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Liu, Fushun, Gao, Shujian, Liu, Yong and Liu, Dianzi (2022) A motion tracking approach to position marine floating structures based on measured acceleration and angular velocity. Ocean Engineering, 257. ISSN 0029-8018

Ji, Haohao, Zhao, Jin, Chen, Jie, Shimai, Shunzo, Zhang, Jian, Liu, Yu, Liu, Dianzi and Wang, Shiwei (2022) A novel experimental approach to quantitatively evaluate the printability of inks in 3D printing using two criteria. Additive Manufacturing, 55. ISSN 2214-7810

Fang, Kai, Li, Peng, Li, Nian, Liu, Dianzi, Qian, Zhenghua, Kolesov, Vladimir and Kuznetsova, Iren (2022) Model and performance analysis of non-uniform piezoelectric semiconductor nanofibers. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 104. pp. 628-643. ISSN 0307-904X

Liu, Chengyang, Wang, Zhiqiang, Li, Xuewu and Liu, Dianzi (2022) Efficient strategies for constrained black-box optimization by intrinsically linear approximation (CBOILA). Engineering with Computers, 38. 401–414. ISSN 1435-5663

Fang, Kai, Li, Peng, Li, Nian, Liu, Dianzi, Qian, Zhenghua, Kolesov, Vladimir and Kuznetsova, Iren (2022) Impact of PN junction inhomogeneity on the piezoelectric fields of acoustic waves in piezo-semiconductive fibers. Ultrasonics, 120. ISSN 0041-624X

Sikdar, Shirsendu, Liu, Dianzi and Kundu, Abhishek (2022) Acoustic emission data based deep learning approach for classification and detection of damage-sources in a composite panel. Composites Part B: Engineering, 228. ISSN 1359-8368

Liu, Yijie, Wang, Hongfa, Fang, Wenbo, Han, Qiang, Liu, Dianzi and Liang, Yingjing (2021) Tunable control of subwavelength topological interface modes in locally resonance piezoelectric metamaterials. Composite Structures, 276. ISSN 1879-1085

Wu, Xianwei, Zhang, Yinghong, Li, Nian, Qian, Zhenghua, Liu, Dianzi, Qian, Zhi and Zhang, Chenchen (2021) A new inductive debris sensor based on dual-excitation coils and dual-sensing coils for online debris monitoring. Sensors, 21 (22). ISSN 1424-8220

Zhang, Yinghong, Liu, Wenlong, Li, Nian, Qian, Zhenghua, Wang, Bin, Liu, Dianzi and Li, Xiangyu (2021) Design of a new type of omnidirectional shear-horizontal EMAT by the use of half-ring magnets and PCB technology. Ultrasonics, 115.

Liu, Chengyang, Wan, Zhiqiang, Liu, Yijie, Li, Xuewu and Liu, Dianzi (2021) Trust-region based adaptive radial basis function algorithm for global optimization of expensive constrained black-box problems. Applied Soft Computing, 105. ISSN 1568-4946

Zhang, Yi, Zhang, Linfeng, Chen, Keyu, Liu, Dianzi, Lu, Dong and Deng, Hui (2021) Rapid subsurface damage detection of SiC using inductivity coupled plasma. International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, 3 (3). ISSN 2631-7990

Liu, Yijie, Fang, Wenbo, Liang, Yingjing, Liu, Dianzi and Han, Qiang (2021) Tuning of subwavelength topological interface states in locally resonant metastructures with shunted piezoelectric patches. Journal of Applied Physics, 129 (24). ISSN 0021-8979

Da, Yihui, Li, Qi, Wang, Bin, Liu, Dianzi and Qian, Zhenghua (2021) A more accurate reconstruction method for detecting large-depth defects in plates using SH guided waves. Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, 34 (2). pp. 174-183. ISSN 0894-9166

Dong, Guirong, Liu, Chengyang, Liu, Yijie, Mao, Xiaoan and Liu, Dianzi (2021) Computationally efficient approximations using adaptive weighting coefficients for solving structural optimization problems. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021. ISSN 1024-123X

Dong, Guirong, Liu, Chengyang, Liu, Dianzi and Mao, Xiaoan (2021) Adaptive multi-level search for global optimization: An integrated swarm intelligence-metamodelling technique. Applied Sciences, 11 (5). ISSN 2076-3417

Da, Y., Wang, B., Liu, Dianzi and Qian, Z. (2021) A rapid and accurate technique with updating strategy for surface defect inspection of pipelines. IEEE Access, 9. pp. 16041-16052. ISSN 2169-3536

Da, Yihui, Liu, Dianzi and Qian, Zhenghua (2020) An analytical approach to reconstruction of axisymmetric defects in pipelines using T(0,1) guided waves. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 41 (10). 1479–1492. ISSN 1573-2754

Zhang, Yi, Chen, Hongyingnan, Liu, Dianzi and Deng, Hui (2020) High efficient polishing of sliced 4H-SiC (0001) by molten KOH etching. Applied Surface Science, 525. ISSN 0169-4332

Li, Q., Da, Y., Wang, B., Liu, Dianzi, Jiang, H. and Qian, Z. (2020) Deep learning-assisted accurate defect reconstruction using ultrasonic guided waves:一种基于深度学习的超声导波缺陷重构方法. Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics, 42 (01). pp. 33-44. ISSN 0254-7805

Zhang, Chuanwei, Liu, Dandan, Xu, Chao, Liu, Dianzi and Wang, Bin (2020) Tensile properties of Ag-EVOH electrospinning nanofiber mats for large muscle scaffolds. Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 27 (15). pp. 1312-1321. ISSN 1537-6532

Liu, Fushun, Gao, Shujian, Liu, Dianzi and Zhou, Hu (2020) A signal decomposition method based on repeated extraction of maximum energy component for offshore structures. Marine Structures, 72.

Liu, Fushun, Gao, Shujian, Tian, Zhe and Liu, Dianzi (2020) A new time-frequency analysis method based on single mode function decomposition for offshore wind turbines. Marine Structures, 72.

Li, Xuewu, Liang, Jingsong, Shi, Tian, Yang, Danni, Chen, Xinchun, Zhang, Chuanwei, Liu, Zhaohui, Liu, Dianzi and Zhang, Qiaoxin (2020) Tribological behaviors of vacuum hot-pressed ceramic composites with enhanced cyclic oxidation and corrosion resistance. Ceramics International, 46 (9). pp. 12911-12920. ISSN 1873-3956

Da, Yihui, Dong, Guirong, Wang, Bin, Liu, Dianzi and Qian, Zhenghua (2020) Circumferential defect detection using ultrasonic guided waves: An efficient quantitative technique for pipeline inspection. Engineering Computations, 37 (6). pp. 1923-1943. ISSN 0264-4401

Zhang, Ying, Li, Rulin, Zhang, Yongjie, Liu, Dianzi and Deng, Hui (2019) Indiscriminate revelation of dislocations in single crystal SiC by inductively coupled plasma etching. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 39 (9). pp. 2831-2838. ISSN 0955-2219

Dong, Guirong, Wang, Xiaozhe and Liu, Dianzi (2019) Metaheuristic Approaches to Solve a Complex Aircraft Performance Optimization Problem. Applied Sciences, 9 (15).

Liang, Yingjing, Li, Yiyi, Liu, Yijie, Han, Qiang and Liu, Dianzi (2019) Investigation of wave propagation in piezoelectric helical waveguides with the spectral finite element method. Composites Part B: Engineering, 160. pp. 205-216. ISSN 1359-8368

Liu, Dianzi, Liu, Yijie, Lin, Siqi, Li, Yiyi, Li, Chunlei and Liang, Yingjing (2019) Numerical investigation of Rayleigh waves in layered composite piezoelectric structures using the SIGA-PML approach. Composites Part B: Engineering, 158. pp. 230-238.

Liu, Dandan, Zhang, Chuanwei, Dong, Guirong, Xu, Chao, Liu, Dianzi, Lv, Yuan, Zhong, Bin and Wang, Bin (2019) Temperature-controlled electrospinning of EVOH nanofibre mats encapsulated with Ag, CuO, and ZnO particles for skin wound dressing. Materials Research Express, 6 (1). ISSN 2053-1591

Da, Yihui, Dong, Guirong, Wang, Bin, Liu, Dianzi and Qian, Zhenghua (2018) A novel approach to surface defect detection. International Journal of Engineering Science, 133. pp. 181-195. ISSN 0020-7225

Liu, Dianzi, Zhang, Chuanwei, Wan, Z. and Du, Z. (2018) Topology optimization of a novel fuselage structure in the conceptual design phase. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 90 (9). pp. 1385-1393.

Luo, Liheng, Liu, Dianzi, Zhu, Meiling, Liu, Yijie and Ye, Jianqiao (2018) Maximum energy conversion from human motion using piezoelectric flex transducer: A multi-level surrogate modeling strategy. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 29 (15). pp. 3097-3107. ISSN 1530-8138

Liu, Dianzi, Liu, Chengyang, Zhang, Chuanwei, Xu, Chao, Du, Ziliang and Wan, Zhiqiang (2018) Efficient hybrid algorithms to solve mixed discrete-continuous optimization problems: A comparative study. Engineering Computations, 35 (2). pp. 979-1002. ISSN 1758-7077

Dong, Gui-rong, Yang, Lai-xia and Liu, Dian-zi (2017) An Efficient Energy Absorbing Structure Inspired by Energy Harvesting Device. In: DEStech Publications, Inc. DEStech Publications, Inc., pp. 450-455. (In Press)

Luo, Liheng, Liu, Dianzi, Zhu, Meiling and Ye, Jianqiao (2017) Metamodel-assisted design optimization of piezoelectric flex transducer for maximal bio-kinetic energy conversion. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 28 (18). pp. 2528-2538. ISSN 1530-8138

Liu, Cheng-yang, Liu, Dian-zi, Mao, Xiao-an and Zhou, Xue (2017) Extended Multipoint Approximation Method. In: DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research. DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research. DEStech Publications, Inc., pp. 219-225.

Liu, Dianzi, Zhou, Xue and Toropov, Vassili (2016) Metamodels for composite lattice fuselage design. International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, 4 (3). pp. 175-178. ISSN 1793-8198

Liu, Dianzi (2016) Development of a hybrid algorithm for efficiently solving mixed integer-continuous optimization problems. Applied and Computational Mathematics, 5 (3). pp. 107-113. ISSN 2328-5605

Liu, Dianzi and Toropov, Vassili (2016) Implementation of Discrete Capability into the enhanced Multipoint Approximation Method for solving mixed integer-continuous optimization problems. International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics, 17 (1). pp. 22-35. ISSN 1550-2287

Liu, D., Lohse-Buschl, H., Toropov, V., Huhne, C. and Armani, U. (2016) Detailed design of a lattice composite fuselage structure by a mixed optimization method. Engineering Optimization, 48 (10). pp. 1707-1720. ISSN 0305-215X

Liu, Dianzi, Toropov, Vassili V., Barton, David C. and Querin, Osvaldo M. (2015) Weight and mechanical performance optimization of blended composite wing panels using lamination parameters. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 52 (3). pp. 549-562. ISSN 1615-147X

Liu, D. and Toropov, V.V. (2013) A lamination parameter-based strategy for solving an integer-continuous problem arising in composite optimization. Computers and Structures, 128. pp. 170-174. ISSN 0045-7949

Niemann, S., Kolesnikov, B., Lohse-Buschl, H., Hühne, C., Querin, O. M., Toropov, V. V. and Liu, D. (2013) The use of topology optimisation in the conceptual design of next generation lattice composite aircraft fuselage structures. Aeronautical Journal, 117 (1197). pp. 1139-1154. ISSN 0001-9240

Liu, Dianzi, Toropov, Vassili V., Querin, Osvaldo M. and Barton, David C. (2011) Bilevel optimization of blended composite wing panels. Journal of Aircraft, 48 (1). ISSN 0021-8669

Liu, Dianzi, Toropov, Vassili V., Zhou, Ming, Barton, David C. and Querin, Osvaldo M. (2010) Optimization of blended composite wing panels using smeared stiffness technique and lamination parameters. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Liu, Dianzi, Toropov, Vassili V., Querin, Osvaldo M. and Barton, David C. (2009) Stacking sequence optimization of composite panels for blending characteristics using lamination parameters. In: 8th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization.

Liu, Dianzi, Toropov, Vassili V., Querin, Osvaldo M. and Barton, David C. (2009) Bi-level optimization of blended composite panels. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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