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Jones, Philip D., Harpham, Colin and Lister, David (2015) Long-term trends in gale days and storminess for the Falkland Islands. International Journal of Climatology, 36 (3). pp. 1413-1427. ISSN 0899-8418

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Jones, P. D., Lister, D. H., Harpham, C., Rusticucci, M. and Penalba, O. (2013) Construction of a daily precipitation grid for southeastern South America for the period 1961-2000. International Journal of Climatology, 33 (11). pp. 2508-2519. ISSN 0899-8418

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Conference or Workshop Item

Pidgeon, JD, Jaggard, KW, Lister, DH, Richter, GM and Jones, PD (2003) Climatic impact on the productivity of sugar beet in Europe. In: Proc. 66th IIRB Congress, 2003-02-26 - 2003-03-01, San Antonio, Texas.

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