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Alahamade, Wedad, Lake, Iain ORCID:, Reeves, Claire ORCID: and De La Iglesia, Beatriz ORCID: (2021) Evaluation of multi-variate time series clustering for imputation of air pollution data. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, 10. 265–285. ISSN 2193-0856

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Badura, Tomas, Krkoska Lorencova, Eliska, Ferrini, Silvia and Vackarova, Davina (2021) Public support for urban climate adaptation policy through nature-based solutions in Prague. Landscape and Urban Planning, 215. ISSN 0169-2046

Bark, Rosalind ORCID:, Martin-Ortega, Julia and Waylen, Kerry A. (2021) Stakeholders’ views on natural flood management: Implications for the nature-based solutions paradigm shift? Environmental Science & Policy, 115. pp. 91-98. ISSN 1462-9011

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Bond, Alan ORCID:, Pope, Jenny, Morrison-Saunders, Angus and Retief, Francois (2021) Taking an environmental ethics perspective to understand what we should expect from EIA in terms of biodiversity protection. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 86. ISSN 0195-9255

Bunn, Diane, Brainard, Julii, Lane, Kathleen, Salter, Charlotte and Lake, Iain ORCID: (2021) The lived experience of implementing infection control measures in care homes during two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. A mixed-methods study. Journal of Long-Term Care. pp. 386-400. ISSN 2516-9122


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Dudley, Harriet ORCID:, Jordan, Andy ORCID: and Lorenzoni, Irene (2021) Independent expert advisory bodies facilitate ambitious climate policy responses. ScienceBrief.


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Grilli, Gaetano ORCID:, Tyllianakis, Emmanouil, Luisetti, Tiziana, Ferrini, Silvia and Turner, R. Kerry (2021) Prospective tourist preferences for sustainable tourism development in Small Island Developing States. Tourism Management, 82. ISSN 0261-5177


Horváthová, Eva, Badura, Tomas and Duchková, Helena (2021) The value of the shading function of urban trees: A replacement cost approach. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 62. ISSN 1618-8667


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Lane, Kathleen, Lake, Iain ORCID:, Brainard, Julii, Salter, Charlotte and Bunn, Diane (2021) Barriers and facilitators to reducing COVID-19 transmission in care homes: a qualitative exploration and survey. In: British Society of Gerontology 50th Annual Conference, 2021-07-07 - 2021-07-09, Hosted online by Lancaster University.


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Manes, Stella, Costello, Mark J., Beckett, Heath, Debnath, Anindita, Devenish-Nelson, Eleanor, Grey, Kerry-Anne, Jenkins, Rhosanna, Khan, Tasnuva Ming, Kiessling, Wolfgang, Krause, Cristina, Maharaj, Shobha S., Midgley, Guy F., Price, Jeff, Talukdar, Gautam and Vale, Mariana M. (2021) Endemism increases species' climate change risk in areas of global biodiversity importance. Biological Conservation, 257. ISSN 0006-3207

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Rayner, Tim (2021) Keeping it in the ground? Assessing global governance for fossil-fuel supply reduction. Earth System Governance, 8. ISSN 2589-8116

Rayner, Tim (2021) Taking the slow route to decarbonisation? Developing climate governance for international transport. Earth System Governance, 8. ISSN 2589-8116

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Rigby, Hannah, Dowding, Alan, Fernandes, Alwyn, Humphries, David, Jones, Natalia R. ORCID:, Lake, Iain ORCID:, Petch, Rupert G., Reynolds, Christopher K., Rose, Martin and Smith, Stephen R. (2021) Concentrations of organic contaminants in industrial and municipal bioresources recycled in agriculture in the UK. Science of the Total Environment, 765. ISSN 0048-9697


Schaafsma, Marije, Eigenbrod, Felix, Gasparatos, Alexandros, Gross-Camp, Nicole, Hutton, Craig, Nunan, Fiona, Schreckenberg, Kate and Turner, Kerry (2021) Trade-off decisions in ecosystem management for poverty alleviation. Ecological Economics, 187. ISSN 0921-8009

Shepherd, A., Roberts, S., Sünnenberg, G., Lovett, A. ORCID: and Hastings, A. F. S. (2021) Scotland’s onshore wind energy generation, impact on natural capital & satisfying no-nuclear energy policy. Energy Reports, 7. pp. 7106-7117. ISSN 2352-4847


Tyllianakis, Emmanouil and Ferrini, Silvia (2021) Personal attitudes and beliefs and willingness to pay to reduce marine plastic pollution in Indonesia. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 173. ISSN 0025-326X


Vrain, Emilie and Wilson, Charlie ORCID: (2021) Social Influence in the Adoption of Digital Consumer Innovations to Mitigate Climate Change. In: Conference Proceedings - BEHAVE 2020-2021: the 6th European Conference on Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 85-88.

Vrain, Emilie and Wilson, Charlie ORCID: (2021) Social networks and communication behaviour underlying smart home adoption in the UK. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 38. pp. 82-97. ISSN 2210-4224


Wang, Daoping, Jenkins, Katie ORCID:, Forstenhäusler, Nicole, Lei, Tianyang, Price, Jeff, Warren, Rachel ORCID:, Jenkins, Rhosanna and Guan, Dabo (2021) Economic impacts of climate-induced crop yield changes: Evidence from agri-food industries in six countries. Climatic Change, 166 (3-4). ISSN 0165-0009

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Zini, Valentina, Wäber, Kristin, Hornigold, Karen, Lake, Iain ORCID: and Dolman, Paul M. ORCID: (2021) Human and environmental associates of local species-specific abundance in a multi-species deer assemblage. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 67 (6). ISSN 1612-4642

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