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Amodu, Tola (2020) Revisiting the rules. The pervasiveness of discretion in the context of planning gains: the case of the Community Infrastructure Levy. Public Law, 2020 (4). pp. 643-661. ISSN 0033-3565

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James, Toby S. and Bernal, Paul (2020) Is it time for automatic voter registration in the UK? UNSPECIFIED.


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Reichstein, Angelika and Pulvirenti, Rossella (2020) Access to Healthcare. UNSPECIFIED.


Skoutaris, Nikos (2020) What’s in an Irish Border? Brexit, the Backstop(s) and the Constitutional Integrity of the UK.

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Wu, Keren (2020) Interpretation of "Series"-Based Aggregation Clauses: When Can the Insurance Claims be Aggregated? Journal of Business Law. ISSN 0021-9460 (In Press)

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