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Arnell, Nigel W., Lowe, Jason A., Bernie, Dan J., Nicholls, Robert J. ORCID:, Brown, Sally, Challinor, Andrew J. and Osborn, Timothy J. ORCID: (2019) The global and regional impacts of climate change under Representative Concentration Pathway forcings and Shared Socioeconomic Pathway socioeconomic scenarios. Environmental Research Letters, 14 (8). ISSN 1748-9326

Arnell, Nigel W., Lowe, Jason A., Challinor, Andrew J. and Osborn, Timothy J. ORCID: (2019) Global and regional impacts of climate change at different levels of global temperature increase. Climatic Change, 155 (3). 377–391. ISSN 0165-0009


Barichivich, Jonathan, Osborn, Timothy ORCID:, Harris, Ian, van der Schrier, Gerard and Jones, Philip ORCID: (2019) Drought: Monitoring global drought using the self-calibrating Palmer Drought Severity Index. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 100 (9). S39-S40. ISSN 0003-0007


Coppola, Alysha, Seidel, Michael, Viviroli, Daniel, Nascimento, Gabriela, Haghipour, Negar, Revels, Brandi, Abiven, Samuel, Jones, Matthew ORCID:, Richey, Jeffrey, Eglinton, Timothy, Dittmar, Thorsten and Schmidt, Michael (2019) Marked isotopic variability within and between the Amazon River and marine dissolved black carbon pools. Nature Communications, 10. ISSN 2041-1723


Davis, Luke L. B., Thompson, David W. J. ORCID:, Kennedy, John J. and Kent, Elizabeth C. (2019) The importance of unresolved biases in twentieth-century sea surface temperature observations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 100 (4). 621–629. ISSN 0003-0007

Delaygue, Gilles, Brönnimann, Stefan, Jones, Philip D. ORCID:, Blanchet, Juliette and Schwander, Mikhaël (2019) Reconstruction of Lamb weather type series back to the eighteenth century. Climate Dynamics, 52 (9-10). 6131–6148. ISSN 0930-7575


Frame, Dave, Harrington, Luke, Fuglestvedt, Jan, Millar, Richard, Joshi, Manoj ORCID: and Caney, Simon (2019) Emissions and emergence: A new index comparing relative contributions to climate change with relative climatic consequences. Environmental Research Letters, 14 (8). ISSN 1748-9326

Friedlingstein, Pierre, Jones, Matthew W. ORCID:, O'Sullivan, Michael, Andrew, Robbie M., Hauck, Judith, Peters, Glen P., Peters, Wouter, Pongratz, Julia, Sitch, Stephen, Le Quéré, Corinne ORCID:, Bakker, Dorothee C. E. ORCID:, Canadell, Josep G., Ciais, Philippe, Jackson, Robert B., Anthoni, Peter, Barbero, Leticia, Bastos, Ana, Bastrikov, Vladislav, Becker, Meike, Bopp, Laurent, Buitenhuis, Erik ORCID:, Chandra, Naveen, Chevallier, Frédéric, Chini, Louise P., Currie, Kim I., Feely, Richard A., Gehlen, Marion, Gilfillan, Dennis, Gkritzalis, Thanos, Goll, Daniel S., Gruber, Nicolas, Gutekunst, Sören, Harris, Ian, Haverd, Vanessa, Houghton, Richard A., Hurtt, George, Ilyina, Tatiana, Jain, Atul K., Joetzjer, Emilie, Kaplan, Jed O., Kato, Etsushi, Klein Goldewijk, Kees, Korsbakken, Jan Ivar, Landschützer, Peter, Lauvset, Siv K., Lefèvre, Nathalie, Lenton, Andrew, Lienert, Sebastian, Lombardozzi, Danica, Marland, Gregg, Mcguire, Patrick C., Melton, Joe R., Metzl, Nicolas, Munro, David R., Nabel, Julia E. M. S., Nakaoka, Shin-ichiro, Neill, Craig, Omar, Abdirahman M., Ono, Tsuneo, Peregon, Anna, Pierrot, Denis, Poulter, Benjamin, Rehder, Gregor, Resplandy, Laure, Robertson, Eddy, Rödenbeck, Christian, Séférian, Roland, Schwinger, Jörg, Smith, Naomi, Tans, Pieter P., Tian, Hanqin, Tilbrook, Bronte, Tubiello, Francesco N., Van Der Werf, Guido R., Wiltshire, Andrew J. and Zaehle, Sönke (2019) Global Carbon Budget 2019. Earth System Science Data, 11 (4). pp. 1783-1838. ISSN 1866-3516


Goodess, C. M. ORCID:, Troccoli, A., Acton, C., Añel, J. A., Bett, P. E., Brayshaw, D. J., De Felice, M., Dorling, S. R., Dubus, L., Penny, L., Percy, B., Ranchin, T., Thomas, C., Trolliet, M. and Wald, L. (2019) Advancing climate services for the European renewable energy sector through capacity building and user engagement. Climate Services, 16. ISSN 2405-8807


Haag, Isabell, Jones, Philip D. ORCID: and Samimi, Cyrus (2019) Central Asia’s changing climate: How temperature and precipitation have changed across time, space, and altitude. Climate, 7 (10). ISSN 2225-1154

Hendon, Harry H., Thompson, D. W. J. ORCID:, Lim, Eun-Pa, Butler, Amy H., Newman, Paul A., Coy, Lawrence, Scaife, Adam, Polichtchouk, Inna, Garreaud, Rene S., Shepherd, Theodore G. and Nakamura, Hisashi (2019) Rare forecasted climate event under way in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature, 573 (7775). ISSN 0028-0836


Jones, Matthew ORCID:, Aragão, Luiz E. O. C., Dittmar, Thorsten, de Rezende, Carlos E., Almeida, Marcelo G., Johnson, Ben T., Marques, Jomar, Niggemann, Jutta, Rangel, Thiago and Quine, Timothy (2019) Environmental controls on the riverine export of dissolved black carbon. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 33 (7). pp. 849-874. ISSN 0886-6236

Jones, Matthew ORCID:, Santín, Cristina and Doerr, Stefan H. (2019) Fire Effects on the Global Carbon Cycle at Ranging Timescales: The Role of Pyrogenic Carbon. In: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2019, 2019-12-09 - 2019-12-13.

Jones, Matthew W. ORCID:, Santín, Cristina, van der Werf, Guido R. and Doerr, Stefan (2019) Global fire emissions buffered by the production of pyrogenic carbon. Nature Geoscience, 12. 742–747. ISSN 1752-0894

Jones, Natalia R. ORCID:, Agnew, Maureen, Banic, Ivana, Grossi, Carlota M., Colón-González, Felipe J., Plavec, Davor, Goodess, Clare M. ORCID:, Epstein, Michelle M., Turkalj, Mirjana and Lake, Iain R. ORCID: (2019) Ragweed pollen and allergic symptoms in children: Results from a three-year longitudinal study. Science of the Total Environment, 683. pp. 240-248. ISSN 0048-9697

Joshi, Manoj ORCID:, Mills, Benjamin J. W. and Johnson, Martin (2019) A capacitor‐discharge mechanism to explain the timing of orogeny‐related global glaciations. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (14). pp. 8347-8354. ISSN 0094-8276


Kajtar, Jules, Collins, Matthew, Frankcombe, Leela, England, Matthew, Osborn, Timothy ORCID: and Juniper, Marcus (2019) Global mean surface temperature response to large-scale patterns of variability in observations and CMIP5. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (4). pp. 2232-2241. ISSN 0094-8276


Li, Ying, Thompson, David W. J. ORCID:, Bony, Sandrine and Merlis, Timothy M. (2019) Thermodynamic control on the poleward shift of the extratropical jet in climate change simulations: The role of rising high clouds and their radiative effects. Journal of Climate, 32 (3). 917–934. ISSN 0894-8755

Lim, Eun-Pa, Hendon, Harry H., Boschat, Ghyslaine, Hudson, Debra, Thompson, David W. J. ORCID:, Dowdy, Andrew J. and Arblaster, Julie M. (2019) Australian hot and dry extremes induced by weakenings of the stratospheric polar vortex. Nature Geoscience, 12. 896–901. ISSN 1752-0894


Meseguer-Ruiz, Oliver, Osborn, Timothy J. ORCID:, Sarricolea, Pablo, Jones, Philip ORCID:, Olcina Cantos, Jorge, Serrano-Notivoli, Roberto and Martin‐Vide, Javier (2019) Definition of a temporal distribution index for high temporal resolution precipitation data over Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands: the fractal dimension; and its synoptic implications. Climate Dynamics, 52 (1-2). pp. 439-456. ISSN 0930-7575


Nikolka, Mark, Broch, Katharina, Armitage, John, Hanifi, David, Nowack, Peer J. ORCID:, Venkateshvaran, Deepak, Sadhanala, Aditya, Saska, Jan, Mascal, Mark, Jung, Seok Heon, Lee, Jin Kyun, McCulloch, Iain, Salleo, Alberto and Sirringhaus, Henning (2019) High-mobility, trap-free charge transport in conjugated polymer diodes. Nature Communications, 10 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

Nowack, Peer ORCID:, Ong, Qing Yee Ellie, Braesicke, Peter, Haigh, Joanna, Abraham, Luke, Pyle, John and Voulgarakis, Apostolos (2019) Machine learning parameterizations for ozone: climate model transferability. In: 9th International Workshop on Climate Informatics, 2019-10-02 - 2019-10-04.


Pribyl, Kathleen, Nash, David J., Klein, Jørgen and Endfield, Georgina H. (2019) The role of drought in agrarian crisis and social change: The famine of the 1890s in south-eastern Africa. Regional Environmental Change, 19 (5). 2683–2695. ISSN 1436-3798


Ratna, S. B. ORCID:, Osborn, Timothy ORCID:, Joshi, Manoj ORCID:, Yang, Bao and Wang, Jianglin (2019) Identifying teleconnections and multidecadal variability of East Asian surface temperature during the last millennium in CMIP5 simulations. Climate of the Past, 15 (5). pp. 1825-1844. ISSN 1814-9324

Runge, Jakob, Nowack, Peer ORCID:, Kretschmer, Marlene, Flaxman, Seth and Sejdinovic, Dino (2019) Detecting and quantifying causal associations in large nonlinear time series datasets. Science Advances, 5 (11). ISSN 2375-2548

Rushby, Andrew, Shields, Aomawa and Joshi, Manoj ORCID: (2019) The effect of land fraction and host star spectral energy distribution on the planetary albedo of terrestrial worlds. Astrophysical Journal, 29. ISSN 0004-637X


Sanchez-Franks, Alejandra, Webber, Benjamin ORCID:, King, Brian, Vinayachandran, PN, Matthews, Adrian ORCID:, Sheehan, Peter M. F. ORCID:, Behara, A and Neema, CP (2019) The railroad switch effect of seasonally reversing currents on the Bay of Bengal high salinity core. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (11). pp. 6005-6014. ISSN 0094-8276

Schneider, Lea, Ljungqvist, Fredrik Charpentier, Yang, Bao, Chen, Fahu, Chen, Jianhui, Li, Jianyong, Hao, Zhixin, Ge, Quan Sheng, Talento, Stefanie, Osborn, Timothy ORCID: and Luterbacher, Jürg (2019) The impact of proxy selection strategies on a millennium-long ensemble of hydroclimatic records in Monsoon Asia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 223. ISSN 0277-3791

Seager, Richard, Osborn, Timothy ORCID:, Kushnir, Yochanan, Simpson, Isla, Nakamura, Jennifer and Liu, Haibo (2019) Climate variability and change in Mediterranean-type climates. Journal of Climate, 32 (10). 2887–2915. ISSN 0894-8755

Slivinski, Laura C., Compo, Gilbert P., Whitaker, Jeffrey S., Sardeshmukh, Prashant D., Giese, Benjamin S., McColl, Chesley, Allan, Rob, Yin, Xungang, Vose, Russell, Titchner, Holly, Kennedy, John, Spencer, Lawrence J., Ashcroft, Linden, Brönnimann, Stefan, Brunet, Manola, Camuffo, Dario, Cornes, Richard, Cram, Thomas A., Crouthamel, Richard, Domínguez‐Castro, Fernando, Freeman, J. Eric, Gergis, Joëlle, Hawkins, Ed, Jones, Philip D. ORCID:, Jourdain, Sylvie, Kaplan, Alexey, Kubota, Hisayuki, Le Blancq, Frank, Lee, Tsz‐Cheung, Lorrey, Andrew, Luterbacher, Jürg, Maugeri, Maurizio, Mock, Cary J., Moore, G. W. Kent, Przybylak, Rajmund, Pudmenzky, Christa, Reason, Chris, Slonosky, Victoria C., Smith, Cathy, Tinz, Birger, Trewin, Blair, Valente, Maria Antónia, Wang, Xiaolan L., Wilkinson, Clive, Wood, Kevin and Wyszyn'ski, Przemysław (2019) Towards a more reliable historical reanalysis: Improvements for version 3 of the Twentieth Century Reanalysis system. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 145 (724). pp. 2876-2908. ISSN 0035-9009


Taylor, Patrick C., Boeke, Robyn C., Li, Ying and Thompson, David W. J. ORCID: (2019) Arctic cloud annual cycle biases in climate models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19 (13). 8759–8782. ISSN 1680-7324

Thompson, David W. J. ORCID:, Ceppi, Paulo and Li, Ying (2019) A robust constraint on the temperature and height of the extratropical tropopause. Journal of Climate, 32 (2). 273–287. ISSN 0894-8755

Thushara, Venugopal, Vinayachandran, Puthenveettil N., Matthews, Adrian ORCID:, Webber, Benjamin ORCID: and Queste, Bastien (2019) Vertical distribution of chlorophyll in dynamically distinct regions of the southern Bay of Bengal. Biogeosciences, 16 (7). pp. 1447-1468. ISSN 1726-4189


Umakanth, Uppara ORCID: and Kesarkar, Amit P. (2019) Assessment of Indian summer monsoon variability in a regional climate model coupled to a slab ocean model. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 138 (3-4). pp. 1939-1949. ISSN 0177-798X

Umakanth, Uppara ORCID:, Vellore, Ramesh K., Krishnan, R., Choudhury, Ayantika Dey, Bisht, Jagat S. H., Di Capua, Giorgia, Coumou, Dim and Donner, Reik V. (2019) Meridionally extending anomalous wave train over Asia during breaks in the Indian summer monsoon. Earth Systems and Environment, 3 (3). pp. 353-366. ISSN 2509-9426


Wang, Weilin, Zhao, Suli, Jiao, Limin, Taylor, Michael ORCID:, Zhang, Boen, Xu, Gang and Hou, Haobo (2019) Estimation of PM2.5 concentrations in China using a spatial back propagation neural network. Scientific Reports, 9. ISSN 2045-2322

Warren, R. F. ORCID:, Edwards, N. R., Babonneau, F., Bacon, P. M., Dietrich, J. P., Ford, R. W., Garthwaite, P., Gerten, D., Goswami, S., Haurie, A., Hiscock, K. ORCID:, Holden, P. B., Hyde, M. R., Joshi, S. R., Kanudia, A., Labriet, M., Leimbach, M., Oyebamiji, O.K., Osborn, T. ORCID:, Pizzileo, B., Popp, A., Price, J., Riley, G., Schaphoff, S., Slavin, P., Vielle, M. and Wallace, C. (2019) Producing policy-relevant science by enhancing robustness and model integration for the assessment of global environmental change. Environmental Modelling & Software, 111. pp. 248-258. ISSN 1364-8152

Webber, Benjamin ORCID:, Heywood, Karen ORCID:, Stevens, David ORCID: and Assmann, Karen (2019) The impact of overturning and horizontal circulation in Pine Island Trough on ice shelf melt in the eastern Amundsen Sea. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 49 (1). pp. 63-83. ISSN 0022-3670

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