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Prior, Christopher, Webster, Lee R., Ibrahim, Saad K., Wright, Joseph A., Alghamdi, Ali F., Oganesyan, Vasily S. and Pickett, Christopher J. (2016) EPR detection and characterisation of a paramagnetic Mo(III) dihydride intermediate involved in electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Dalton Transactions, 45 (6). pp. 2399-2403. ISSN 1477-9226

Kaur, Amandeep, Ibrahim, Saad, Pickett, Christopher, Michie, Iain, Dinsdale, Richard, Guwy, Alan and Premier, Guiliano (2014) Anode modification to improve the performance of a microbial fuel cell volatile fatty acid biosensor. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 201. pp. 266-273.

Alenezi, Khalaf, Ibrahim, Saad, Li, Peiyi and Pickett, Christopher (2013) Solar Fuels: Photoelectrosynthesis of CO from CO2 at p-Type Si using Fe Porphyrin Electrocatalysts. Chemistry - A European Journal, 19 (40). pp. 13522-13527. ISSN 0947-6539

Turrell, Peter J., Hill, Amanda D., Ibrahim, Saad K., Wright, Joseph. A. and Pickett, Christopher J. (2013) Ferracyclic carbamoyl complexes related to the active site of [Fe]-hydrogenase. Dalton Transactions, 42 (22). pp. 8140-8146. ISSN 1477-9226

Webster, Lee R., Ibrahim, Saad K., Wright, Joseph A. and Pickett, Christopher J. (2012) Solar Fuels: Visible-Light-Driven Generation of Dihydrogen at p-Type Silicon Electrocatalysed by Molybdenum Hydrides. Chemistry - A European Journal, 18 (37). pp. 11798-11803. ISSN 0947-6539

Li, Peiyi, Alenezi, Khalaf, Ibrahim, Saad K., Wright, Joseph A., Hughes, David L. and Pickett, Christopher J. (2012) Towards Alternatives to Anodic Water Oxidation: Basket-Handle Thiolate FeIII Porphyrins for Electrocatalytic Hydrocarbon Oxidation. ChemSusChem, 5 (12). pp. 2361-2375. ISSN 1864-564X

Jablonskytė, Aušra, Wright, Joseph A., Fairhurst, Shirley A., Peck, Jamie N. T., Ibrahim, Saad K., Oganesyan, Vasily S. and Pickett, Christopher J. (2011) Paramagnetic Bridging Hydrides of Relevance to Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution at Metallosulfur Centers. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (46). pp. 18606-18609. ISSN 0002-7863

Wright, Joseph A, Webster, Lee, Jablonskytė, Aušra, Woi, Pei Meng, Ibrahim, Saad and Pickett, Christopher J (2011) Protonation of [FeFe]-hydrogenase sub-site analogues: revealing mechanism using FTIR stopped-flow techniques. Faraday Discussions, 148. p. 359.

Nann, Thomas, Ibrahim, Saad K., Woi, Pei-Meng, Xu, Shu, Ziegler, Jan and Pickett, Christopher J. (2010) Water Splitting by Visible Light: A Nanophotocathode for Hydrogen Production. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49 (9). pp. 1574-1577. ISSN 1433-7851

Bonner, GM, Ridley, AR, Ibrahim, S, Pickett, CJ and Hunt, N (2010) Probing the effect of the solution environment on the vibrational dynamics of an enzyme model system with ultrafast 2D-IR spectroscopy. Faraday Discussions, 145. pp. 429-442.

Ibrahim, Saad, Woi, Pei Meng, Alias, Yatimah and Pickett, Christopher (2010) Artificial hydrogenases: assembly of an H-cluster analogue within a functionalised poly(pyrrole) matrix. Chemical Communications, 46 (43). pp. 8189-8191. ISSN 1364-548X

Borg, Stacey J., Ibrahim, Saad, Pickett, Christopher and Best, Stephen P. (2008) Electrocatalysis of hydrogen evolution by synthetic diiron units using weak acids as the proton source: Pathways of doubtful relevance to enzymic catalysis by the diiron subsite of [FeFe] hydrogenase. Comptes Rendus Chimie, 11 (8). pp. 852-860. ISSN 1878-1543

Stewart, A. I., Clark, I. P., Towrie, M., Ibrahim, Saad, Parker, A. W., Pickett, Christopher and Hunt, Neil (2008) Structure and Vibrational Dynamics of Model Compounds of the [FeFe]−Hydrogenase Enzyme System via Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 112 (32). pp. 10023-10032.

Xu, Fenfen, Tard, Cédric, Wang, Xiufeng, Ibrahim, Saad, Hughes, David, Zhong, Wei, Zeng, Xirui, Luo, Qiuyan, Liu, Xiaoming and Pickett, Christopher (2008) Controlling carbon monoxide binding at di-iron units related to the iron-only hydrogenase sub-site. Chemical Communications (5). p. 606. ISSN 1364-548X

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