence H., Loadman, Paul M. and Gill, Jason H. (2010) Development of a Novel Tumor-Targeted Vascular Disrupting Agent Activated by Membrane-Type Matrix Metalloproteinases. Cancer Research, 70 (17). pp. 6902-6912. ISSN 0008-5472

Attard, Gerhardt, de Bono, Johann S, Clark, Jeremy and Cooper, Colin S ORCID: (2010) Studies of TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusions in diagnostic trans-rectal prostate biopsies. Clinical Cancer Research, 16 (4). 1340; author reply 1340. ISSN 1078-0432


Barter, Matt J., Pybus, Leon, Litherland, Gary J., Rowan, Andrew D., Clark, Ian M., Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Cawston, Tim E. and Young, David A. (2010) HDAC-mediated control of ERK- and PI3K-dependent TGF-β-induced extracellular matrix-regulating genes. Matrix Biology, 29 (7). pp. 602-612. ISSN 1569-1802

Bass, Rosemary and Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: (2010) ADAMs and protein disulfide isomerase: the key to regulated cell-surface protein ectodomain shedding? Biochemical Journal, 428 (3). e3-e5. ISSN 0264-6021

Battaglia, Sebastiano, Maguire, Orla, Thorne, James L, Hornung, Laura B, Doig, Craig L, Liu, Song, Sucheston, Lara E, Bianchi, Anna, Khanim, Farhat L, Gommersall, Lyndon M, Coulter, Henry S O, Rakha, Serena, Giddings, Ian, O'Neill, Laura P, Cooper, Colin S ORCID:, McCabe, Christopher J, Bunce, Christopher M and Campbell, Moray J (2010) Elevated NCOR1 disrupts PPARalpha/gamma signaling in prostate cancer and forms a targetable epigenetic lesion. Carcinogenesis, 31 (9). pp. 1650-60. ISSN 0143-3334


Caseiras, Gisele B., Chheang, Sophie, Babb, James, Rees, Jeremy H., Pecerrelli, Nicole, Tozer, Daniel J., Benton, Christopher, Zagzag, David, Johnson, Glyn, Waldman, Adam D., Jäger, H. R. and Law, Meng (2010) Relative cerebral blood volume measurements of low-grade gliomas predict patient outcome in a multi-institution setting. European Journal of Radiology, 73 (2). pp. 215-220. ISSN 0720-048X

Cooley, Lindsay S., Handsley, Madeleine M. ORCID:, Zhou, Zhigang, Lafleur, Marc A., Pennington, Caroline J., Thompson, Erik W., Pöschl, Ernst and Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: (2010) Reversible trans-differentiation of blood vascular endothelial cells to a lymphatic-like phenotype in vitro. Journal of Cell Science, 123 (21). pp. 3808-3816. ISSN 0021-9533

Cooper, Colin A. ORCID:, Zhang, Kun, Andres, Sara N., Fang, Yuan, Kaniuk, Natalia A., Hannemann, Mandy, Brumell, John H., Foster, Leonard J., Junop, Murray S. and Coombes, Brian K. (2010) Structural and biochemical characterization of SrcA, a multi-cargo type III secretion chaperone in Salmonella required for pathogenic association with a host. PLoS Pathogens, 6 (2). ISSN 1553-7366


Eeles, R., Knee, G., Jhavar, S., Mangion, J., Ebbs, S., Gui, G., Thomas, S., Coppen, M., A'Hern, R., Gray, S., Cooper, C. ORCID:, Bartek, J. and Yarnold, J. (2010) Multicentric breast cancer:Clonality and prognostic studies. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 129 (3). pp. 703-716. ISSN 0167-6806


Green, Justin A., Elkington, Paul T., Pennington, Caroline J., Roncaroli, Federico, Dholakia, Shruti, Moores, Rachel C., Bullen, Anwen, Porter, Joanna C., Agranoff, Dan, Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: and Friedland, Jon S. (2010) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Upregulates Microglial Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 and -3 Expression and Secretion via NF- B- and Activator Protein-1-Dependent Monocyte Networks. Journal of Immunology, 184 (11). pp. 6492-6503. ISSN 0022-1767


Hodgkinson, Lisa M., Wang, Lixin, Duncan, George, Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: and Wormstone, I. Michael ORCID: (2010) ADAM and ADAMTS gene expression in native and wound healing human lens epithelial cells. Molecular Vision, 16. pp. 2765-2776. ISSN 1090-0535


Inglese, M., Madelin, G., Oesingmann, N., Babb, J. S., Wu, W., Stoeckel, B., Herbert, J. and Johnson, G. (2010) Brain tissue sodium concentration in multiple sclerosis: a sodium imaging study at 3 tesla. Archives of Neurology, 133 (3). pp. 847-857. ISSN 0003-9942


Jennings, Barbara A. ORCID:, Willis, Gavin A., Skinner, Jane and Relton, Caroline L. (2010) Genetic selection? A study of individual variation in the enzymes of folate metabolism. BMC Medical Genetics, 11.


Khandanpour, Nader, Armon, Matthew P, Jennings, Barbara, Clark, Allan and Meyer, F (2010) The association between ankle brachial pressure index and pulse wave velocity: clinical implication of pulse wave velocity. Angiology, 60 (6). pp. 732-738. ISSN 1940-1574

Krüger, Achim, Kates, Ronald E. and Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: (2010) Avoiding spam in the proteolytic internet: Future strategies for anti-metastatic MMP inhibition. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research, 1803 (1). pp. 95-102.

Kudahetti, Sakunthala C, Fisher, Gabrielle, Ambroisine, Laurence, Prowse, David, Kattan, Michael W, Foster, Christopher S, Møller, Henrik, Oliver, Tim, Fletcher, Anne, Cooper, Colin ORCID:, Reuter, Victor, Scardino, Peter, Cuzick, Jack and Berney, Daniel M and Transatlantic Prostate Group (2010) Immunohistochemistry for p16, but not Rb or p21, is an independent predictor of prognosis in conservatively treated, clinically localised prostate cancer. Plant Pathology, 42 (6). pp. 519-23. ISSN 0032-0862


Lee, Meng-Huee, Atkinson, Susan, Rapti, Magdalini, Handsley, Madeleine ORCID:, Curry, Valerie, Edwards, Dylan ORCID: and Murphy, Gillian (2010) The activity of a designer tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-1 against native membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) in a cell-based environment. Cancer Letters, 290 (1). pp. 114-122. ISSN 1872-7980


McCarthy, F., Dennis, N., Flohr, P., Jhavar, S., Parker, C. and Cooper, C. S. ORCID: (2010) High-density tissue microarrays from prostate needle biopsies. Journal of Clinical Pathology, 64 (1). pp. 88-90. ISSN 0021-9746

Mitra, A. V., Jameson, C., Barbachano, Y., Sodha, N., Kote-Jarai, Z., Javed, A., Bancroft, E., Fletcher, A., Cooper, C. ORCID:, Peock, S., Easton, D., Eeles, R. and Foster, C. S. (2010) Elevated expression of Ki-67 identifies aggressive prostate cancers but does not distinguish BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation carriers. Oncology Reports, 23 (2). pp. 299-305. ISSN 1021-335X


Pennington, Caroline J. and Edwards, Dylan ORCID: (2010) Real-Time PCR Expression Profiling of MMPs and TIMPs. Methods in Molecular Biology, 622. pp. 159-173. ISSN 1064-3745

Pickard, Mark R, Edwards, Sandra E, Cooper, Colin S ORCID: and Williams, Gwyn T (2010) Apoptosis regulators Fau and Bcl-G are down-regulated in prostate cancer. The Prostate, 70 (14). pp. 1513-23. ISSN 1097-0045


Ravenhill, Lorna, Wagstaff, Laura, Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Ellis, Vincent and Bass, Rosemary (2010) G-helix of Maspin Mediates Effects on Cell Migration and Adhesion. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (47). pp. 36285-36292. ISSN 0021-9258

Reid, A H M, Attard, G, Ambroisine, L, Fisher, G, Kovacs, G, Brewer, D ORCID:, Clark, J, Flohr, P, Edwards, S, Berney, D M, Foster, C S, Fletcher, A, Gerald, W L, Møller, H, Reuter, V E, Scardino, P T, Cuzick, J, de Bono, J S and Cooper, C S ORCID: and Transatlantic Prostate Group (2010) Molecular characterisation of ERG, ETV1 and PTEN gene loci identifies patients at low and high risk of death from prostate cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 102 (4). pp. 678-684. ISSN 0007-0920

Rushworth, Stuart A, Bowles, Kristian M ORCID:, Raninga, Prahlad and MacEwan, David J (2010) NF-kappaB-inhibited acute myeloid leukemia cells are rescued from apoptosis by heme oxygenase-1 induction. Cancer Research, 70 (7). pp. 2973-2983. ISSN 0008-5472

Rushworth, Stuart A., Zaitseva, Lyubov, Langa Marcano, Susana, Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID: and MacEwan, David J. (2010) FLIP regulation of HO-1 and TNF signalling in human acute myeloid leukemia provides a unique secondary anti-apoptotic mechanism. Oncotarget, 1 (5). pp. 359-366. ISSN 1949-2553


Santarius, Thomas, Shipley, Janet, Brewer, Daniel ORCID:, Stratton, Michael R. and Cooper, Colin S. ORCID: (2010) A census of amplified and overexpressed human cancer genes. Nature Reviews, 10 (1). pp. 59-64.

Shan, L., Ambroisine, L., Clark, J., Yáñez-Muñoz, R. J., Fisher, G., Kudahetti, S. C., Yang, J., Kia, S., Mao, X., Fletcher, A., Flohr, P., Edwards, S., Attard, G., De-Bono, J., Young, B. D., Foster, C. S., Reuter, V., Moller, H., Oliver, T. D., Berney, D. M., Scardino, P., Cuzick, J., Cooper, C. S. ORCID: and Lu, Y. J. (2010) The identification of chromosomal translocation, t(4;6)(q22;q15), in prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, 13 (2). pp. 117-125. ISSN 1365-7852

Shan, Yujuan, Wang, Xiaoxue, Wang, Wei, He, Canxia and Bao, Yongping ORCID: (2010) p38 MAPK plays a distinct role in sulforaphane-induced up-regulation of ARE-dependent enzymes and down-regulation of COX-2 in human bladder cancer cells. Oncology Reports, 23 (4). pp. 1133-1138. ISSN 1791-2431

Stokes, Angela, Joutsa, Juho, Ala-aho, Risto, Pitchers, Mark, Pennington, Caroline J., Martin, Craig, Premachandra, Don J., Okada, Yasunori, Peltonen, Juha, Grénman, Reidar, James, Helen A., Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: and Kähäri, Veli-Matti (2010) Expression Profiles and Clinical Correlations of Degradome Components in the Tumor Microenvironment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 16 (7). pp. 2022-2035. ISSN 1078-0432


Thomsen, Martin K, Ambroisine, Laurence, Wynn, Sarah, Cheah, Kathryn S E, Foster, Christopher S, Fisher, Gabrielle, Berney, Daniel M, Møller, Henrik, Reuter, Victor E, Scardino, Peter, Cuzick, Jack, Ragavan, Narasimhan, Singh, Paras B, Martin, Francis L, Butler, Christopher M, Cooper, Colin S ORCID: and Swain, Amanda and Transatlantic Prostate Group (2010) SOX9 elevation in the prostate promotes proliferation and cooperates with PTEN loss to drive tumor formation. Cancer Research, 70 (3). pp. 979-87. ISSN 0008-5472


Vergis, Roy, Corbishley, Catherine M, Thomas, Karen, Horwich, Alan, Huddart, Robert, Khoo, Vincent, Eeles, Ros, Sydes, Matthew R, Cooper, Colin S ORCID:, Dearnaley, David and Parker, Chris (2010) Expression of Bcl-2, p53, and MDM2 in localized prostate cancer with respect to the outcome of radical radiotherapy dose escalation. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 78 (1). pp. 35-41. ISSN 1879-355X


Whitaker, Hayley C., Kote-Jarai, Zsofia, Ross-Adams, Helen, Warren, Anne Y., Burge, Johanna, George, Anne, Bancroft, Elizabeth, Jhavar, Sameer, Leongamornlert, Daniel, Tymrakiewicz, Malgorzata, Saunders, Edward, Page, Elizabeth, Mitra, Anita, Mitchell, Gillian, Lindeman, Geoffrey J., Evans, D. Gareth, Blanco, Ignacio, Mercer, Catherine, Rubinstein, Wendy S., Clowes, Virginia, Douglas, Fiona, Hodgson, Shirley, Walker, Lisa, Donaldson, Alan, Izatt, Louise, Dorkins, Huw, Male, Alison, Tucker, Kathy, Stapleton, Alan, Lam, Jimmy, Kirk, Judy, Lilja, Hans, Easton, Douglas, Cooper, Colin ORCID:, Eeles, Rosalind and Neal, David E. and IMPACT Study Steering Committee, IMPACT Study Collaborators, UK GPCS Collaborators (2010) The rs10993994 risk allele for prostate cancer results in clinically relevant changes in microseminoprotein-beta expression in tissue and urine. PLoS One, 5 (10). ISSN 1932-6203

White, H, Norton, R, Rushworth, SA, Mc Carthy, E and O'Connell, MA (2010) LPS activation of the Nrf2 pathway in monocytes: role of PKC alpha. In: Immunity. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 146-147.

White, H., Norton, R., Rushworth, S. A., Mc Carthy, E. and O'Connell, M. A. (2010) LPS activation of the Nrf2 pathway in monocytes: role of PKC alpha. Immunology, 131. pp. 146-147. ISSN 0019-2805


Yao, Sheng, Bee, Alix, Brewer, Daniel ORCID:, Dodson, Andrew, Beesley, Carol, Ke, Youqiang, Ambroisine, Laurence, Fisher, Gabrielle, Møller, Heinrich, Dickinson, Tim, Gerard, Patricia, Lian, Lu-Yu, Risk, Janet, Lane, Brian, Smith, Paul, Reuter, Victor, Berney, Daniel, Gosden, Christine, Scardino, Peter, Cuzick, Jack, Djamgoz, Mustafa B A, Cooper, Colin ORCID: and Foster, Christopher S (2010) PRKC-ζ Expression Promotes the Aggressive Phenotype of Human Prostate Cancer Cells and Is a Novel Target for Therapeutic Intervention. Genes & Cancer, 1 (5). pp. 444-64. ISSN 1947-6027

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