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Sheraz, Sadia, Wan, Yongfang, Venter, Eudri, Verma, Shailender K., Xiong, Qing, Waites, Joshua, Connorton, James M., Shewry, Peter R., Moore, Katie L. and Balk, Janneke (2021) Subcellular dynamics studies of iron reveal how tissue‐specific distribution patterns are established in developing wheat grains. New Phytologist, 231 (4). pp. 1644-1657. ISSN 0028-646X

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Walton, Jennifer H., Kontra‐Kováts, Gyöngyi, Green, Robert T., Domonkos, Ágota, Horváth, Beatrix, Brear, Ella M., Franceschetti, Marina, Kaló, Péter and Balk, Janneke (2020) The Medicago truncatula Vacuolar iron Transporter-Like proteins VTL4 and VTL8 deliver iron to rhizobium bacteria at different stages of the infection process. New Phytologist, 228 (2). pp. 651-666. ISSN 0028-646X

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Maclean, Andrew E, Kimonis, Virginia E and Balk, Janneke (2018) Pathogenic mutations in NUBPL affect complex I activity and cold tolerance in the yeast model Yarrowia lipolytica. Human Molecular Genetics, 27 (21). pp. 3697-3709. ISSN 0964-6906

Perfecto, Antonio, Rodriguez-Ramiro, Ildefonso, Rodriguez-Celma, Jorge, Sharp, Paul, Balk, Janneke and Fairweather-Tait, Susan (2018) Pea Ferritin Stability under Gastric pH Conditions Determines the Mechanism of Iron Uptake in Caco-2 Cells. The Journal of Nutrition, 148 (8). 1229–1235. ISSN 0022-3166

Bastow, Emma L, Garcia de la Torre, Vanesa S, Maclean, Andrew E, Green, Robert T, Merlot, Sylvain, Thomine, Sebastien and Balk, Janneke (2018) Vacuolar iron stores gated by NRAMP3 and NRAMP4 are the primary source of iron in germinating seeds. Plant Physiology, 177. pp. 1267-1276. ISSN 0032-0889

Maclean, Andrew E, Hertle, Alexander P, Ligas, Joanna, Bock, Ralph, Balk, Janneke and Meyer, Etienne H (2018) Absence of Complex I Is Associated with Diminished Respiratory Chain Function in European Mistletoe. Current Biology, 28 (10). 1614-1619.e3. ISSN 0960-9822

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Connorton, James M, Jones, Eleanor R, Rodriguez-Ramiro, Ildefonso, Fairweather-Tait, Susan, Uauy, Cristobal and Balk, Janneke (2017) Wheat Vacuolar Iron Transporter TaVIT2 transports Fe and Mn and is effective for biofortification. Plant Physiology, 174 (4). pp. 2434-2444. ISSN 0032-0889

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Ozer, Hatice K., Dlouhy, Adrienne C, Thornton, Jeremy D., Hu, Jingjing, Liu, Yilin, Barycki, Joseph J, Balk, Janneke and Outten, Caryn E (2015) Cytosolic Fe-S cluster protein maturation and iron regulation are independent of the mitochondrial Erv1/Mia40 import system. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290. pp. 27829-27840. ISSN 0021-9258

Schaedler, Theresia A, Faust, Belinda, Shintre, Chitra, Carpenter, Elisabeth P, Srinivasan, Vasundara, van Veen, Hendrik W and Balk, Janneke (2015) Structures and functions of mitochondrial ABC transporters. Biochemical Society Transactions, 43 (5). pp. 943-951. ISSN 0300-5127

Knuesting, Johannes, Riondet, Christophe, Maria, Carlos, Kruse, Inga, Bécuwe, Noëlle, König, Nicolas, Berndt, Carsten, Tourrette, Sebastien, Guilleminot-Montoya, Jocelyne, Herrero, Enrique, Gaymard, Frederic, Balk, Janneke, Belli, Gemma, Scheibe, Renate, Reichheld, Jean-Philippe, Rouhier, Nicolas and Rey, Pascal (2015) Arabidopsis glutaredoxin S17 and its partner, the nuclear factor Y subunit C11/negative cofactor 2α, contribute to maintenance of the shoot apical meristem under long-day photoperiod. Plant Physiology, 167 (4). pp. 1643-1658. ISSN 0032-0889

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Krüssel, Lena, Junemann, Johannes, Wirtz, Markus, Birke, Hannah, Thornton, Jeremy D, Browning, Luke W, Poschet, Gernot, Hell, Rudiger, Balk, Janneke, Braun, Hans-Peter and Hildebrandt, Tatjana (2014) The mitochondrial sulfur dioxygenase ETHE1 is required for amino acid catabolism during carbohydrate starvation and embryo development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology, 165 (1). pp. 92-104. ISSN 0032-0889

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Hooks, Mark M, Allwood, J William, Harrison, Joanna K.D., Kopka, Joachim, Erban, Alexander, Goodacre, Royston and Balk, Janneke (2014) Selective induction and subcellular distribution of ACONITASE 3 reveal the importance of cytosolic citrate metabolism during lipid mobilization in Arabidopsis. Biochemical Journal, 463 (2). 309–317. ISSN 0264-6021

Wydro, Mateusz M, Sharma, Pia, Foster, Jonathan M, Bych, Katrine, Meyer, Etienne H and Balk, Janneke (2013) The evolutionarily conserved iron-sulfur protein INDH is required for complex I assembly and mitochondrial translation in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 25 (10). pp. 4014-4027. ISSN 1040-4651

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Luo, Dexian, Bernard, Delphine G., Balk, Janneke, Hai, Huang and Cui, Xiaofeng (2012) The DUF59 family gene AE7 acts in the cytosolic iron-sulfur cluster assembly pathway to maintain nuclear genome integrity in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 24. pp. 4135-4148. ISSN 1040-4651

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Book Section

Balk, J and Leaver, CJ (1998) Cell-specific differences in the expression of a nuclear and mitochondrial transcript of ATP synthase during anther development. In: Plant Mitochondria: From Gene to Function. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp. 57-61.

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