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Lankford, Bruce, Pringle, Catherine, McCosh, Jon, Shabalala, Mlungisi, Hess, Tim and Knox, Jerry W. (2023) Irrigation area, efficiency and water storage mediate the drought resilience of irrigated agriculture in a semi-arid catchment. Science of the Total Environment, 859 (Part 2). ISSN 0048-9697

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Book Section

van der Kooij, Saskia, Kuper, Marcel, de Fraiture, Charlotte, Lankford, Bruce and Zwarteveen, Margreet (2017) Re-allocating yet-to-be-saved water in irrigation modernization projects:The case of the Bittit Irrigation System, Morocco. In: Drip Irrigation for Agriculture. Taylor and Francis, pp. 68-84. ISBN 9781138687073

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Conference or Workshop Item

Kadigi, R.M.J., Mdoe, N.S., Lankford, B. and Moradet, S. (2005) The value of water for irrigated rice and hydropower generation in the Great Ruaha, Tanzania. In: East Africa “Integrated River Basin Management” Conference, 2005-03-07 - 2005-03-09, ICE Hall, Sokoine University of Agriculture.

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