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Alexander, J (2007) Cyclic steps and chutes and pools. In: BSRG Workshop on Hydraulic Jumps, 2007-12-16.

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Papadopoulos, Apostolos, Reid, Brian J. and Semple, Kirk T. (2007) Prediction of Microbial Accessibility of Carbon‐14‐Phenanthrene in Soil in the Presence of Pyrene or Benzo[a]pyrene using an Aqueous Cyclodextrin Extraction Technique. Journal of Environmental Quality, 36 (5). pp. 1385-1391. ISSN 1537-2537

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Susnik, J, Barclay, J, Alexander, J, Herd, R, Darnell, A and Crosweller, S (2007) Little and often or once in a while with a bang? Quantifying lahar hazard on Montserrat. In: VMSG 2007 AGM, 2007-01-01.

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