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Hervey, John R. D., Bombelli, Paolo, Lea-Smith, David J., Hulme, Alan K., Hulme, Nathan R., Rullay, Atvinder K., Keighley, Robert and Howe, Christopher J. (2022) A dual compartment cuvette system for correcting scattering in whole-cell absorbance spectroscopy of photosynthetic microorganisms. Photosynthesis Research, 151. pp. 61-69. ISSN 0166-8595

Wey, Laura T., Lawrence, Joshua M., Chen, Xiaolong, Clark, Robert, Lea-Smith, David J., Zhang, Jenny Z. and Howe, Christopher J. (2021) A biophotoelectrochemical approach to unravelling the role of cyanobacterial cell structures in exoelectrogenesis. Electrochimica Acta, 395. ISSN 0013-4686

du Toit, Jan-Pierre, Lea-Smith, David J., Git, Anna, Hervey, John R. D., Howe, Christopher J. and Pott, Robert W. M. (2021) Expression of alternative nitrogenases in Rhodopseudomonas palustris is enhanced using an optimized genetic toolset for rapid, markerless modifications. ACS Synthetic Biology, 10 (9). 2167–2178. ISSN 2161-5063

Lea-Smith, David J., Summerfield, Tina C., Ducat, Daniel C., Lu, Xuefeng, McCormick, Alistair J. and Purton, Saul (2021) Editorial: Exploring the growing role of cyanobacteria in industrial biotechnology and sustainability. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12. ISSN 1664-302X

McGenity, Terry J., McKew, Boyd A. and Lea-Smith, David J. (2021) Cryptic microbial hydrocarbon cycling. Nature Microbiology, 6 (4). pp. 419-420. ISSN 2058-5276

Xue, Chun-Xu, Liu, Jiwen, Lea-Smith, David J., Rowley, Gary, Lin, Heyu, Zheng, Yanfen, Zhu, Xiao-Yu, Liang, Jinchang, Ahmad, Waqar, Todd, Jonathan D. and Zhang, Xiao-Hua (2020) Insights into the vertical stratification of microbial ecological roles across the deepest seawater column on Earth. Microorganisms, 8 (9). ISSN 2076-2607

Solymosi, Daniel, Nikkanen, Lauri, Muth-Pawlak, Dorota, Fitzpatrick, Duncan, Vasudevan, Ravendran, Howe, Christopher J., Lea-Smith, David J. and Allahverdiyeva, Yagut (2020) Cytochrome cM decreases photosynthesis under photomixotrophy in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Plant Physiology, 183 (2). pp. 700-716. ISSN 0032-0889

Mills, Lauren, McCormick, Alistair J. and Lea-Smith, David (2020) Current knowledge and recent advances in understanding metabolism of the model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Bioscience Reports, 40 (4). ISSN 0144-8463

Baers, Laura L., Breckels, Lisa M., Mills, Lauren A., Gatto, Laurent, Deery, Michael J., Stevens, Tim J., Howe, Christopher J., Lilley, Kathryn S. and Lea-Smith, David S. (2019) Proteome mapping of a cyanobacterium reveals distinct compartment organisation and cell-dispersed metabolism. Plant Physiology, 181. pp. 1721-1738. ISSN 0032-0889

Gale, Grant A. R., Schiavon, Alejandra A., Mills, Lauren, Wang, Baojun, Lea-Smith, David and McCormick, Alistair J. (2019) Emerging species and genome editing tools: Future prospects in cyanobacterial synthetic biology. Microorganisms, 7 (10). ISSN 2076-2607

Vasudevan, Ravendran, Gale, Grant A.R., Schiavon, Alejandra A., Puzorjov, Anton, Malin, John, Gillespie, Michael D., Vavitsas, Konstantinos, Zulkower, Valentin, Wang, Baojun, Howe, Christopher J., Lea-Smith, David and McCormick, Alistair J. (2019) CyanoGate: A modular cloning suite for engineering cyanobacteria based on the plant MoClo syntax:A Golden Gate-based toolkit for cyanobacteria. Plant Physiology, 180. pp. 39-55. ISSN 0032-0889

Liu, Jiwen, Zheng, Yanfen, Lin, Heyu, Wang, Xuchen, Li, Meng, Liu, Yang, Yu, Meng, Zhao, Meixun, Pedentchouk, Nikolai, Lea-Smith, David, Todd, Jonathan, Magill, Clayton R., Zhang, Wei-Jia, Zhou, Shan, Song, Delei, Zhong, Haohui, Xin, Yu, Yu, Min, Tian, Jiwei and Zhang, Xiao-Hua (2019) Proliferation of hydrocarbon-degrading microbes at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Microbiome, 7. ISSN 2049-2618

Saar, Kadi L., Bombelli, Paolo, Lea-Smith, David J., Call, Toby, Aro, Eva-Mari, Müller, Thomas, Howe, Christopher J. and Knowles, Tuomas P.J. (2018) Enhancing power density of biophotovoltaics by decoupling storage and power delivery. Nature Energy, 3. pp. 75-81. ISSN 2058-7546

Call, Toby P., Carey, Tian, Bombelli, Paolo, Lea-Smith, David J., Hooper, Philippa, Howe, Christopher J. and Torrisi, Felice (2017) Platinum-free, graphene based anodes and air cathodes for single chamber microbial fuel cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5 (45). pp. 23872-23886. ISSN 2050-7488

Lea-Smith, David J., Ortiz-Suarez, Maite L., Lenn, Tchern, Nürnberg, Dennis J., Baers, Laura L., Davey, Matthew P., Parolini, Lucia, Huber, Roland G., Cotton, Charles A. R., Mastroianni, Giulia, Bombelli, Paolo, Ungerer, Petra, Stevens, Tim J., Smith, Alison G., Bond, Peter J., Mullineaux, Conrad W. and Howe, Christopher J. (2016) Hydrocarbons are essential for optimal cell size, division, and growth of cyanobacteria. Plant Physiology, 172 (3). pp. 1928-1940. ISSN 0032-0889

Ermakova, Maria, Huokko, Tuomas, Richaud, Pierre, Bersanini, Luca, Howe, Christopher J, Lea-Smith, David, Peltier, Gilles and Allahverdiyeva, Yagut (2016) Distinguishing the roles of thylakoid respiratory terminal oxidases in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Plant Physiology. ISSN 0032-0889

Lea-Smith, David J., Biller, Steven J., Davey, Matthew P., Cotton, Charles A. R., Perez Sepulveda, Blanca M., Turchyn, Alexandra V., Scanlan, David J., Smith, Alison G., Chisholm, Sallie W. and Howe, Christopher J. (2015) Contribution of cyanobacterial alkane production to the ocean hydrocarbon cycle. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 112 (44). pp. 13591-13596. ISSN 0027-8424

Lea-Smith, David J., Bombelli, Paolo, Dennis, John S., Scott, Stuart A., Smith, Alison G. and Howe, Christopher J. (2014) Phycobilisome-Deficient Strains of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Have Reduced Size and Require Carbon-Limiting Conditions to Exhibit Enhanced Productivity. Plant Physiology, 165 (2). pp. 705-714. ISSN 0032-0889

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