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Bescoby, David, Barclay, Jenni and Andrews, Julian (2011) Shenjëtorë dhe mëkatarë: Një tefro-kronologji për ndryshimin e peizazhit të antikitetit të vonë në Epir nga historia shpërthyese e Liparit, ishujt Aeolian. In: Butrinti në shekuj. Instituti Arkeologjik, Tiranë, pp. 107-117. ISBN 979-9928-147-01-1

Brasier, Alexander T., Andrews, Julian E. and Kendall, Alan C. (2011) Diagenesis or dire genesis? The origin of columnar spar in tufa stromatolites of central Greece and the role of chironomid larvae. Sedimentology, 58 (5). pp. 1283-1302. ISSN 1365-3091


Daley, Timothy J., Thomas, Elizabeth R., Holmes, Jonathan A., Street-Perrott, F. Alayne, Chapman, Mark R., Tindall, Julia C., Valdes, Paul J., Loader, Neil J., Marshall, James D., Wolff, Eric W., Hopley, Philip J., Atkinson, Tim, Barber, Keith E., Fisher, Elizabeth H., Robertson, Iain, Hughes, Paul D. M. and Roberts, C. Neil (2011) The 8200yr BP cold event in stable isotope records from the North Atlantic region. Global and Planetary Change, 79 (3-4). pp. 288-302.

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Few, R and Barclay, J (2011) Societal impacts of natural hazards: A review of international research funding. Working Paper. UK Collaborative on Development Sciences, London.

Fielding, Christopher R., Allen, Jonathan P., Alexander, Jan, Gibling, Martin R., Rygel, Michael C. and Calder, John H. (2011) Fluvial systems and their deposits in hot, seasonal semiarid and subhumid settings: modern and ancient examples. In: From River to Rock Record. SEPM Special Publication 97, pp. 89-111. ISBN 978-1-56576-305-0

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Gertisser, R, Charbonnier, SJ, Troll, VR, Keller, J, Preece, K, Chadwick, JP, Barclay, J and Herd, RA (2011) Merapi (Java, Indonesia): anatomy of a killer volcano. Geology Today, 27 (2). pp. 57-62. ISSN 1365-2451


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Hoogakker, Babette A. A., Chapman, Mark R., McCave, I. Nick, Hillaire-Marcel, Claude, Ellison, Christopher R. W., Hall, Ian R. and Telford, Richard J. (2011) Dynamics of North Atlantic Deep Water masses during the Holocene. Paleoceanography, 26 (4). ISSN 0883-8305


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Karnawati, Dwikorita, Fathani, Teuku F., Ignatius, Sudarno, Andayani, Budi, Legono, Djoko and Burton, Paul W. (2011) Landslide hazard and community-based risk reduction effort in Karanganyar and the surrounding area, central Java, Indonesia. Journal of Mountain Science, 8 (2). pp. 149-153. ISSN 1672-6316

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Kelly, Simon, Andrews, Julian and Jickells, Tim (2011) Sediment Record and Storage of Organic Carbon and the Nutrient Elements (N, P, and Si) in Estuaries and Near-Coastal Seas. In: Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science. Waltham: Academic Press, 9 - 38.


Latawiec, AE, Swindell, AL, Simmons, P and Reid, BJ (2011) Bringing bioavailability into contaminated land decision making: The way forward? Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 41 (1). pp. 52-77. ISSN 1064-3389

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Luisetti, Tiziana, Turner, R. Kerry, Bateman, Ian J., Morse-Jones, Sian, Adams, Christopher and Fonseca, Leila (2011) Coastal and marine ecosystem services valuation for policy and management: Managed realignment case studies in England. Ocean and Coastal Management, 54 (3). pp. 212-224. ISSN 1873-524X


Mayer-Pinto, M, Coleman, RA, Underwood, AJ and Tolhurst, TJ (2011) Effects of zinc on microalgal biofilms in intertidal and subtidal habitats. Biofouling, 27 (7). pp. 721-727. ISSN 0892-7014

Miller, Katie R., Chapman, Mark R., Andrews, Julian E. and Koç, Nalân (2011) Diatom phytoplankton response to Holocene climate change in the Subpolar North Atlantic. Global and Planetary Change, 79 (3-4). pp. 214-225.


Paola, Chris and Leeder, Mike (2011) Complexity and the memory of landscape. Nature, 469 (7328). pp. 38-39.


Shang, C (2011) Porous Carbons for Energy Storage and CO2 Capture. In: CARBON 2011, 2011-07-24 - 2011-07-29.

Shang, C (2011) Synthesis of Carbon and Mg-based Materials for Hydrogen Storage and CO2 Capture. In: CHInano 2011 UK-China Forum on Application potentials of Carbon Materials and nanostructures, 2011-10-26 - 2011-10-30.

Shang, CX and Tian, M (2011) Synthesis of carbon and magnesium nanostructures for H2/CO2 sorption. In: Nanotechnologies for Energy Storage and Power Smoothing, 2011-03-22 - 2011-03-31.

Shang, CX, Tian, M and Batty, S (2011) Synthesis and Characterisation of Carbon Structures by Microwave Cold Plasma. In: Gassmaks Project Workshop, 2011-06-19 - 2011-06-20.

Smith, Alan M., Andrews, Julian E., Uken, Ronald, Thackeray, Zane, Perissinotto, Renzo, Leuci, Rio and Marca, Alina (2011) Rock pool tufa stromatolites on a modern South African wave-cut platform: partial analogues for Archaean stromatolites? Terra Nova, 23 (6). pp. 375-381. ISSN 1365-3121


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Wexler, Sarah K, Hiscock, Kevin M and Dennis, Paul F (2011) Catchment-Scale Quantification of Hyporheic Denitrification Using an Isotopic and Solute Flux Approach. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (9). pp. 3967-3973. ISSN 0013-936X


Zech, Michael, Pedentchouk, Nikolai, Buggle, Björn, Leiber, Katharina, Kalbitz, Karsten, Marković, Slobodan B. and Glaser, Bruno (2011) Effect of leaf litter degradation and seasonality on D/H isotope ratios of n-alkane biomarkers. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 (17). pp. 4917-4928.

Zhang, H and Hiscock, KM (2011) Modelling the effect of forest cover in mitigating nitrate contamination of groundwater: a case study of the Sherwood Sandstone aquifer in the East Midlands, UK. Journal of Hydrology, 399 (3-4). pp. 212-225. ISSN 1879-2707

Zhang, Yuzhong, Deng, Shuxing, Liu, Yanan, Shen, Guofeng, Li, Xiqing, Cao, Jun, Wang, Xilong, Reid, Brian and Tao, Shu (2011) A passive air sampler for characterizing the vertical concentration profile of gaseous phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in near soil surface air. Environmental Pollution, 159 (3). pp. 694-699. ISSN 1873-6424

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