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Archer, SD, Stelfox-Widdicombe, CE, Malin, G and Burkill, PH (2003) Is dimethyl sulphide production related to microzooplankton herbivory in the southern North Sea? Journal of Plankton Research, 25. pp. 235-242. ISSN 1464-3774


Chapman, T, Arnqvist, G, Bangham, J and Rowe, L (2003) Response to Eberhard and Cordero, and Córdoba-Aguilar and Contreras-Garduño: sexual conflict and female choice. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 18 (9). pp. 440-441. ISSN 1872-8383


Davies, R.G., Eggleton, P., Jones, D.T., Gathorne-Hardy, F.J. and Hernandez, L.M. (2003) Evolution of termite functional diversity: analysis and synthesis of local ecological and regional influences on local species richness. Journal of Biogeography, 30. pp. 847-877. ISSN 1365-2699

Davies, R.G., Hernandez, L.M., Eggleton, P., Didham, R.K., Fagan, L. and Winchester, N. (2003) Environmental and spatial influences upon species composition of a termite assemblage across Neotropical forest islands. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 19. pp. 509-524. ISSN 1469-7831

Dolman, PM and Fuller, RJ (2003) The processes of species colonisation in wooded landscapes: A review of principles. In: The Restoration of Wooded Landscapes. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh, pp. 25-36.


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Gardner, TA, Cote, IM, Gill, JA, Grant, A and Watkinson, AR (2003) Coral reef decline in the Caribbean - Response. Science (302). pp. 392-393. ISSN 1095-9203


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Haugaasen, T, Barlow, J and Peres, CA (2003) Effects of surface fires on understorey insectivorous birds and terrestrial arthropods in central Brazilian Amazonia. Animal Conservation, 6 (4). pp. 299-306. ISSN 1367-9430

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Peres, C A., Baider, PA, Wadt, KA, Zuidema, LHO, Kainer, KA, Gomes-Silva, DAP, Salomao, RP, Simoes, LL, Franciosi, ERN, Valverde, FC, Gribel, R, Shepard, GH, Kanashiro, M, Coventry, P, Yu, DW, Watkinson, AR and Freckleton, RP (2003) Demographic threats to the sustainability of brazil nut exploitation. Science, 302 (5653). pp. 2112-2114. ISSN 0036-8075

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Richardson, D.S., Komdeur, J. and Burke, T. (2003) Subordinate Seychelles warblers accurately maximise indirect benefits using a simple rule-of-thumb. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 16. pp. 854-861. ISSN 1420-9101

Rocamora, G. and Richardson, D.S. (2003) Genetic and morphological differentiation between the two remnant populations of Seychelles White-eye Zosterops modestus: implications for conservation and future management. Ibis, 145. pp. 34-44. ISSN 1474-919X


Scholes, MC, Maatrai, PA, Andreae, MO, Smith, KA, Manning, MR, Artaxo, P, Barrie, LA, Bates, TS, Butler, JH, Ciccioli, P, Cieslik, SA, Delmas, RJ, Dentener, FJ, Duce, RA, Erickson III, DJ, Galbally, IE, Guenther, AB, Jaenicke, R, Jahne, B, Kettle, AJ, Kiene, RP, Lacaux, J-P, Liss, PS, Malin, G, Matson, PA, Mosier, AR, Neue, H-U, Paerl, HW, Platt, UF, Quinn, PK, Seiler, W and Weiss, RF (2003) Biosphere atmosphere interactions. In: Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing World. Springer Verlag, pp. 19-71.


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