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Goodess, Clare Mary ORCID:, Troccoli, Alberto, Vasilakos, Nicholas ORCID:, Dorling, Stephen, Amies, Jessica D., Brown, Hannah, Chowienczyk, Katie, Dyer, Emma, Formenton, Marco, Nicolosi, Antonio M., Calcagni, Elena, Cavedon, Valentina, Estella Perez, Victor, Geertsema, Gertie, Krikken, Folmer, Nielsen, Kristian Lautrup, Petitta, Marcello, Vidal, José, de Ruiter, Martijn, Savage, Ian and Upton, Jon (2022) The value-add of tailored seasonal forecast information for industry decision-making. Climate, 10 (10). ISSN 2225-1154

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Cawley, GC ORCID:, Haylock, M, Dorling, SR, Goodess, C ORCID: and Jones, PD ORCID: (2003) Statistical downscaling with artificial neural networks. In: European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, 2003-04-23 - 2003-04-25.

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