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Andrews, David (1983) Lasers give chemists a new vision. New Scientist, 100. pp. 105-107. ISSN 0262-4079

Andrews, David L. (1983) The theory of double-beam three-photon absorption. II. Polarization ratio analysis. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 78 (4). pp. 1731-1734. ISSN 0021-9606

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Hopayian, Kevork (1983) Battered women presenting in general practice. Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 33. pp. 506-507.

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Raper, Sarah (1983) Spring temperatures in the Antarctic, 1957-1983. Climate Monitor, 12. pp. 115-116.

Raper, Sarah (1983) Summer temperatures in the Antarctic, 1958-1983. Climate Monitor, 12. pp. 15-17.

Raper, Sarah (1983) Winter temperatures in the Antarctic, 1957-1953. Climate Monitor, 12. pp. 76-77.

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Book Section

Barker, Martin, Beezer, Anne and Grimshaw, Jean (1983) Methods for cultural studies students. In: Introduction to Contemporary Cultural Studies. Longman.

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Edwards, Paul (1983) Wyndham Lewis: An Ego and its Own. In: Wyndham Lewis: Drawings and Watercolours 1910 - 1920 (catalogue of an exhibition at the Anthony D'Offay Gallery, April - May, 1983. Anthony D'Offay Gallery, London. ISBN 9780950398983

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Street, John (1983) Work and Human Nature. In: Politics and Human Nature. Francis Pinter, pp. 131-45.


Seeley, Janet (1983) Pentecostalism and Social Concern: reflections on a Nairobi case study. Working Paper. Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi, Nairobi.

Conference or Workshop Item

Alexander, J (1983) The anatomy of a Middle Jurassic point bar. In: BSRG AGM, 2007-12-17 - 2007-12-18.

Morland, Leslie and Earle, E.N (1983) Correlation of shear behaviour of ice with bi-axial stress response. In: Seventh International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions, 1983-01-01, Finland.


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Summerfield, Geoffrey and Andrews, Richard (1983) Words: Bk. 2. Littlehampton Book Services Ltd.

Summerfield, Geoffrey and Andrews, Richard (1983) Words: Bk. 3. Littlehampton Book Services Ltd. ISBN 978-0304310364

Turner, RK (1983) Household Waste: Separate Collection Recycling. OECD, Paris.

Williamson, Tom and Bellamy, Liz (1983) Ley Lines in Question. World's Work, London. ISBN 0-437-19205-9

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