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Blaker, Adam, Joshi, Manoj ORCID:, Sinha, Bablu, Stevens, David ORCID:, Smith, Robin and Hirschi, Joel (2021) FORTE 2.0: a fast, parallel and flexible coupled climate model. Geoscientific Model Development, 14 (1). pp. 275-293. ISSN 1991-9603

Bueno-Sancho, Vanessa, Orton, Elizabeth S., Gerrity, Morgan, Lewis, Clare M., Davey, Phoebe, Findlay, Kim C., Barclay, Elaine, Robinson, Phil, Morris, Richard J., Blyth, Mark and Saunders, Diane G. O. (2021) Aeciospore ejection in the rust pathogen Puccinia graminis is driven by moisture ingress. Communications Biology, 4. ISSN 2399-3642


Carpenter, Lucy J., Chance, Rosie J., Sherwen, Tomás, Ball, Stephen M., Evans, Mat J., Hepach, Helmke, Hollis, Lloyd D. J., Jickells, Timothy D., Mahajan, Anoop, Stevens, David P. ORCID:, Tinel, Liselotte and Wadley, Martin R. (2021) Marine iodine emissions in a changing world. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 477 (2247). ISSN 1364-5021

Champougny, Lorène, Scheid, Benoit, Korobkin, Alexander A. ORCID: and Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Javier (2021) Dip-coating flow in the presence of two immiscible liquids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 922. ISSN 0022-1120

Cooker, Mark (2021) Johannes Kepler and his making of the Rudolphine Tables. The Mathematical Gazette, 105 (564). pp. 425-432. ISSN 0025-5572


Dedner, Andreas, Giesselmann, Jan, Pryer, Tristan and Ryan, Jennifer K. (2021) Residual estimates for post-processors in elliptic problems. Journal of Scientific Computing, 88 (2). ISSN 0885-7474

Dinvay, Evgueni, Kalisch, Henrik and Parau, Emilian ORCID: (2021) Fully Dispersive Models for Flexural-Gravity Wave. In: Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice. UNSPECIFIED.


Hughes, Claire, Barton, Eleanor, Hepach, Helmke, Chance, Rosie, Pickering, Matthew D., Hogg, Karen, Pommerening-Röser, Andreas, Wadley, Martin R., Stevens, David P. ORCID: and Jickells, Tim D. (2021) Oxidation of iodide to iodate by cultures of marine ammonia-oxidising bacteria. Marine Chemistry, 234. ISSN 0304-4203


Kalogirou, Anna and Blyth, Mark (2021) Instabilities at a sheared interface over a liquid laden with soluble surfactant. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 129. ISSN 0022-0833

Keeler, Jack ORCID:, Blyth, Mark and King, John (2021) Termination points and homoclinic glueing for a class of inhomogeneous nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Nonlinearity, 34 (532). 532–561. ISSN 1361-6544

Khabakhpasheva, T. I. ORCID: and Korobkin, A. A. ORCID: (2021) Blunt body impact onto viscoelastic floating ice plate with a soft layer on its upper surface. Physics of Fluids, 33 (6). ISSN 1070-6631


Landwehr, Sebastian, Volpi, Michele, Haumann, F. Alexander, Robinson, Charlotte M., Thurnherr, Iris, Ferracci, Valerio, Baccarini, Andrea, Thomas, Jenny, Gorodetskaya, Irina, Tatzelt, Christian, Henning, Silvia, Modini, Rob L., Forrer, Heather J., Lin, Yajuan, Cassar, Nicolas, Simó, Rafel, Hassler, Christel, Moallemi, Alireza, Fawcett, Sarah E., Harris, Neil, Airs, Ruth, Derkani, Marzieh H., Alberello, Alberto ORCID:, Toffoli, Alessandro, Chen, Gang, Rodríguez-Ros, Pablo, Zamanillo, Marina, Cortés-Greus, Pau, Xue, Lei, Bolas, Conor G., Leonard, Katherine C., Perez-Cruz, Fernando, Walton, David and Schmale, Julia (2021) Exploring the coupled ocean and atmosphere system with a data science approach applied to observations from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition. Earth System Dynamics, 12 (4). pp. 1295-1369. ISSN 2190-4979


Sibiryakova, Tatyana, Shishmarev, Konstantin, Zavyalova, Kristina and Korobkin, Alexander ORCID: (2021) The vertical mode method in a problem of hydroelastic waves generated by an external load. In: Numerical Methods for Solving Problems in the Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity, EPPS 2021. AIP Conference Proceedings . American Institute of Physics Inc., SUN. ISBN 9780735441606

Sun, Zhe, Korobkin, A. ORCID:, Sui, X. P. and Zhi, Zong (2021) A semi-analytical model of hydroelastic slamming. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 101. ISSN 0889-9746

Sun, Zhe, Sui, Xupeng, Deng, Yanzeng, Zou, Li, Korobkin, A. ORCID:, Xu, Lixin and Jiang, Yichen (2021) Characteristics of slamming pressure and force for trimaran hull. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9 (6). ISSN 2077-1312


Wu, Yue ORCID:, Stevens, David P. ORCID:, Renfrew, Ian A. ORCID: and Zhai, Xiaoming (2021) The response of the Nordic Seas to wintertime sea-ice retreat. Journal of Climate, 34 (15). 6041–6056. ISSN 0894-8755


Xue, Y. Z., Zeng, L. D., Ni, B. Y., Korobkin, A. A. ORCID: and Khabakhpasheva, T. I. ORCID: (2021) Hydroelastic response of an ice sheet with a lead to a moving load. Physics of Fluids, 33 (3). ISSN 1070-6631


Yorkston, Adam, Blyth, Mark and Parau, Emilian ORCID: (2021) A model of an inflatable elastic aerofoil. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 131. ISSN 0022-0833


Zekri, Hussein J., Korobkin, Alexander A. ORCID: and Cooker, Mark J. (2021) Gravity effect on water entry during an early stage. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 916. ISSN 0022-1120

Zeng, L. D., Korobkin, A. A. ORCID:, Ni, B. Y. and Xue, Y. Z. (2021) Flexural-gravity waves in ice channel with a lead. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 921. ISSN 0022-1120

Zheng, Yixi, Heywood, Karen J. ORCID:, Webber, Benjamin G. M. ORCID:, Stevens, David P. ORCID:, Biddle, Louise C., Boehme, Lars and Loose, Brice (2021) Winter seal-based observations reveal glacial meltwater surfacing in the southeastern Amundsen Sea. Communications Earth & Environment, 2. ISSN 2662-4435

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