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Alban, John (2022) Sir John Fastolf's Motto and Badge. Paston Footprints Project, Norwich.

Alban, John (2021) Drayton Lodge. Paston Footprints Project, Norwich.

Alban, John (2020) A little-known and controversial dispute of arms: An element in the pedigree of the Barons Burghley of Stamford. Northamptonshire Past and Present, 73.

Alban, John (2020) The Lost Heraldry on the Bernak Tomb in St Remigius’s Church, Hethersett. The Norfolk Standard, 3rd series, 5 (part 7). pp. 2-7.

Alban, John (2020) The Three Nights' Blitz:Select Contemporary Reports relating to Swansea's Air Raids of February 1941. Studies in Swansea's History. West Glamorgan Archive Service, Swansea. ISBN 0 946001 25 1

Alban, John (2019) Benefactors Great and Small:Late Medieval Wills relating to Burnham Norton Friary. In: Burnham Norton Friary: Perspectives on the Carmelites in Norfolk. Oldakre Press, Norwich, pp. 155-174. ISBN 978 1 9162869 0 0

Alban, John (2019) Norfolk Soldiers Serving in the Count of Holland’s Friesland Campaign of 1396. Norfolk Archaeology, 48 (2). pp. 205-217.

Rawcliffe, Carole and Alban, John (2018) Nicholas Parker of Honing: A Fifteenth-Century Gentleman. Norfolk Archaeology, 48 (1). pp. 67-82.

Alban, John (2017) A Coat of Arms on an early Sixteenth-Century Firearm. The Norfolk Standard, 3rd series, vol. 4 (part 12). pp. 202-206.

Alban, John (2017) Defensive Officials and Defensive Levies in Fourteenth-Century Muster Rolls: an East Anglian Perspective. In: ‘A Verray Parfit Praktisour’. Essays Presented to Carole Rawcliffe. Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge, pp. 51-84. ISBN 9781783271801

Alban, John (2017) Sir Ralph Shelton’s Indenture for Military Service on the Bishop of Norwich’s Crusade, 1383. Norfolk Archaeology, 47 (4). pp. 465-478.

Alban, John (2017) The Wymondham Market Charter of 1440 and Ralph, Lord Cromwell. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 26. pp. 24-34.

Alban, John (2016) Thomas Howard’s Military Indenture for the French Campaign of 1475. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 25. pp. 25-35.

Alban, John (2015) The Last Will of Hamon Le Strange, Esquire, a Norfolk Combatant at Agincourt. Norfolk Archaeology, 47 (2). pp. 256-263.

Alban, John (2014) Sources in the Norfolk Record Office which relate to the History of Norfolk and the Low Countries. Dutch Crossing, 38 (2). 101–115. ISSN 0309-6564

Alban, John (2014) An East Anglian Knight’s Indenture for Military Service at Sea, 1388. Norfolk Archaeology, 47 (1). pp. 1-12.

Alban, John (2013) Royal Livery Colours and Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Sealing Cords in Norfolk Archives. The Norfolk Standard, 3rd series, 3 (16). pp. 731-736.

Alban, John (2013) A Fifteenth-Century Paston Letter in the Norfolk Record Office. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 22. pp. 20-24.

Alban, John (2012) An Armorial Seal of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, 1481. The Norfolk Standard, 3rd series, 3 (12). pp. 646-649.

Alban, John (2012) Norfolk in the Invasion Crisis of 1385-6. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 21. pp. 41-51.

Alban, John (2012) The Will of a Norfolk Soldier at Bosworth. The Ricardian. The Journal of the Richard III Society, 22. pp. 1-7.

Alban, John (2005) A Fourteenth-Century Array in Norfolk:Presidential Address. Annual Bulletin of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group, 14. pp. 3-17.

Alban, John (2004) Records relating to the Low Countries in the Norfolk Record Office. Association for Low Countries Studies Newsletter, 6 (6). pp. 7-11.

Alban, John (2003) What's in a Name? Robert de Monthaut, 1274-1329. The Quarterly, 50. pp. 3-9.

Alban, John (2002) Early Fourteenth-Century Coastal Watches in Norfolk. The Quarterly, 48. pp. 3-9.

Alban, John and Thomas, W.S. Kenneth (1993) Charters of the Borough of Brecon, 1276-1517. Brycheiniog, 35. pp. 31-55.

Alban, John (1981) English Coastal Defence: some Fourteenth Century Modifications within the System. In: Patronage, the Crown, and the Provinces in Later Medieval England. Alan Sutton, Gloucester, pp. 57-78. ISBN 978-0904387452

Alban, John (1978) The Impressment of two Ships at Swansea for the Defence of South Wales, 1335. Gower. The Journal of the Gower Society, 29. pp. 67-71.

Alban, John and Allmand, Christopher Thomas (1976) Spies and Spying in the Fourteenth Century. In: War, Literature, and Politics in the Late Middle Ages. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 73-101. ISBN 978-0853232735

Alban, John (1974) Une Révolte des Prisonniers de Guerre Anglais à Saint-Omer au XIVe Siècle.:La Date de deux Documents conservés aux Archives du Pas de Calais. Bulletin de la Société Académique des Antiquaires de la Morinie, 22. pp. 161-80.

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