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Algara-Siller, Gerardo, Severin, Nikolai, Chong, Samantha Y., Björkman, Torbjörn, Palgrave, Robert G., Laybourn, Andrea, Antonietti, Markus, Khimyak, Yaroslav Z. ORCID:, Krasheninnikov, Arkady V., Rabe, Jürgen P., Kaiser, Ute, Cooper, Andrew I., Thomas, Arne and Bojdys, Michael J. (2014) Triazine-based graphitic carbon nitride: a two-dimensional semiconductor. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 53 (29). pp. 7450-7455. ISSN 1433-7851

Antonini, Lara V., Peregrina, José R., Angulo, Jesús ORCID:, Medina, Milagros and Nieto, Pedro M. (2014) A STD-NMR study of the interaction of the Anabaena ferredoxin-NAD reductase with the coenzyme. Molecules, 19 (1). pp. 672-685. ISSN 1420-3049


Bombelli, Francesca Baldelli, Webster, Carl A, Moncrieff, Marc and Sherwood, Victoria (2014) The scope of nanoparticle therapies for future metastatic melanoma treatment. The Lancet Oncology, 15 (1). e22-e32. ISSN 1470-2045


Cruz-Gallardo, Isabel, Aroca, Angeles, Gunzburg, Menachem J., Sivakumaran, Andrew, Yoon, Je-Hyun, Angulo, Jesus ORCID:, Persson, Cecilia, Karlsson, B. Göran and Diaz-Moreno, Irene (2014) The binding of TIA-1 to RNA C-rich sequences is driven by its C-terminal RRM domain. RNA Biology, 11 (6). pp. 766-776. ISSN 1547-6286


El-Gogary, Riham I., Rubio Carrero, Noelia, Wang, Julie Tzu-Wen, Al-Jamal, Wafa' T., Bourgognon, Maxime, Kafa, Houmam, Naeem, Muniba, Klippstein, Rebecca, Abbate, Vincenzo, Leroux, Frédéric, Bals, Sara, van Tendeloo, Gustaaf, Kamel, Amany O., Awad, Gehanne A. S., Mortada, Nahed D. and Al-Jamal, Khuloud T. (2014) Polyethylene glycol conjugated polymeric nanocapsules for targeted delivery of quercetin to folate-expressing cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. ACS Nano, 8 (2). 1384–1401. ISSN 1936-086X


Laybourn, Andrea, Dawson, Robert, Clowes, Rob, Hasell, Tom, Cooper, Andrew I., Khimyak, Yaroslav Z. ORCID: and Adams, Dave J. (2014) Network formation mechanisms in conjugated microporous polymers. Polymer Chemistry, 5 (21). pp. 6325-6333. ISSN 1759-9954


Martí-Gastaldo, Carlos, Antypov, Dmytro, Warren, John, Briggs, Michael, Chater, Philip A., Wiper, Paul V., Miller, Gordon J., Khimyak, Yaroslav ORCID:, Darling, George R., Berry, Neil G. and Rosseinsky, Matthew J. (2014) Sidechain control of porosity closure in multiple peptide-based porous materials by cooperative folding. Nature Chemistry, 6 (4). pp. 343-351. ISSN 1755-4330

Moffat, Jonathan G., Qi, Sheng ORCID: and Craig, Duncan Q. M. (2014) Spatial characterization of hot melt extruded dispersion systems using thermal atomic force microscopy methods: The effects of processing parameters on phase separation. Pharmaceutical Research, 31 (7). pp. 1744-1752. ISSN 0724-8741

Muñoz-García, Juan C., Garcia-Jimenez, Maria Jose, Carrero, Paula, Canales, Angeles, Jimenez-Barbero, Jesus, Martin-Lomas, Manuel, Imberty, Anne, De Paz, José-luis, Angulo, Jesus ORCID:, Lortat-Jacob, Hugues and Nieto, Pedro M. (2014) Importance of the polarity of the glycosaminoglycan chain on the interaction with Fgf-1. Glycobiology, 24 (11). pp. 1004-1009. ISSN 0959-6658


Pina, M. Fátima, Zhao, Min, Pinto, João F., Sousa, João J., Frampton, Christopher S., Diaz, Victor, Suleiman, Osama, Fábián, László and Craig, Duncan Q. M. (2014) An investigation into the dehydration behavior of paroxetine HCl form I using a combination of thermal and diffraction methods: The identification and characterization of a new anhydrous form. Crystal Growth & Design, 14 (8). pp. 3774-3782. ISSN 1528-7483


Qi, Sheng ORCID:, Moffat, Jonathan, Craig, Duncan, Yang, Ziyi, Nollenberger, Kathrin and Albers, Jessica (2014) The effect of processing on the surface physical stability of amorphous solid dispersions. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 88 (3). 897–908. ISSN 0939-6411

Qi, Sheng ORCID:, Yang, Ziyi, McAuley, William and Tipduangta, Pratchaya (2014) Physical stabilization of low-molecular-weight amorphous drugs in the solid state: a material science approach. Therapeutic Delivery, 5 (7). ISSN 2041-5990


Sherwood, Victoria, Di Silvio, Desire and Baldelli Bombelli, Francesca (2014) Nanoscopic Agents in a Physiological Environment: The Importance of Understanding Their Characteristics. In: Personalized Medicine with a Nanochemistry Twist. Topics in Medicinal Chemistry . Springer, pp. 29-54. ISBN 978-3-319-33544-5

Sicilia, Giovanna, Grainger-Boultby, Christine, Francini, Nora, Magnusson, Johannes P., Saeed, Aram O. ORCID:, Fernández-trillo, Francisco, Spain, Sebastian G. and Alexander, Cameron (2014) Programmable polymer-DNA hydrogels with dual input and multiscale responses. Biomaterials Science, 2. pp. 203-211. ISSN 2047-4830


Yang, Ziyi, Nollenberger, Kathrin, Albers, Jessica and Qi, Sheng ORCID: (2014) Molecular implications of drug-polymer solubility in understanding the destabilization of solid dispersions by milling. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 11 (7). 2453–2465. ISSN 1543-8384

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