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Fearne, Andrew, Borzino, Natalia, De La Iglesia, Beatriz, Moffatt, Peter and Robbins, Margaret (2022) Using supermarket loyalty card data to measure the differential impact of the UK soft drink sugar tax on buyer behaviour. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 73 (2). pp. 321-337. ISSN 0021-857X

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Book Section

Moffatt, Peter (2020) The Experimetrics of Depth of Reasoning Models. In: Handbook of Experimental Game Theory. Edward Elgar. ISBN 978 1 78536 332 0

Moffatt, Peter (2019) Data Analysis. In: Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Experimental Economics. Edward Elgar. ISBN 9781788110556

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Moffatt, Peter (2005) Economics of prostitution. In: Economics Uncut: A Complete Guide to Life, Death and Misadventure. Edward Elgar.


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