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Monteiro, Januario, Malagueño, Ricardo, Lunkes, Rogerio and Andrade dos Santos, Edicreia (2022) The effectiveness of value- and calculation-based management controls in hotels. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 102. ISSN 0278-4319

Gomez-Conde, Jacobo, Lopez-Valeiras, Ernesto, Malagueño, Ricardo and Tiomatsu Oyadomari, José Carlos (2022) Quality of performance metrics, informal peer monitoring, and goal commitment. Accounting and Finance. ISSN 0810-5391

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Alsahali, Kholod and Malagueño, Ricardo (2021) An empirical study of sustainability reporting assurance: Current trends and new insights. Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change. ISSN 1832-5912

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Malagueño, Ricardo, Pillalamarri, Sudarshan, Rezende, Amaury José and Botelho da Costa Moraes, Marcelo (2019) The effects of length of service and ethical ideologies on moral development and behavioral intentions: a study among Brazilian public sector tax auditors. Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 21 (4). pp. 589-613. ISSN 0967-5426

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Book Section

Graña-Álvarez, Roberto, Lopez-Valeiras, Ernesto, González-Loureiro, Miguel, Malagueño, Ricardo and Coronado, Freddy (2021) Alfabetización financiera del emprendedor, innovación y rendimiento en empresas incubadas. In: Cinco estudios sobre educación financiera en España.


Graña-Álvarez, Roberto, Lopez-Valeiras, Ernesto, González-Loureiro, Miguel, Coronado, Freddy and Malagueño, Ricardo (2021) Alfabetización financiera en empresas incubadas y sus implicaciones organizativas. FUNCAS. ISBN 978-84-17609-50-4

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