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Chen, Song, Li, Kang, Hui, Kwan San ORCID: and Zhang, Jintao (2020) Regulation of lamellar structure of vanadium oxide via polyaniline intercalation for high-performance aqueous zinc-ion battery. Advanced Functional Materials, 30 (43). ISSN 1616-301X

Chen, Xin, Li, Hui, Xu, Jianzhou, Jaber, F., Musharavati, F., Zalezhad, Erfan, Bae, S., Hui, K. S. ORCID:, Hui, K. N. and Liu, Junxing (2020) Synthesis and characterization of a NiCo2O4@NiCo2O4 hierarchical mesoporous nanoflake electrode for supercapacitor applications. Nanomaterials, 10 (7). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2079-4991


Kang, Yao, Wang, Shuo, Liu, Yanyu, Hui, Kwan San ORCID:, Li, Haifeng, Ng, Kar Wei, Liang, Feng, Geng, Jianxin, Hong, Xiaoting, Zhou, Wei and Hui, Kwun Nam (2020) Unveiling the origin of catalytic sites of Pt nanoparticles decorated on oxygen-deficient vanadium-doped cobalt hydroxide nanosheet for hybrid sodium-air batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 3 (8). pp. 7464-7473. ISSN 2574-0962


Li, Hui, Chen, Xin, Zalezhad, Erfan, Hui, K. N., Hui, K. S. ORCID: and Ko, Min Jae (2020) 3D hierarchical transition-metal sulfides deposited on MXene as binder-free electrode for high-performance supercapacitors. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 82. pp. 309-316. ISSN 1226-086X

Liang, Mengjun, Feng, Kuang, Karthick, Ramalingam, Zhang, Liguo, Shi, Yumeng, Hui, Kwan San ORCID:, Hui, Kwun Nam, Jiang, Feng and Chen, Fuming (2020) Photocathode-assisted redox flow desalination. Green Chemistry, 22 (13). pp. 4133-4139. ISSN 1463-9262

Liu, Shude, Yin, Ying, Shen, Yang, Hui, Kwan San ORCID:, Chun, Young Tea, Kim, Jong Min, Hui, Kwun Nam, Zhang, Lipeng and Jun, Seong Chan (2020) Phosphorus regulated cobalt oxide@nitrogen-doped carbon nanowires for flexible quasi-solid-state supercapacitors. Small, 16 (4). ISSN 1613-6810


Sun, Dongni, Hong, Xiaoting, Cui, Zhonghua, Du, Yingying, Hui, K. S. ORCID:, Zhu, Enhao, Wu, Keming and Hui, K. N. (2020) Treatment of landfill leachate using magnetically attracted zero-valent iron powder electrode in an electric field. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 388. ISSN 0304-3894

Sun, Dongni, Hong, Xiaoting, Wu, Keming, Hui, K. S. ORCID:, Du, Yingying and Hui, K. N. (2020) Simultaneous removal of ammonia and phosphate by electro-oxidation and electrocoagulation using RuO2–IrO2/Ti and microscale zero-valent iron composite electrode. Water Research, 169. ISSN 0043-1354

Sun, Ke, Hu, Yuebo, Zhang, Xudong, San Hui, Kwan ORCID:, Zhang, Keliang, Xu, Guogang, Ma, Jingyun and He, Wen (2020) N-doped hard/soft double-carbon-coated Na3V2(PO4)3 hybrid-porous microspheres with pseudocapacitive behaviour for ultrahigh power sodium-ion batteries. Electrochimica Acta, 335. ISSN 0013-4686

Sun, Rong, Zhang, Xudong, San Hui, Kwan ORCID:, Zhang, Keliang, Xu, Guogang, Li, Changgang, Ma, Jingyun and He, Wen (2020) NaTi2(PO4)3/N-doped hard carbon nanocomposites with sandwich structure for high-performance Na-ion full batteries. ChemElectroChem, 7 (7). pp. 1598-1609. ISSN 2196-0216


Wei, Qiang, Hu, Yudi, Wang, Jian, Ru, Qiang, Hou, Xianhua, Zhao, Lingzhi, Yu, Denis Y. W., San Hui, Kwan ORCID:, Yan, Dongliang, Hui, Kwun Nam and Chen, Fuming (2020) Low energy consumption flow capacitive deionization with a combination of redox couples and carbon slurry. Carbon, 170. pp. 487-492. ISSN 0008-6223

Wu, Honglu, Zhang, Yang, Zhang, Xudong, San Hui, Kwan ORCID:, Zhu, Jiefang and He, Wen (2020) Low cost Na2FeSiO4/H–N-doped hard carbon nanosphere hybrid cathodes for high energy and power sodium-ion supercapacitors. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 842. ISSN 0925-8388


Xin, Chen, Ang, Li, Musharavati, Farayi, Jaber, Fadi, Hui, Li, Zalnezhad, Erfan, Bae, Sungchul, Hui, Kwan San ORCID: and Hui, Kwun Nam (2020) Supercapacitor performance of nickel-cobalt sulfide nanotubes decorated using Ni Co-layered double hydroxide nanosheets grown in situ on Ni foam. Nanomaterials, 10 (3). ISSN 2079-4991


Yin, Hong, Hui, Kwan San ORCID:, Zhao, Xun, Mei, Shiliang, Lv, Xiaowei, Hui, Kwun Nam and Chen, Jun (2020) Eco-friendly synthesis of self-supported N-doped Sb2S3-carbon fibers with high atom utilization and zero discharge for commercial full lithium-ion batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 3 (7). pp. 6897-6906. ISSN 2574-0962

Yu, Xueqing, Kang, Yao, Wang, Shuo, Hui, Kwun San ORCID:, Hui, Kwun Nam, Zhao, Huajun, Li, Jianding, Li, Bo, Xu, Jincheng, Chen, Liang and Shao, Huaiyu (2020) Integrating PtNi nanoparticles on NiFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets as a bifunctional catalyst for hybrid sodium-air batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8 (32). pp. 16355-16365. ISSN 2050-7488


Zhao, Beibei, Zhang, Xudong, Xu, Guogang, San Hui, Kwan ORCID:, Zhu, Jiefang and He, Wen (2020) NaSn2(PO4)3 submicro-particles for high performance Na/Li mixed-ion battery anodes. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 844. ISSN 0925-8388

Zheng, Tianqing, Zhou, Wei, Li, Xinying, You, Huihui, Yang, Yifan, Yu, Wei, Zhang, Chenying, Chu, Xuyang, San Hui, Kwan ORCID: and Ding, Weihua (2020) Structural design of self-thermal methanol steam reforming microreactor with porous combustion reaction support for hydrogen production. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45 (43). pp. 22437-22447. ISSN 0360-3199

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