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Adelekan, Ibidun O., Totin, Edmond, Trisos, Christopher, Ayanlade, Ayansina, Efitre, Jackson, Gemeda, Adugna, Kalaba, Kanungwe, Lennard, Christopher, Masao, Catherine, Mgaya, Yunus, Ngaruiya, Grace, Olago, Daniel, Zakieldeen, Sumaya, Antwi-Agyei, Philip, Bezner Kerr, Rachel, Callaghan, Max, Carlson, Colin, Carlton, Tamma, Chersich, Matthew, Chiawo, David, Clarke, Joanne ORCID:, Conway, Declan, Cooke, Sean, Crespo, Olivier, Cullis, James, Dell’Angelo, Jampel, Dlamini, Luleka, Engelbreht, Christien, Franke, James, Yew Gan, Thian, Golden, Christopher, Hogarth, Ryan, Kaya, Hassan O., Kinyua, Mercy, Kulp, Scott, Kumari Rigaud, Kanta, Lamb, William F., Lavery, Charne, Maritz, Johan, Millar, Danielle, Minx, Jan, Moncrieff, Glenn, Moussadek, Rachid, Ndebele-Murisa, Mzime, North, Michelle, Nyasimi, Mary, Nyboer, Elizabeth, Odoulami, Romaric, Okemwa, Gladys, Onyango, Esther, Ouweneel, Birgitt, Øverland, Indra, Pasquini, Lorena, Petrie, Belynda, Pigot, Alex, Pokam, Wilfried, Powell, Bronwen, Price, Jeff, Radeny, Maren, Randell, Heather, Rawlings, Jonathan, Roncoli, Carla, Rumble, Olivia, Sainz de Murieta, Elisa, Schmitt Olabisi, Laura, Seid Endris, Hussen, Simpson, Nicholas P., Smucker, Thomas, Stevens, Nicola, Steynor, Anna, Sylla, Bamba, Tall, Arame, Taylor, Richard, Tenarhte, Meryem, Thom, Mia, Thorn, Jessica, Waha, Katharina, Wangui, Edna, Williams, Portia, Winter, Kevin, Wright, Caradee and Zvobgo, Luckson (2022) Chapter 9: Africa. In: IPCC WGII Sixth Assessment Report. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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Carruthers, William (2022) Processing (Ancient) Egypt:Spectacles of the Past. In: Visions of Ancient Egypt. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, pp. 168-177. ISBN 978-1739720001

Corbould, Clare and Emmett, Hilary ORCID: (2022) Black Snow, a new pacy murder mystery, addresses the complicated legacy of slavery in Australia. The Conversation.

Corbould, Clare and Emmett, Hilary ORCID: (2022) Playing in the dark archive: Confronting the global legacy of slavery. Griffith Review, 76. pp. 84-96.

Cornea, Christine and Smith, Alexandra (2022) Microplastics Pollution. UNSPECIFIED.


Dawson, Adam (2022) Growing Up Black: Coming of Age and the Afterlife of Slavery in Contemporary African American Literature. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Debrosse, Clémentine ORCID: (2022) Museums of Ethnography and World Cultures as Taboo Spaces. In: ICOFOM 45th Symposium, 2022-08-22 - 2022-10-27.

Donoghue, Heather (2022) Material Biographies: Identity, Meaning and Agency in the Cooke Daniels New Guinea Collections. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Fraser, Rebecca (2022) Black Female Intellectuals in Nineteenth Century America: Born to Bloom Unseen? Taylor and Francis. ISBN 9781032210094

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Hagan, Teresa (2022) Straight Outta Washington: The Black Filmmaking Renaissance and the Obama Era. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Hand, Richard (2022) The Adventures of Zachariah Jaeger!:Part 3: Phantosmia. [Performance]

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Jurkovic, Tanja (2022) Balkan vampire myth: Urban legends or a publicity tool? Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, 14 (63 Special Issue). pp. 203-214. ISSN 2066-7701


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LaMarre, Andrea, Levine, Michael P., Holmes, Su ORCID: and Malson, Helen (2022) An open invitation to productive conversations about feminism and the spectrum of eating disorders (Part 2): Potential contributions to the science of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Journal of Eating Disorders, 10. ISSN 2050-2974

LaMarre, Andrea, Levine, Michael P., Holmes, Su ORCID: and Malson, Helen (2022) An open invitation to productive conversations about feminism and the spectrum of eating disorders (part 1): Basic principles of feminist approaches. Journal of Eating Disorders, 10. ISSN 2050-2974

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Lyons, Alice (2022) Aspects of ceramic use during the Late Iron Age and Romano-British periods: a study of pottery, place and people. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.


Ma, Hua ORCID: (2022) Inner and outer beauty: exploring female beauty in contemporary China. Journal of Gender Studies. ISSN 0958-9236

Malson, Helen, Tischner, Irmgard, Herzig, Hugh, Kitney, Danielle, Phillipps, Catherine, Norweg, Sanni, Moon, Jasmine, Holmes, Su ORCID:, Wild, Katie and Oldham-Cooper, Rosie (2022) Key stakeholder perspectives on primary care for young people with an eating disorder: A qualitative study. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 32 (2). pp. 288-301. ISSN 1052-9284

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Nugent, Gabriella (2022) Inji Efflatoun and the Mexican Muralists:Imaging Women and Work between Egypt and Mexico. Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah. ISBN 978-1-915656-00-1

Nugent, Gabriella (2022) Memories of Chagga Country: Sam Ntiro. MoMA.


Owoseni, Bolaji and Haour, Anne ORCID: (2022) Survey and excavations in Ilorin, Nigeria: A first archaeological insight. Nyame Akuma.


Qureshi, Kamran ORCID: (2022) A Critical Analysis of the Transgender (Intersex) Persons Act, 2018, in Pakistan Versus United Nations Recommendations. In: Interdisciplinary and Global Perspectives on Intersex. Springer Nature Switzerland AG. ISBN 978-3-030-91474-5

Qureshi, Kamran (2022) Only Love Matters: A Creative, Critical Exploration of Intersex Characters in English Language Films. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Richardson, Lorna-Jane (2022) The Dark Side of Digital Heritage: Ethics and Sustainability in Digital Practice. In: Critical Archaeology in the Digital Age. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, pp. 201-210. ISBN 978-1-950446-26-1

Rimmer, Mark ORCID: (2022) Beginning at the beginning: towards a trans-actional music sociology. Cultural Sociology. ISSN 1749-9755

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Williams, Melanie ORCID: (2022) Essay for Network bluray release of The Sandwich Man (1966). Network.

Williams, Melanie ORCID: (2022) Interview for Criterion Bluray/DVD release of Summertime (1955). Criterion.

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