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Baumgartner, Roland, Czisch, Michael, Mayer, Ulrike ORCID:, Pöschl, Ernst, Huber, Robert, Timpl, Rupert and Holak, Tad A. (1996) Structure of the nidogen binding LE module of the laminin gamma1 chain in solution. Journal of Molecular Biology, 257 (3). pp. 658-668. ISSN 0022-2836

Echtermeyer, Frank, Schöber, Stefan, Pöschl, Ernst, von der Mark, Helga and von der Mark, Klaus (1996) Specific induction of cell motility on laminin by alpha 7 integrin. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 271 (4). pp. 2071-5. ISSN 0021-9258

Edwards, D R ORCID:, Beaudry, P P, Laing, T D, Kowal, V, Leco, K J, Leco, P A and Lim, M S (1996) The roles of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in tissue remodelling and cell growth. International Journal of Obesity, 20 (Suppl 3). S9-15. ISSN 0307-0565

Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Leco, Kevin J., Beaudry, Paul P., Atadja, Peter W., Veillette, Claude and Riabowol, Karl T. (1996) Differential effects of transforming growth factor-beta 1 on the expression of matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in young and old human fibroblasts. Experimental Gerontology, 31 (1-2). pp. 207-223. ISSN 0531-5565

Inderdeo, D S, Edwards, D R ORCID:, Han, V K and Khokha, R (1996) Temporal and spatial expression of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases during the natural ovulatory cycle of the mouse. Biology of Reproduction, 55 (3). pp. 498-508. ISSN 0006-3363

Kossakowska, A E, Huchcroft, S A, Urbanski, S J and Edwards, D R ORCID: (1996) Comparative analysis of the expression patterns of metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in breast neoplasia, sporadic colorectal neoplasia, pulmonary carcinomas and malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in humans. British Journal of Cancer, 73 (11). pp. 1401-1408. ISSN 0007-0920

Lassar, Andrew B. and Munsterberg, Andrea E. ORCID: (1996) The role of positive and negative signals in somite patterning. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 6 (1). pp. 57-63. ISSN 1873-6882

Leco, K J, Edwards, D R ORCID: and Schultz, G A (1996) Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 is the major metalloproteinase inhibitor in the decidualizing murine uterus. Molecular Reproduction and Development, 45 (4). pp. 458-465. ISSN 1040-452X

Pöschl, E, Mayer, U ORCID:, Stetefeld, J, Baumgartner, R, Holak, T A, Huber, R and Timpl, R (1996) Site-directed mutagenesis and structural interpretation of the nidogen binding site of the laminin gamma1 chain. The EMBO Journal, 15 (19). pp. 5154-9. ISSN 0261-4189

Reinhardt, Dieter P., Keene, Douglas R., Corson, Glen M., Pöschl, Ernst, Bächinger, Hans Peter, Gambee, Jay E. and Sakai, Lynn Y. (1996) Fibrillin-1:organization in microfibrils and structural properties. Journal of Molecular Biology, 258 (1). pp. 104-116. ISSN 0022-2836

Schulze, Bettina, Mann, Karlheinz, Pöschl, Ernst, Yamada, Yoshihiko and Timpl, Rupert (1996) Structural and functional analysis of the globular domain IVa of the laminin alpha 1 chain and its impact on an adjacent RGD site. Biochemical Journal, 314 (3). pp. 847-851. ISSN 0264-6021

Wallace, Carla J., Forsyth, Peter A. and Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID: (1996) Lymph node metastases from glioblastoma multiforme. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 17 (10). pp. 1929-1931. ISSN 0195-6108

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