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Baren, JP, Stewart, GD, Stokes, A, Gray, K, Pennington, CJ, O'Neill, R, Deans, DAC, Paterson-Brown, S, Riddick, ACP, Edwards, DR ORCID:, Fearon, KCH, Ross, JA and Skipworth, RJE (2012) mRNA profiling of the cancer degradome in oesophago–gastric adenocarcinoma. British Journal of Cancer, 107 (1). pp. 143-149. ISSN 0007-0920

Barrera, Lawrence N., Cassidy, Aedin, Johnson, Ian T., Bao, Yongping ORCID: and Belshaw, Nigel J. (2012) Epigenetic and antioxidant effects of dietary isothiocyanates and selenium: potential implications for cancer chemoprevention. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 71 (2). pp. 237-245. ISSN 0029-6651

Barrera, Lawrence N., Cassidy, Aedin, Wang, Wei, Wei, Taotao, Belshaw, Nigel, Johnson, Ian T., Brigelius-Flohe, Regina and Bao, Yongping ORCID: (2012) TrxR1 and Gpx2 are potently induced by isothiocyanates and selenium, and mutually cooperate to protect Caco-2 cells against free radical-mediated cell death. BBA-Molecular Cell Research, 1823 (10). pp. 1914-1924.

Barrera, Lawrence N., Rushworth, Stuart A., Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID: and Macewan, David J. (2012) Bortezomib induces heme oxygenase-1 expression in multiple myeloma. Cell Cycle, 11 (12). pp. 2248-2252. ISSN 1538-4101


Charron, Gaëlle, Stuchinskaya, Tanya, Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Russell, David A. and Nann, Thomas (2012) Insights into the Mechanism of Quantum Dot-Sensitized Singlet Oxygen Production for Photodynamic Therapy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (16). pp. 9334-9342. ISSN 1932-7447


Eldred, Julie A., Hodgkinson, Lisa M., Dawes, Lucy J., Reddan, John R., Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: and Wormstone, I. Michael ORCID: (2012) MMP2 Activity is Critical for TGF 2-Induced Matrix Contraction--Implications for Fibrosis. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 53 (7). pp. 4085-4098. ISSN 0146-0404


Fatterpekar, Girish M., Galheigo, Diogo, Narayana, Ashwatha, Johnson, Glyn and Knopp, Edmond (2012) Treatment-related change versus tumor recurrence in high-grade gliomas: a diagnostic conundrum--use of dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced (DSC) perfusion MRI. American Journal of Roentgenology, 198 (1). pp. 19-26. ISSN 0361-803X


Jeetle, S. S., Fisher, G., Yang, Z. H., Stankiewicz, E., Møller, H., Cooper, C. S. ORCID:, Cuzick, J. and Berney, D. M. (2012) Neuroendocrine differentiation does not have independent prognostic value in conservatively treated prostate cancer. Virchows Archiv, 461 (2). pp. 103-107. ISSN 0945-6317

Jennings, Barbara Anne ORCID:, Kwok, Chun Shing, Willis, Gavin, Matthews, Victoria, Wawruch, Pawel and Loke, Yoon Kong (2012) Functional polymorphisms of folate metabolism and response to chemotherapy for colorectal cancer, a systematic review and meta-analysis. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 22 (4). pp. 290-304. ISSN 1744-6880


Li, Dan, Wang, Wei, Shan, Yujuan, Barrera, Lawrence N., Howie, Alexander F., Beckett, Geoffrey J., Wu, Kun and Bao, Yongping ORCID: (2012) Synergy between sulforaphane and selenium in the up-regulation of thioredoxin reductase and protection against hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death in human hepatocytes. Food Chemistry, 133 (2). pp. 300-307.


Mulder, David T, Cooper, Colin A ORCID: and Coombes, Brian K (2012) Type VI secretion system-associated gene clusters contribute to pathogenesis of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. Infection and Immunity, 80 (6). pp. 1996-2007. ISSN 0019-9567


Olmos, David, Brewer, Daniel ORCID:, Clark, Jeremy, Danila, Daniel C, Parker, Chris, Attard, Gerhardt, Fleisher, Martin, Reid, Alison Hm, Castro, Elena, Sandhu, Shahneen K, Barwell, Lorraine, Oommen, Nikhil Babu, Carreira, Suzanne, Drake, Charles G, Jones, Robert, Cooper, Colin S ORCID:, Scher, Howard I and de Bono, Johann S (2012) Prognostic value of blood mRNA expression signatures in castration-resistant prostate cancer:a prospective, two-stage study. The Lancet Oncology, 13 (11). pp. 1114-24. ISSN 1470-2045


Pilar, Ana Victoria C., Reid-Yu, Sarah A., Cooper, Colin A. ORCID:, Mulder, David T. and Coombes, Brian K. (2012) GogB is an anti-inflammatory effector that limits tissue damage during Salmonella infection through interaction with human FBXO22 and Skp1. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (6). ISSN 1553-7366


Reid, Alison H. M., Attard, Gerhardt, Brewer, Daniel ORCID:, Miranda, Susana, Riisnaes, Ruth, Clark, Jeremy, Hylands, Lucy, Merson, Sue, Vergis, Roy, Jameson, Charles, Høyer, Søren, Sørensen, Karina Dalsgaard, Borre, Michael, Jones, Chris, de Bono, Johann S. and Cooper, Colin S. ORCID: (2012) Novel, gross chromosomal alterations involving PTEN cooperate with allelic loss in prostate cancer. Modern Pathology, 25 (6). pp. 902-10. ISSN 1530-0285

Ren, Guoping, Liu, Xiaoyan, Mao, Xueying, Zhang, Yanling, Stankiewicz, Elzbieta, Hylands, Lucy, Song, Rongrong, Berney, Daniel M, Clark, Jeremy, Cooper, Colin ORCID: and Lu, Yong-Jie (2012) Identification of frequent BRAF copy number gain and alterations of RAF genes in Chinese prostate cancer. Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer, 51 (11). pp. 1014-23. ISSN 1045-2257

Rosenkrantz, Andrew B., Sigmund, Eric E., Johnson, Glyn, Babb, James S., Mussi, Thais C., Melamed, Jonathan, Taneja, Samir S., Lee, Vivian S. and Jensen, Jens H. (2012) Prostate cancer: feasibility and preliminary experience of a diffusional kurtosis model for detection and assessment of aggressiveness of peripheral zone cancer. Radiology, 264 (1). pp. 126-135. ISSN 1527-1315

Rushworth, Stuart A., Zaitseva, Lyubov, Murray, Megan Y., Shah, Niraj M., Bowles, Kristian M. ORCID: and MacEwan, David J. (2012) The high Nrf2 expression in human acute myeloid leukemia is driven by NF-κB and underlies its chemo-resistance. Blood, 120 (26). pp. 5188-5198. ISSN 0006-4971

Rushworth, SA, Murray, MY, Barrera Briceno, L, Heasman, S-A, Zaitseva, L and Macewan, DJ (2012) Understanding the role of miRNA in regulating NF-kB in blood cancer. American Journal of Cancer Research, 2 (1). pp. 65-74. ISSN 2156-6976


Wang, Qi, Bao, Yongping ORCID:, Zhang, Xiaohong, Coxon, Paul R, Jayasooriya, Upali A and Chao, Yimin ORCID: (2012) Uptake and toxicity studies of poly-acrylic acid functionalized silicon nanoparticles in cultured mammalian cells. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 1 (2). pp. 189-198. ISSN 2192-2640

Warwick, Eliz, Cassidy, Aedín, Hanley, Bryan, Jouni, Zeina E. and Bao, Yongping ORCID: (2012) Effect of phytochemicals on phase II enzyme expression in infant human primary skin fibroblast cells. British Journal of Nutrition, 108 (12). pp. 2158-2165. ISSN 0007-1145


Yao, S., Ireland, S. J., Bee, A., Beesley, C., Forootan, S. S., Dodson, A., Dickinson, T., Gerard, P., Lian, L. Y., Risk, J. M., Smith, P., Malki, M. I., Ke, Y., Cooper, C. S. ORCID:, Gosden, C. and Foster, C. S. (2012) Splice variant PRKC-η-PrC is a novel biomarker of human prostate cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 107 (2). pp. 388-399. ISSN 0007-0920

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