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Czabarka, E, Erdős, P L, Johnson, V and Moulton, V ORCID: (2013) Generating functions for multi-labeled trees. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 161 (1-2). pp. 107-117. ISSN 0166-218X


Dress, A., Moulton, Vincent ORCID:, Wu, Taoyang ORCID: and Spillner, A. (2013) Obtaining splits from cut sets of tight spans. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 161 (10-11). pp. 1409-1420. ISSN 0166-218X


Grünewald, Stefan, Spillner, Andreas, Bastkowski, Sarah, Bögershausen, Anja and Moulton, Vincent ORCID: (2013) SuperQ:computing supernetworks from quartets. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 10 (1). pp. 151-60. ISSN 1557-9964


Hellmuth, Marc, Hernandez-Rosales, Maribel, Huber, Katharina T., Moulton, Vincent ORCID:, Stadler, Peter F. and Wieseke, Nicolas (2013) Orthology relations, symbolic ultrametrics and cographs. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 66 (1-2). pp. 399-420.

Herrmann, Sven, Moulton, Vincent ORCID: and Spillner, Andreas (2013) Searching for realizations of finite metric spaces in tight spans. Discrete Optimization, 10 (4). pp. 310-319. ISSN 1572-5286

Huber, K. T. and Moulton, V. ORCID: (2013) Encoding and constructing 1-nested phylogenetic networks with trinets. Algorithmica, 66 (3). pp. 714-738. ISSN 0178-4617


Ji, Yinqiu, Ashton, Louise, Pedley, Scott M., Edwards, David P., Tang, Yong, Nakamura, Akihiro, Kitching, Roger, Dolman, Paul M. ORCID:, Woodcock, Paul, Edwards, Felicity A., Larsen, Trond H., Hsu, Wayne W., Benedick, Suzan, Hamer, Keith C., Wilcove, David S., Bruce, Catharine, Wang, Xiaoyang, Levi, Taal, Lott, Martin, Emerson, Brent C. and Yu, Douglas W. (2013) Reliable, verifiable, and efficient monitoring of biodiversity via metabarcoding. Ecology Letters, 16 (10). 1245–1257. ISSN 1461-0248


Liu, Hanruo, Smith, Andrew J. O., Lott, Martin C., Bao, Yongping ORCID:, Bowater, Richard P. ORCID:, Reddan, John R. and Wormstone, Ian Michael ORCID: (2013) Sulforaphane can protect lens cells against oxidative stress: Implications for cataract prevention. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 54 (8). pp. 5236-5248. ISSN 0146-0404


Mapleson, Daniel, Moxon, Simon ORCID:, Dalmay, Tamas ORCID: and Moulton, Vincent ORCID: (2013) MirPlex:a tool for identifying miRNAs in high-throughput sRNA datasets without a genome. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution, 320 (1). pp. 47-56. ISSN 1552-5015

Mohorianu, Irina-Ioana, Stocks, Matthew Benedict, Wood, John, Dalmay, Tamas ORCID: and Moulton, Vincent ORCID: (2013) CoLIde: A bioinformatics tool for CO-expression-based small RNA Loci Identification using high-throughput sequencing data. RNA Biology, 10 (7). pp. 1221-1230. ISSN 1547-6286


Toseland, A., Daines, S. J., Clark, J. R., Kirkham, Amy, Strauss, J., Uhlig, C., Lenton, T. M., Valentin, K., Pearson, G. A., Moulton, V. ORCID: and Mock, T. ORCID: (2013) The impact of temperature on marine phytoplankton resource allocation and metabolism. Nature Climate Change, 3 (11). pp. 979-984. ISSN 1758-678X


Woodhams, Michael, Steane, Dorothy A., Jones, Rebecca C., Nicolle, Dean, Moulton, V. ORCID: and Holland, Barbara R. (2013) Novel distances for Dollo data. Systematic Biology, 62 (1). pp. 62-77. ISSN 1063-5157

Woolfenden, H.C., Gates, A.J. ORCID:, Bocking, C., Blyth, M.G., Richardson, D.J. ORCID: and Moulton, V. ORCID: (2013) Modeling the effect of copper availability on bacterial denitrification. MicrobiologyOpen, 2 (5). pp. 756-765. ISSN 2045-8827

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