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Abdulla, Hamad (2016) Sir Charles Belgrave and the rise and fall of Bahrain’s National Union Committee : January 1953 to April 1957. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Alban, John (2016) Thomas Howard’s Military Indenture for the French Campaign of 1475. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 25. pp. 25-35.

Albone, James (2016) Roman roads in the changing landscape of eastern England c.AD410 – 1850. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Ayers, Brian (2016) The German Ocean:Medieval Europe around the North Sea. Equinox Publishing Ltd. ISBN 9781904768494

Ayers, Brian (2016) The German Ocean:Medieval Europe around the North Sea. Equinox Publishing Ltd. ISBN 9781904768494

Ayers, Brian (2016) Urban Culture in Medieval Wales. Edited by Helen Fulton. Cardiff University Press. 2012. xv + 334pp. £24.99. History, 101 (347). pp. 591-593. ISSN 0018-2648


Barnes, Gerald, Pillatt, Tobias and Williamson, Thomas (2016) Rural Tree Populations in England:Historic Character and Future Planting Policy. British Wildlife. pp. 393-401. ISSN 0958-0956

Belcher, John (2016) "The chiefest wealth of our country" : the foldcourse in East Anglia. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Brand, Matthew (2016) Right-Wing Refugees and British Politics, 1830-1871. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Brown, David and Williamson, Tom (2016) Lancelot Brown and the Capability Men:Landscape revolution in eighteenth-century England. Reaktion Books, London. ISBN 9781780236445


Carmichael, Cathie (2016) Josip Broz Tito and Yugoslav Communism: A review of the work of Geoffrey Swain. Europe-Asia Studies, 68 (10). pp. 1824-1826. ISSN 0966-8136

Carmichael, Cathie (2016) The need to record the past. Journal of Contemporary History, 51 (2). pp. 436-438. ISSN 0022-0094

Carmichael, Cathie and Budinich, P. (2016) Bosnia e Erzegovina. Alba e tramonto del secolo breve. Beit Storia, Trieste. ISBN 9788895324524

Chaplin, Julia (2016) The origins of the 1855/6 introduction of general limited liability in England. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Church, Stephen ORCID: (2016) Stephen: The Reign of Anarchy. By Carl Watkins. Penguin Monarchs Series. Allen Lane. 2015. ix + 109pp. £10.99. History, 101 (348). pp. 772-773. ISSN 0018-2648

Cockayne, Emily (2016) Sara F. Matthews-Grieco, ed., Cuckoldry, Impotence and Adultery in Europe (15th–17th Century). European History Quarterly, 46 (1). pp. 163-165. ISSN 0265-6914

Cockayne, Emily (2016) Who Did Let the Dogs Out?—Nuisance Dogs in Late Medieval and Early Modern England. In: Our Dogs, Our Selves. Brill, pp. 41-67. ISBN 9789004269163


Evangelisti, Silvia ORCID: (2016) Household Management and Civic Femininity in Seventeenth-Century Italy. In: Conduct Literature for and about Women in Italy 1470-1900. Classiques Garnier, pp. 63-80. ISBN 978-2-406-05916-5


Foster, Samuel (2016) Corfu Declaration. In: 1914-1918 Online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War. Freie Universität Berlin.

Foster, Samuel (2016) Trumbić, Ante. In: 1914-1918 Online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War. Freie Universität Berlin.


Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Money, Sex, Lies, Magic:The Astronomer and the Witch: Johannes Kepler’s Fight for his Mother by Ulinka Rublack. Oxford, 359 pp, £20.00, October 2015, ISBN 978 0 19 873677 6. London Review of Books, 38 (13). pp. 29-30.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Silence and suspicion: witchcraft in a seventeenth-century American household. In: Supernatural Spaces in the Early Modern World, 2016-05-20, John Rylands Library.

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Steven P. Marrone, A History of Science, Magic & Belief: From Medieval to Early Modern Europe. European History Quarterly, 46 (4). pp. 758-759. ISSN 0265-6914

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) Witchcraft, Witch-Hunting, and Politics in Early Modern England. By Peter Elmer. Oxford University Press. 2016. x + 369pp. £65.00. History, 101 (348). pp. 785-787. ISSN 0018-2648

Gaskill, Malcolm (2016) The demonstration of witchcraft: emotion and proof in early modern England. In: Witchcraft and Emotions II: Social Conflict and the Judicial Process, 2016-06-23 - 2016-06-24, Centre for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute.

Gasper, Giles E. M. and van Houts, Elisabeth (2016) Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations. Boydell Press, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781783271252

Gilks, David (2016) ‘Anti-clericalism and the dispute over plundering Rome during the French revolutionary wars’. [Performance]

Gill, David W. J. ORCID: and Tsirogiannis, Christos (2016) Polaroids from the Medici Dossier:Continued Sightings on the Market. In: Art Crime. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 229-239. ISBN 978-1-137-40757-3

Goldsmith, Thomas (2016) The Duke of Wellington and British Foreign Policy 1814-1830. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Gregory, Derwin ORCID: (2016) Communicating with the European Resistance:an assessment of the Special Operations Executive’s wireless facilities in the UK during the Second World War. Post-Medieval Archaeology, 50 (2). pp. 289-304. ISSN 0079-4236

Gregory, Jon and Liddiard, Robert (2016) Visible from Afar? The Setting of the Anglo-Norman Donjon. In: Castles in the Anglo-Norman World. Oxbow Press. ISBN 9781785700224


Ha, Polly (2016) Spiritual Treason and the Politics of Intercession: Presbyterians, Laudians and the Church of England. In: Puritans and Catholics in the Trans-Atlantic World 1600-1800. Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World, 1500-1800 . Palgrave. ISBN 978-1-137-36897-3

Halcomb, Joel (2016) Was Cromwell an Independent or Congregationalist? Cromwelliana, Series III (5). pp. 27-43. ISSN 0307-5583

Halcomb, Joel (2016) Congregational church books and denominational formation in the English Revolution. Bunyan Studies, 20. pp. 51-75. ISSN 0954-0970

Harmon, Jacqueline (2016) Some aspects of the history of Barnwell Priory : 1092-1300. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Hartrich, Eliza (2016) Rebellion and the Law in Fifteenth-Century English Towns. In: The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 189-207. ISBN 978-1-138-95222-5

Hartrich, Eliza (2016) Locality, Polity and the Politics of Counsel: Royal and Urban Councils in England, 1420-1429. In: The Politics of Counsel in England and Scotland, 1286-1707. Proceedings of the British Academy, 204 . Oxford University Press, pp. 101-116. ISBN 978-0-19-726603-8

Hicks, Geoffrey (2016) Whose foreign policy? Britain’s ‘inner Cabinet’ and the Eastern Crisis, January–March 1878. Diplomacy and Statecraft, 27 (3). pp. 399-419. ISSN 1557-301X

Hill, Felicity (2016) Excommunication and politics in thirteenth-century England. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Howe, Anthony (2016) Latin America and the nineteenth-century British free trade project. In: The Political Economy of Latin American Independence. Routledge Studies in the History of Economics . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 43-57. ISBN 9781138644786

Howe, Anthony (2016) Les Hungry Forties. Revue d'histoire du XIXe siècle, 52. pp. 47-64. ISSN 1777-5329

Howe, Anthony (2016) State versus market in the early historiography of the industrial revolution in Britain c.1890–1914. European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 23 (6). pp. 897-918. ISSN 0967-2567

Howe, Anthony (2016) Subsidies, Bounties, and Free Trade: Issues and Perspectives, 1880-1940. In: What shapes the law? : reflections on the history, law, politics and economics of international and European subsidy disciplines. European University Institute, Florence, pp. 5-10. ISBN 9789290844327


Khromeychuk, Olesya (2016) Negotiating protest spaces on the Maidan: A gender perspective. Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, 2 (1).

King, Francis ORCID: (2016) Fedor Il'ich Dan, Two Years of Wandering:A Menshevik Leader in Lenin's Russia. Lawrence and Wishart, London. ISBN 9781910448724


Licence, Tom (2016) The date and authorship of the Vita Ædwardi regis. Anglo-Saxon England, 44. pp. 259-285. ISSN 0263-6751


Macdonald, Peppy (2016) Rural settlement change in East Suffolk, 1850-1939. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Margolis, Oren (2016) Aldo Manuzio. Il Rinascimento di Venezia, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice: exhibition. History Today. p. 59. ISSN 0018-2753

Margolis, Oren (2016) The Politics of Culture in Quattrocento Europe: René of Anjou in Italy. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198769323

Margolis, Oren (2016) The Quattrocento Charlemagne: Franco-Florentine Relations and the Politics of an Icon. In: The Charlemagne Legend in Medieval Latin Texts. D. S. Brewer, Cambridge, pp. 202-230. ISBN 9781843844488

Maxwell, Deborah, Edwards, Liz, Pillatt, Tobias and Downing, Niamh (2016) Stories in a beespoon: Exploring future folklore through design. In: Proceedings of DRS 2016. Proceedings of DRS 2016, 9 . Design Research Society, GBR, pp. 3485-3502.

Mills, Richard (2016) Cold War football: Soviet defence and Yugoslav attack following the Tito-Stalin split of 1948. Europe-Asia Studies, 68 (10). pp. 1736-1758. ISSN 0966-8136

Mills, Richard (2016) An exception in war and peace: Ipswich Town Football Club, c. 1907-1945. Sport in History, 36 (2). pp. 214-241. ISSN 1746-0271

Mills, Richard (2016) “The pitch itself was no man’s land:” Siege, Željezničar Sarajevo Football Club and the Grbavica Stadium. Nationalities Papers, 44 (6). pp. 877-903. ISSN 1465-3923

Muminov, Sherzod ORCID: (2016) The Siberian Internment and the Transnational History of the Early Cold War Japan, 1945-1956. In: Transnational Japan as History. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 71-95. ISBN 978-1-137-56879-3


Neumann, Matthias (2016) Mobilizing Children: Youth and the Patriotic War Culture in Kiev during World War I. In: Russia’s Great War and Revolution, 1914–1922. Slavica, Bloomington, pp. 279-306.

Newman, John Paul, Foster, Samuel and Weaver, Eric Beckett (2016) Book Forum: Austro-Hungarian War Aims in the Balkans during World War I. Journal of Genocide Research, 18 (4). pp. 503-513. ISSN 1462-3528

Nubia, Onyeka (2016) Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their presence, status and origins. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.


Otte, T. G. (2016) ‘Intimately dependent on foreign policy’: Joseph Chamberlain and Foreign Policy. In: Joseph Chamberlain. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 17-47. ISBN 978-1-137-52884-1

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Otte, T. G. (2016) Lord Lansdowne (1845–1927) and Japan. In: Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, Vol. X. Global Oriental in association with the Japan Society, Folkestone, pp. 221-237. ISBN 978-1-898823-46-9


Palko, Olena (2016) Becoming Soviet: lost cultural alternatives in Ukraine, 1917-1933. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Pillatt, Tobias (2016) Life in the weather-world: examining an eighteenth-century ‘ecological perspective’. World Archaeology, 48 (4). pp. 586-602. ISSN 0043-8243

Plank, Geoffrey (2016) Anthony Benezet, John Woolman and Praise. In: The Atlantic World of Anthony Benezet (1713-1784). Brill, Leiden, pp. 91-105. ISBN 9789004315648

Plank, Geoffrey (2016) Discipline and divinity: Colonial Quakerism, Christianity, and "heathenism" in the seventeenth century. Church History, 85 (3). pp. 502-528. ISSN 1755-2613


Rawcliffe, Carole (2016) A crisis of confidence: Parliament and the demand for hospital reform in early fifteenth and early sixteenth-century England. Parliamentary History, 34 (2). pp. 85-110. ISSN 1750-0206

Reeve, Jennifer (2016) Liberalism, Race and Humanitarianism: British Colonial Policy and Jewish Refugees 1938-1943. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Rozier, Charles C. (2016) Orderic Vitalis as Librarian and Cantor of Saint-Évroul. In: Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations. Boydell Press, pp. 61-77. ISBN 9781782048404


Scott, Elizabeth (2016) The secret nature of seeds: science & seed improvement c.1520-1700. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Shaw, Dannielle (2016) The Invention of Angela Carter. Penguin.

Smith, Jean ORCID: (2016) ‘I still don’t have a country’:The southern African settler diaspora after decolonisation. In: Cultures of Decolonisation: Transnational Productions and Practices, 1945-70. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781784996864

Smith, Jean ORCID: (2016) ‘The Women's Branch of the Commonwealth Relations Office’: the Society for the Overseas Settlement of British Women and the long life of empire migration. Women's History Review, 25 (4). pp. 520-535. ISSN 0961-2025

Spooner, Sarah and Williamson, Tom (2016) Gardens and the Larger Landscape. In: A Cultural History of Gardens in the Age of Enlightenment. Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 193-215. ISBN 9781350009929

Stonebridge, Lyndsey (2016) ‘Inner Emigration’: On the Run with Hannah Rendt and Anna Freud. In: Psychoanalysis in the Age of Totalitarianism. The New Library of Psychoanalysis 'Beyond the Couch' Series . Routledge. ISBN 9781138793897

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Sykes, Naomi, Ayton, Gema, Bowen, Frazer, Baker, Karis, Baker, Polydora, Carden, Ruth F., Dicken, Craig, Evans, Jane, Hoelzel, A. Rus, Higham, Thomas F.G., Jones, Richard, Lamb, Angela, Liddiard, Robert, Madgwick, Richard, Miller, Holly, Rainsford, Clare, Sawyer, Peta, Thomas, Richard, Ward, Christopher and Worley, Fay (2016) Wild to domestic and back again: the dynamics of fallow deer management in medieval England (c. 11th-16th century AD). Science & Technology of Archaeological Research, 2 (1). ISSN 2054-8923


TSUJI, Hirohito ORCID: (2016) 節目の祝い:人生儀礼と家族のこころ. The Museum of Shinto and Japanese Culture, Kogakkan University, Ise.

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Vincent, Nicholas (2016) Early Norman Charters in the British Library:The Cotton Charters for La Noë, St-Etienne de Renneville and Evreux Cathedral. Tabularia. (In Press)

Vincent, Nicholas (2016) La Normandie dans les chartes du roi Henri II (1154-1189): archives, intentions et conséquences. In: 911-2011. Penser les mondes normands médiévaux. Caen: Presses Universitaires de Caen, pp. 405-428. ISBN 978-2-84133-774-3

Vincent, Nicholas (2016) The Personal Role of the Kings of England in the Production of Royal Letters and Charters (to 1330). In: Manu propria. Vom eigenhändigen Schreiben der Mächtigen (13.–15. Jahrhundert). Bohlau: Vienna, Vienna, pp. 171-184. ISBN 978 3 205 20288 2

Vincent, Nicholas (2016) Translation of the 1297 Magna Carta. In: The Magna Carta in Australia. Australia's Magna Carta Institute, Australia, pp. 3-9. ISBN 9780994599803

Vincent, Nicholas (2016) Writing to Friends and Enemies: The Protocols to Anglo-French Diplomatic Royal Correspondence, 1150-1270. In: Paris 1259: Studies in the History and Law of Continental and Insular Normandy. Guernsey Bar Association, St Peter Port, pp. 181-201. ISBN 978-0-9550395-1-5


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Willems, Nadine (2016) Contesting Imperial Geography:Reading Elisée Reclus in 1930s' Hokkaido. In: The Practice of Freedom. Rowman and Littlefield International. ISBN 9781783486649

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Williamson, Thomas (2016) Other Norfolk parks associated with Brown. In: Capability Brown in Norfolk. Norfolk Gardens Trust, Aylsham, pp. 141-158. ISBN 978 0 9556728 5 0

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