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Bass, Rosemary, Werner, Finn, Odintsova, Elena, Sugiura, Tsuyoshi, Berditchevski, Fedor and Ellis, Vincent (2005) Regulation of urokinase receptor proteolytic function by the tetraspanin CD82. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280 (15). pp. 14811-14818. ISSN 0021-9258

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Corps, A.N, Harrall, R.L, Curry, V.A, Hazleman, B.L and Riley, Graham ORCID: (2005) Contrasting effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics on the expression of the collagenases, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-1 and -13, in human tendon-derived cells. Rheumatology, 44 (12). pp. 1514-1517. ISSN 1462-0324


Denton, Christopher P., Lindahl, Gisela E., Khan, Korsa, Xu, Shiwen, Ong, Voon H., Gaspar, Nicholas J., Lazaridis, Konstantinos, Edwards, Dylan R. ORCID:, Leask, Andrew, Eastwood, Mark, Leoni, Patricia, Renzoni, Elisabetta A., Gharios, George Bou, Abraham, David J. and Black, Carol M. (2005) Activation of key profibrotic mechanisms in transgenic fibroblasts expressing kinase-deficient type II transforming growth factor-beta receptor (T beta RII Delta k). Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280. pp. 16053-16065. ISSN 1083-351X

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Kilpatrick, L., Owen, K., Harris, R. and Ellis, V. (2005) Dual roles of the type-II transmembrane serine proteases matriptase and hepsin in the activation of pro-uPA and HGF/SF at the cell surface. Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 93. p. 14.


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Wicks, Stephen J., Haros, Katherine, Maillard, Marjorie, Song, Ling, Cohen, Robert E., ten Dijke, Peter and Chantry, Andrew (2005) The deubiquitinating enzyme UCH37 interacts with Smads and regulates TGFbeta signalling. Oncogene, 24 (54). pp. 8080-8084. ISSN 0950-9232


Zenkel, Matthias, Pöschl, Ernst, von der Mark, Klaus, Hofmann-Rummelt, Carmen, Naumann, Gottfried O. H., Kruse, Friedrich E. and Schlotzer-Schredhardt, Ursula (2005) Differential gene expression in pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 46. pp. 3742-3752. ISSN 1552-5783

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