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Barrow, Sarah (2010) Transnational Financial Structures in the Cinema of Latin America: Programa Ibermedia in Study, Libia Villazana (2009). Transnational Cinemas. pp. 101-102. ISSN 2040-3526

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Cornea, Christine (2010) Genre and Performance: Film and Television. Manchester University Press. ISBN 9780719079801


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Hamad, Hannah (2010) ‘Hollywood's hot dads’:tabloid, reality and scandal discourses of celebrity post-feminist fatherhood. Celebrity Studies, 1 (2). pp. 151-169. ISSN 1939-2397

Hamad, Hannah (2010) Postfeminist Primary Colors: Coding Feminities in Media Culture. Flow, 11 (11).

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Thofner, Margit, Heslop, Sandy, Davies, John and Moore, Andrew (2010) The Art of Faith:3500 Years of Art and Belief in Norfolk. [Show/Exhibition]


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Wright, Tom F. (2010) The results of locomotion: Bayard Taylor and the travel lecture in the mid-nineteenth-century United States. Studies in Travel Writing, 14 (2). ISSN 1755-7550

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