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Aiuppa, A., Franco, A. ORCID:, von Glasow, R., Allen, A. G., D'Alessandro, W., Mather, T. A., Pyle, D. M. and Valenza, M. (2007) The tropospheric processing of acidic gases and hydrogen sulphide in volcanic gas plumes as inferred from field and model investigations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7 (5). pp. 1441-1450.


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Greatbatch, Richard J., Zhai, Xiaoming, Eden, Carsten and Olbers, Dirk (2007) The possible role in the ocean heat budget of eddy-induced mixing due to air-sea interaction. Geophysical Research Letters, 34 (7). ISSN 0094-8276


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Keene, William C., Stutz, Jochen, Pszenny, Alexander A. P., Maben, John R., Fischer, Emily V., Smith, Allen M., von Glasow, Roland, Pechtl, Susanne, Sive, Barkley C. and Varner, Ruth K. (2007) Inorganic chlorine and bromine in coastal New England air during summer. Journal of Geophysical Research D: Atmospheres, 112 (10).


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Pechtl, S., Schmitz, G. and von Glasow, R. (2007) Modelling iodide - Iodate speciation in atmospheric aerosol: Contributions of inorganic and organic iodine chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7 (5). pp. 1381-1393.

Piot, M. and von Glasow, R. (2007) The potential importance of frost flowers, recycling on snow, and open leads for Ozone Depletion Events. pp. 4521-4595.

Pohl, Benjamin and Matthews, Adrian J. ORCID: (2007) Observed changes in the lifetime and amplitude of the Madden–Julian Oscillation associated with interannual ENSO sea surface temperature anomalies. Journal of Climate, 20 (11). pp. 2659-2674. ISSN 0894-8755


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Wagner, T, Ibrahim, O, Sinreich, R, Frie, U, von Glasow, R and Platt, U (2007) Enhanced tropospheric BrO over Antarctic sea ice in mid winter observed by MAX-DOAS on board the research vessel Polarstern. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7 (12). pp. 3129-3142.


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Zhai, Xiaoming, Greatbatch, Richard J. and Eden, Carsten (2007) Spreading of near-inertial energy in a 1/12° model of the North Atlantic Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, 34 (10). ISSN 0094-8276

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