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Edmunds, Kelly L., Bowater, Laura, Brainard, Julii, De Coriolis, Jean‐Charles, Lake, Iain, Malik, Rimsha R., Newark, Lorraine, Ward, Neil, Yeoman, Kay and Hunter, Paul R. (2021) The COVID University Challenge: A Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points Assessment of the Return of Students to Higher Education Establishments. Risk Analysis. ISSN 0272-4332

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Book Section

Bowater, Laura and Gibson, Sandra (2013) Changing demographics of the medical profession. In: The Changing Roles of Doctors. Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, London, p. 101. ISBN 13: 978 184619 991 2

Piercy, James, Yeoman, Kay and Bowater, Laura (2012) Science Communication - A Practical Guide for Scientists. In: Science Communication - A Practical Guide for Scientists. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-1-119-99313-1

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Bowater, Laura (2011) Enhancing your research. Working Paper. RCUK, What Is In It For Me? The benefits of public engagement for researchers..

Conference or Workshop Item

Hubble, Dominique and Bowater, Laura (2015) Maximising success::Facilitating the academic, professional, social and emotional transition of students into medical school and through the first year. In: Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) Annual Scientific Meeting, 2005-01-01.

Bowater, Laura and Rodrigues, Veena (2014) Blending social media with medical education. In: NET 2014, 2014-09-02 - 2014-09-04, UK.

Bowater, Laura (2009) Brooking no excuses: university staff and students are encouraged to develop their engagement. In: 4th Annual Science and the Public Conference, 2009-06-13 - 2009-06-14.


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Bowater, Laura and Yeoman, Kay (2013) Science Communication - A Practical Guide for Scientists. Wiley, Oxford. ISBN 978-1-119-99312-4


Bowater, Laura (2013) Are we getting the message right?:The focus on antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance at the Society's Spring Conference 2013 could not have been more timely.... Society for General Microbiology.

Bowater, Laura, Yeoman, Kay, , Future Radio and , Universtity of East Anglia (2009) Charles Darwin Series. Future radio, Future radio website.

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