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Kelwick, Richard, Wagstaff, Laura, Decock, Julie, Roghi, Christian, Cooley, Lindsay S., Robinson, Stephen D., Arnold, Hugh, Gavrilovic, Jelena, Jaworski, Diane M., Yamamoto, Kazuhiro, Nagase, Hideaki, Seubert, Bastian, Krüger, Achim and Edwards, Dylan R. (2015) Metalloproteinase-dependent and -independent processes contribute to inhibition of breast cancer cell migration, angiogenesis and liver metastasis by a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs-15:ADAMTS-15 Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Migration. International Journal of Cancer, 136 (4). E14–E26. ISSN 0020-7136

Decock, Julie, Thirkettle, Sally, Wagstaff, Laura and Edwards, Dylan R. (2011) Matrix metalloproteinases: protective roles in cancer. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 15 (6). pp. 1254-1265. ISSN 1582-4934

Wagstaff, Laura, Kelwick, Richard, Decock, Julie and Edwards, Dylan R. (2011) The roles of ADAMTS metalloproteinases in tumorigenesis and metastasis. Frontiers in Bioscience, 16 (1). pp. 1861-1872.

Ravenhill, Lorna, Wagstaff, Laura, Edwards, Dylan R., Ellis, Vincent and Bass, Rosemary (2010) G-helix of Maspin Mediates Effects on Cell Migration and Adhesion. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (47). pp. 36285-36292. ISSN 0021-9258

Bass, Rosemary, Wagstaff, Laura, Ravenhill, Lorna and Ellis, Vincent (2009) Binding of Extracellular Maspin to 1 Integrins Inhibits Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284 (40). pp. 27712-27720. ISSN 0021-9258

Sweetman, Dylan, Wagstaff, Laura, Cooper, Oliver, Weijer, Cornelis and Munsterberg, Andrea (2008) The migration of paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm cells emerging from the late primitive streak is controlled by different Wnt signals. BMC Developmental Biology, 8. ISSN 1471-213X

Cooper, Oliver, Sweetman, Dylan, Wagstaff, Laura and Munsterberg, Andrea (2008) Expression of avian prickle genes during early development and organogenesis. Developmental Dynamics, 237 (5). pp. 1442-1448. ISSN 1097-0177

Wagstaff, Laura J., Bellett, Gemma, Mogensen, Mette M. and Munsterberg, Andrea (2008) Multicellular rosette formation during cell ingression in the avian primitive streak. Developmental Dynamics, 237. pp. 91-96. ISSN 1097-0177

Yue, Qiaoyun, Wagstaff, Laura, Yang, Xuesong, Weijer, Cornelis and Munsterberg, Andrea (2008) Wnt3a mediated chemorepulsion controls movement patterns of cardiac progenitors and requires RhoA function. Development, 135. pp. 1029-1037. ISSN 1477-9129

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