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Abdulla, S, Saada, J, Johnson, G, Jefferies, S and Ajithkumar, T (2015) Tumour progression or pseudoprogression?:A review of post-treatment radiological appearances of glioblastoma. Clinical Radiology, 70 (11). pp. 1299-1312. ISSN 0009-9260

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Apfelbacher, Christian, Heinl, Daniel, Prinsen, Cecilia A. C., Deckert, Stefanie, Chalmers, Joanne, Ofenloch, Robert, Humphreys, Rosemary, Sach, Tracey ORCID:, Chamlin, Sarah and Schmitt, Jochen (2015) Measurement properties of adult quality-of-life measurement instruments for eczema: protocol for a systematic review. Systematic Reviews, 4. ISSN 2046-4053

Arthur, Antony, Maben, Jill, Wharrad, Heather, Aldus, Clare ORCID:, Sarre, Sophie, Schneider, Justine, Nicholson, Caroline, Barton, Garry, Cox, Karen and Clark, Allan ORCID: (2015) Can Healthcare Assistant Training (CHAT) improve the relational care of older people? Study protocol for a pilot cluster-randomised controlled trial. Trials, 16. ISSN 1745-6215


Bernic, A, Dessouky, O, Philpott, Carl ORCID:, Morris, Steve and Hopkins, Claire (2015) Cost-effective surgical intervention in chronic rhinosinusitis. Current Otorhinolaryngology Reports, 3 (2). pp. 117-123. ISSN 2167-583X

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Boughton, Richard, Boak, Duncan and Philpott, Carl ORCID: (2015) Smell disorders:A consumer study to inform the beverage industry. In: European Brewery Convention, 2015-05-24 - 2015-05-28.


Carter, Timothy, Guo, Boliang, Turner, David ORCID:, Morres, Ioannis, Khalil, Elizabeth, Brighton, Emily, Armstrong, Marie and Callaghan, Patrick (2015) Preferred intensity exercise for adolescents receiving treatment for depression: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 15. ISSN 1471-244X

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Erskine, Sally and Philpott, Carl ORCID: (2015) The prevalence of aspirin sensitivity and asthma in allergic fungal rhinosinusitis: a national case-control study. In: British Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology Annual Meeting Abstracts. UNSPECIFIED, p. 21.

Erskine, Sally, Philpott, Carl ORCID: and Clark, Allan ORCID: (2015) Results of the Chronic Rhinosinusitis Epidemiology Study. In: Otorhinolaryngological Research Society Meeting, 2015-03-13 - 2015-10-13, Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Erskine, Sally, Philpott, Carl ORCID: and Clark, Allan ORCID: (2015) SNOT-22 in CRS: Results of the CRS Epidemiology Study. In: British Rhinological Society 14th Annual Meeting, 2015-05-15 - 2015-05-15, Manchester Central Convention Centre.


Fielding, Shona, Porteous, Terry, Ferguson, James, Maskrey, Vivienne, Blyth, Annie, Paudyal, Vibhu, Barton, Garry, Holland, Richard, Bond, Christine M and Watson, Margaret C (2015) Estimating the burden of minor ailment consultations in general practices and emergency departments through retrospective review of routine data in North East Scotland. Family Practice, 32 (2). pp. 165-172. ISSN 0263-2136

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Gershlick, Anthony H., Khan, Jamal Nasir, Kelly, Damian J., Greenwood, John P., Sasikaran, Thiagarajah, Curzen, Nick, Blackman, Daniel J., Dalby, Miles, Fairbrother, Kathryn L., Banya, Winston, Wang, Duolao, Flather, Marcus, Hetherington, Simon L., Kelion, Andrew D., Talwar, Suneel, Gunning, Mark, Hall, Roger, Swanton, Howard and Mccann, Gerry P. (2015) Randomized trial of complete versus lesion-only revascularization in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for STEMI and Multivessel Disease. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 65 (10). pp. 963-972. ISSN 0735-1097

Gershlick, Anthony H., Khan, Jamal Nasir, Kelly, Damian J., Greenwood, John P., Sasikaran, Thiagarajah, Curzen, Nick, Blackman, Daniel J., Dalby, Miles, Fairbrother, Kathryn L., Banya, Winston, Wang, Duolao, Flather, Marcus, Hetherington, Simon L., Kelion, Andrew D., Talwar, Suneel, Gunning, Mark, Hall, Roger, Swanton, Howard and Mccann, Gerry P. (2015) Reply: Complete Revascularization in Patients Undergoing Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for STEMI: Is It Really What We Should Be Doing? Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 66 (3). pp. 332-333. ISSN 0735-1097

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Hardcastle, Antonia, Mounce, L. T. A., Richards, Suzanne, Bachmann, Max ORCID:, Clark, Allan ORCID:, Henley, William E, Campbell, John, Melzer, David and Steel, Nicholas ORCID: (2015) The dynamics of quality: a national panel study of evidence-based standards. Health Services and Delivery Research, 3 (11). ISSN 2050-4357

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Hooper, Lee ORCID:, Abdelhamid, Asmaa, Ali, Adam, Bunn, Diane, Jennings, Amy, John, Garry, Kerry, Susan, Lindner, Gregor, Pfortmueller, Carmen, Sjöstrand, Fredrik, Walsh, Neil, Fairweather-Tait, Susan ORCID:, Potter, John, Hunter, Paul ORCID: and Shepstone, Lee (2015) Diagnostic accuracy of calculated serum osmolarity to predict dehydration in older people: adding value to pathology lab reports. BMJ Open, 5 (10). ISSN 2044-6055


Ibrahim, Therese, Few, Karen, Greenwood, Richard, Smith, Cheryl, Malcolm, Paul, Johnson, Glyn, Lally, Pete, Thayyil, Sudhin and Clarke, Paul ORCID: (2015) 'Feed and wrap' or sedate and immobilise for neonatal brain MRI? Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal & Neonatal Edition, 100 (5). ISSN 1359-2998


Jacques, Richard O., Mills, Shirley C., Cazzonatto Zerwes, Paula, Fagade, Feyisope O., Green, John E., Downham, Scott, Sexton, Darren W. and Mueller, Anja ORCID: (2015) Dynamin function is important for CC-chemokine receptor induced cell migration. Cell Biochemistry and Function, 33 (6). pp. 407-414. ISSN 0263-6484


Kehoe, Sean, Hook, Jane, Nankivell, Matthew, Jayson, Gordon C, Kitchener, Henry C., Lopes, Tito, Luesley, David, Perren, Timothy J., Bannoo, Selina, Mascarenhas, Monica, Dobbs, Stephen, Essapen, Sharadah, Twigg, Jeremy, Herod, Jonathan, McCluggage, Glenn, Parmar, Mahesh Kb and Swart, Ann Marie ORCID: (2015) Primary chemotherapy versus primary surgery for newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer (CHORUS): an open-label, randomised, controlled, non-inferiority trial. The Lancet, 386 (9990). 249–257. ISSN 0140-6736

Kelly, C L, Thomson, K, Wagner, A P ORCID:, Waters, J P, Thompson, A, Jones, S, Jones, S, Holland, A J and Redley, M (2015) Investigating the widely held belief that men and women with learning disabilities receive poor quality healthcare when admitted to hospital: a single-site study of 30-day readmission rates. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 59 (9). pp. 835-844. ISSN 0964-2633

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Kyrgiou, Maria, Swart, Anne-Marie ORCID:, Qian, Wendi and Warwick, Jane (2015) Comparison of outcomes following laparoscopic and open hysterectomy with or without lymphadenectomy for presumed early-stage endometrial cancer:Results from the Medical Research Council ASTEC trial. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 25 (8). pp. 1424-1436. ISSN 1048-891X


Larson, Felicity, Lai, Meng-Chuan, Wagner, Adam P ORCID:, Baron-Cohen, Simon and Holland, Anthony J and MRC AIMS Consortium (2015) Testing the 'extreme female brain' theory of psychosis in adults with autism spectrum disorders with or without co-morbid psychosis. PLoS One, 10 (6). ISSN 1932-6203


Mannu, Gurdeep S., Macartney, Alistair, Lambert, Jonathan R. A., Bettencourt-silva, Joao H., Lawn, Mark, Lyall, Hamish, Metcalf, Anthony Kneale, Potter, John F., Wood, John, Clark, Allan ORCID:, Baglin, Trevor, Myint, Phyo Kyaw and Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID: (2015) The clinical utility of Multiplate analyser measurement in platelet function testing following stroke and transient ischaemic attack. European Journal of Haematology, 94 (2). 138–144. ISSN 0902-4441

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