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Akashi, Motoko and Hadley, James (2014) 名翻訳家・テクスト分析・可視性概念:村上春樹にみる同化・異化論の進展. Interpreting and Translation Studies (14). pp. 183-201.

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Innes, Alexandria (2014) Just Passing Through: When transit migration becomes unsettled settlement. In: Clandestine Migration Routes and Human Insecurity, 2014-05-10 - 2014-05-11, Rhode Island.

Innes, Alexandria (2014) The Never-Ending Journey: Migrant Mobility in Europe. In: International Studies Association Annual Convention, 2014-03-26 - 2014-03-29.

Innes, Alexandria and Woldemariam, Yohannes (2014) Race and Refugees: Economic Bias and Preconceptions Towards Refugees of Colour. In: International Studies Association Annual Convention, 2014-03-26 - 2014-03-29.

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