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Hatte, Prafulla and Bhalerao, Yogesh (2021) Prediction of ethanol-gasoline blend fuelled spark ignition engine performance using dimensional analysis. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. ISSN 1556-7230

Kothmire, Pramod P., Bhalerao, Yogesh J. and Thaokar, Rochish M. (2020) Experimental studies on the effect of electrostatic boundary conditions and frequency on the performance of a trigrid electrostatic coalescer. Journal of Electrostatics, 108. ISSN 0304-3886

Ghalme, Sachin, Koinkar, Pankaj and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2020) Effect of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) nanoparticles addition into lubricating oil on tribological performance. Tribology in Industry, 42 (3). pp. 494-502. ISSN 0354-8996

Ruhatiya, Chaitanya, Shaosen, Su, Wang, Chin‐Tsan, Jishnu, A. K. and Bhalerao, Yogesh (2020) Optimization of process conditions for maximum metal recovery from spent zinc‐manganese Batteries: Illustration of Statistical based Automated Neural Network approach. Energy Storage Materials, 2 (3). ISSN 2578-4862

Dnyandev Patil, Sagar and Bhalerao, Yogesh J. (2020) Multi-objective optimization of carbon/glass hybrid composites with newly developed resin (NDR) using gray relational analysis. Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures, 16 (6). pp. 1709-1729. ISSN 1573-6105

Garg, Akhil, Ruhatiya, C., Cui, Xujian, Peng, Xiongbin, Bhalerao, Yogesh and Gao, Liang (2020) A Novel Approach for Enhancing Thermal Performance of Battery Modules Based on Finite Element Modeling and Predictive Modeling Mechanism. Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 17 (2). ISSN 2381-6872

Patil, Sagar Dnyandev, Bhalerao, Yogesh J. and Takale, Adik (2020) Optimization of design variables for carbon/glass hybrid composites laminates using the Taguchi Technique. World Journal of Engineering, 17 (2). pp. 309-323. ISSN 1708-5284

Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2020) Experimental studies on the performance and analysis of an electrostatic coalescer under different electrostatic boundary conditions. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 154. pp. 273-282. ISSN 0263-8762

Hase, Vaibhav J., Bhalerao, Yogesh J., Verma, Saurabh and Patil, G.j. Vikhe (2020) Intelligent systems for volumetric feature recognition from CAD mesh models. International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, 7 (1/2/3). pp. 267-278. ISSN 1745-3232

Patil, Sagar Dnyandev and Bhalerao, Yogesh J. (2019) Optimization of dynamic properties of hybrid composite shaft with newly developed resin (NDR) using grey relational analysis. International Journal of Structural Integrity, 11 (2). pp. 248-263.

Ghalme, S., Mankar, A. and Bhalerao, Y. (2019) Integrated Taguchi-simulated annealing (SA) approach for analyzing wear behaviour of silicon nitride. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 15. pp. 624-632. ISSN 1665-6423

Garg, Akhil, Yun, Liu, Shaosen, Su, Goyal, Ankit, Niu, Xiaodong, Gao, Liang, Bhalerao, Yogesh and Panda, Biranchi (2019) A combined experimental-numerical framework for residual energy determination in spent lithium-ion battery packs. International Journal of Energy Research, 43 (9). pp. 4390-4402. ISSN 1099-114X

Nagarkar, Mahesh P., El-Gohary, M. A., Bhalerao, Yogesh J., Vikhe Patil, Gahininath J. and Zaware Patil, Rahul N. (2019) Artificial neural network predication and validation of optimum suspension parameters of a passive suspension system. Applied Sciences, 1 (6). ISSN 2523-3963

Bora, S., Bhalerao, Y., Goyal, A., Chakrabarti, D., Chen, D., Bao, N., Niu, X. and Garg, A. (2019) Computation of safety design indexes of industry vehicle operators based on the reach angle, the distance from elbow to ground and the popliteal height. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 71 (2019). pp. 155-164. ISSN 0169-8141

Hatte, P. and Bhalerao, Y. (2019) Influence of ethanol-gasoline fuel fractions on variable compression ratio engine. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8 (3). pp. 2929-2936.

Patil, Sanjay Shankar and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2019) Application of NSGA-II for optimisation of cylindrical plunge grinding process parameters. International Journal of Abrasive Technology, 9 (4). pp. 319-329. ISSN 1752-2641

Nagarkar, M., Bhalerao, Y., Patil, G.V. and Patil, R.Z. (2018) Multi-Objective Optimization of Nonlinear Quarter Car Suspension System - PID and LQR Control. Procedia Manufacturing, 20. pp. 420-427.

Nagarkar, Mahesh P., Bhalerao, Yogesh J., Vikhe Patil, Gahininath J. and Zaware Patil, Rahul N. (2018) GA-based multi-objective optimization of active nonlinear quarter car suspension system—PID and fuzzy logic control. International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 13. ISSN 1823-0334

Ghalme, S., Mankar, A. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2017) Wear performance optimization of Silicon Nitride using Genetic and simulated annealing algorithm. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 12 (12). pp. 3120-3135. ISSN 1791-9320

Ghalme, S. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2017) Application of nanoparticles as additive for lubricant nano-materials in tribology. Recent Patents on Materials Science, 10 (2). pp. 88-96. ISSN 1874-4656

Ghalme, Sachin, Mankar, Ankush and Bhalerao, Y. J. (2016) Optimization of wear loss in silicon nitride (Si3N4)–hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) composite using DoE–Taguchi method. SpringerPlus, 5. ISSN 2193-1801

Ghalme, S., Mankar, A. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2016) Parameter optimization in milling of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) using DOE-Taguchi method. SpringerPlus, 5. ISSN 2193-1801

Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2016) Modeling of Wear Performance of Si3N4-hBN Composite Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Artificial Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning, 8 (2). pp. 57-61.

Ghalme, Sachin G., Mankar, Ankush and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2016) Biomaterials in hip joint replacement. IARC Sci Publ, 4 (2). pp. 113-125.

Vijayaraghavan, Venkatesh, Garg, Akhil, Wong, Chee How, Tai, Kang and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2013) Predicting the mechanical characteristics of hydrogen functionalized graphene sheets using artificial neural network approach. Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, 3. ISSN 2193-8865

Garg, A., Bhalerao, Y. and Tai, K. (2013) Review of empirical modelling techniques for modelling of turning process. International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control, 20 (2). ISSN 1746-6180

Ghalme, S.G., Mankar, A. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2013) Effect of lubricant viscosity and surface roughness on coefficient of friction in rolling contact. Tribology in Industry, 35 (4). pp. 330-336. ISSN 2217-7965

Ghalme, Sachin Ganpatrao, Mankar, Ankush and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2013) Life Models in Rolling Contact Fatigue. Transaction of Control and Mechanical Systems, 2 (10). pp. 380-384.

Book Section

Hase, Vaibhav J., Bhalerao, Yogesh J., Nagarkar, Mahesh P. and Jadhav, Sandip N. (2021) Quantitative Performance Analysis of Hybrid Mesh Segmentation. In: 2nd EAI International Conference on Big Data Innovation for Sustainable Cognitive Computing, BDCC 2019. EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing . Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, IND, pp. 115-141. ISBN 9783030475598

Hase, Vaibhav J., Bhalerao, Yogesh J., Patil, G. J. Vikhe and Nagarkar, Mahesh P. (2020) Intelligent Threshold Prediction for Hybrid Mesh Segmentation Through Artificial Neural Network. In: Computing in Engineering and Technology. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing . Springer, pp. 889-899. ISBN 978-981-32-9514-8

Deo, Saurabh, Hölttä-Otto, Katja, Bhalerao, Yogesh and Malge, Abhijeet (2019) Engineering design concept generation: The effect of concept combination and classification. In: Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-0-7918-5921-6

Shinde, Pranita, Kothmire, Pramod and Bhalerao, Yogesh Jayant (2019) CFD Investigation on Fluid Flow Analysis in Fluid Separator. In: Techno-Societal 2018. Springer, Cham. ISBN 978-3-030-16961-9

Hase, V.J., Bhalerao, Y.J., Verma, S. and Vikhe, G.J. (2019) Blend recognition from CAD mesh models using pattern matching. In: AIP Conference Proceedings. UNSPECIFIED.

Ghalme, S., Mankar, A., Bhalerao, Y. and Patil, M. (2018) Integrated Taguchi-artificial neural network approach for modeling and optimization of wear performance of Si 3 N 4 -hBN composite. In: AIP Conference Proceedings. UNSPECIFIED.

Verma, V.L., Tungikar, V.B., Bhalerao, Y.J. and Rajak, D.K. (2018) Preface: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mechanical & Materials Science Engineering: Innovation and Research-2018 (ICMMSE:IR 2018). In: AIP Conference Proceedings. UNSPECIFIED.

Patil, S.S. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2017) Ranking of vitrified grinding wheel parameters by using analytical hierarchical process (AHP) for surface roughness of work piece in grinding operation. In: 2017 International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Industrial, Automation and Management Systems, AMIAMS 2017 - Proceedings. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-1-5090-5675-0

Patil, S.S. and Bhalerao, Y.J. (2017) Selection of Levels of Dressing Process Parameters by Using TOPSIS Technique for Surface Roughness of En-31 Work piece in CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. UNSPECIFIED.

Bhalerao, Y.J. and Kajale, S.R. (2007) Thermal analysis of surface grinding process by using design of experiments (Part-1). In: Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. UNSPECIFIED.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hatte, Prafulla and Bhalerao, Yogesh (2020) Application of Computational Tools for Performance Prediction of Gasoline Engine Fuelled with Ethanol Gasoline Fuel Fractions. In: 2019 5th International Conference On Computing, Communication, Control And Automation (ICCUBEA), 2019-09-19 - 2019-09-21, Pune, India.


Hase, V.J., Bhalerao, Y.J., Verma, S. and Wakchaure, V.D. (2020) Automatic Interacting Hole Suppression from CAD Mesh Models. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing . Springer Singapore. ISBN 978-981-32-9514-8

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