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Balsamo, Gianpaolo, Engelen, Richard, Thiemert, Daniel, Agusti-Panareda, Anna, Bousserez, Nicolas, Broquet, Grégoire, Brunner, Dominik, Buchwitz, Michael, Chevallier, Frédéric, Choulga, Margarita, van der Gon, Hugo Denier, Florentie, Liesbeth, Haussaire, Jean-Matthieu, Janssens-Maenhout, Greet, Jones, Matthew ORCID:, Kaminski, Thomas, Krol, Maarten, Le Quéré, Corinne ORCID:, Marshall, Julia, McNorton, Joe, Prunet, Pascal, Reuter, Maximilian, Peters, Wouter and Scholze, Marko (2021) The CO2 Human Emissions (CHE) Project: First steps towards a European operational capacity to monitor anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Frontiers in Remote Sensing, 2. ISSN 2673-6187

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Jones, Matthew ORCID: and Le Quéré, Corinne ORCID: (2021) First report on research needs for verification. VERIFY Project (EU H2020) . European Commission.

Jones, Matthew ORCID: and Le Quéré, Corinne ORCID: (2021) Second report on EU contribution to the Global Budgets for CO2, CH4, and N2O updated annually. VERIFY Project (EU H2020) . European Commission.

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Pier, Stephan, Claudia Christine, Sullivan, Peter, Touze-Peiffer, Ludovic, Vial, Jessica, Vogel, Raphaela, Zuidema, Paquita, Alexander, Nicola, Alves, Lyndon, Arixi, Sophian, Asmath, Hamish, Bagheri, Gholamhossein, Baier, Katharina, Bailey, Adriana, Baranowski, Dariusz, Baron, Alexandre, Barrau, Sébastien, Barrett, Paul A., Batier, Frederic, Behrendt, Andreas, Bendinger, Arne, Beucher, Florent, Bigorre, Sebastien, Blades, Edmund, Blossey, Peter, Bock, Olivier, Boing, Steven, Bosser, Pierre, Bourras, Denis, Bouruet-Aubertot, Pascale, Bower, Keith, Branellec, Pierre, Branger, Hubert, Brennek, Michal, Brewer, Alan, Brilouet, Pierre-Etienne, Brugmann, Bjorn, Buehler, Stefan A., Burke, Elmo, Burton, Ralph, Calmer, Radiance, Canonici, Jean-Christophe, Carton, Xavier, Cato Jr., Gregory, Charles, Jude Andre, Chazette, Patrick, Chen, Yanxu, Chilinski, Michal T., Choularton, Thomas, Chuang, Patrick, Clarke, Shamal, Coe, Hugh, Cornet, Céline, Coutris, Pierre, Couvreux, Fleur, Crewell, Susanne, Cronin, Timothy, Cui, Zhiqiang, Cuypers, Yannis, Daley, Alton, Damerell, Gillian M. ORCID:, Dauhut, Thibaut, Deneke, Hartwig, Desbios, Jean-Philippe, Dörner, Steffen, Donner, Sebastian, Douet, Vincent, Drushka, Kyla, Dütsch, Marina, Ehrlich, André, Emanuel, Kerry, Emmanouilidis, Alexandros, Etienne, Jean-Claude, Etienne-Leblanc, Sheryl, Faure, Ghislain, Feingold, Graham, Ferrero, Luca, Fix, Andreas, Flamant, Cyrille, Flatau, Piotr Jacek, Foltz, Gregory R., Forster, Linda, Furtuna, Iulian, Gadian, Alan, Galewsky, Joseph, Gallagher, Martin, Gallimore, Peter, Gaston, Cassandra, Gentemann, Chelle, Geyskens, Nicolas, Giez, Andreas, Gollop, John, Gouirand, Isabelle, Gourbeyre, Christophe, De Graaf, Dörte, De Groot, Geiske E., Grosz, Robert, Güttler, Johannes, Gutleben, Manuel, Hall, Kashawn, Harris, George, Helfer, Kevin C., Henze, Dean, Herbert, Calvert, Holanda, Bruna, Ibanez-Landeta, Antonio, Intrieri, Janet, Iyer, Suneil, Julien, Fabrice, Kalesse, Heike, Kazil, Jan, Kellman, Alexander, Kidane, Abiel T., Kirchner, Ulrike, Klingebiel, Marcus, Körner, Mareike, Kremper, Leslie Ann, Kretzschmar, Jan, Krüger, Ovid, Kumala, Wojciech, Kurz, Armin, L'Hegaret, Pierre, Labaste, Matthieu, Lachlan-Cope, Tom, Laing, Arlene, Landschützer, Peter, Lang, Theresa, Lange, Diego, Lange, Ingo, Laplace, Clement, Lavik, Gauke, Laxenaire, Rémi, Le Bihan, Caroline, Leandro, Mason, Lefevre, Nathalie, Lena, Marius, Lenschow, Donald, Li, Qiang, Lloyd, Gary, Los, Sebastian, Losi, Niccolò, Lovell, Oscar, Luneau, Christopher, Makuch, Przemyslaw, Malinowski, Szymon, Manta, Gaston, Marinou, Eleni, Marsden, Nicholas, Masson, Sebastien, Maury, Nicolas, Mayer, Bernhard, Mayers-Als, Margarette, Mazel, Christophe, McGeary, Wayne, McWilliams, James C., Mech, Mario, Mehlmann, Melina, Meroni, Agostino Niyonkuru, Mieslinger, Theresa, Minikin, Andreas, Minnett, Peter, Möller, Gregor, Morfa Avalos, Yanmichel, Muller, Caroline, Musat, Ionela, Napoli, Anna, Neuberger, Almuth, Noisel, Christophe, Noone, David, Nordsiek, Freja, Nowak, Jakub L., Oswald, Lothar, Parker, Douglas J., Peck, Carolyn, Person, Renaud, Philippi, Miriam, Plueddemann, Albert, Pöhlker, Christopher, Pörtge, Veronika, Pöschl, Ulrich, Pologne, Lawrence, Posyniak, Michał, Prange, Marc, Quinones Melendez, Estefania, Radtke, Jule, Ramage, Karim, Reimann, Jens, Renault, Lionel, Reus, Klaus, Reyes, Ashford, Ribbe, Joachim, Ringel, Maximilian, Ritschel, Markus, Rocha, Cesar B., Rochetin, Nicolas, Röttenbacher, Johannes, Rollo, Callum, Royer, Haley, Sadoulet, Pauline, Saffin, Leo, Sandiford, Sanola, Sandu, Irina, Schafer, Michael, Schemann, Vera, Schirmacher, Imke, Schlenczek, Oliver, Schmidt, Jerome, Schroder, Marcel, Schwarzenboeck, Alfons, Sealy, Andrea, Senff, Christoph J., Serikov, Ilya, Shohan, Samkeyat, Siddle, Elizabeth ORCID:, Smirnov, Alexander, Spath, Florian, Spooner, Branden, Stolla, M. Katharina, Szkółka, Wojciech, De Szoeke, Simon P., Tarot, Stéphane, Tetoni, Eleni, Thompson, Elizabeth, Thomson, Jim, Tomassini, Lorenzo, Totems, Julien, Ubele, Alma Anna, Villiger, Leonie, Von Arx, Jan, Wagner, Thomas, Walther, Andi, Webber, Ben ORCID:, Wendisch, Manfred, Whitehall, Shanice, Wiltshire, Anton, Wing, Allison A., Wirth, Martin, Wiskandt, Jonathan, Wolf, Kevin, Worbes, Ludwig, Wright, Ethan, Wulfmeyer, Volker, Young, Shanea, Zhang, Chidong, Zhang, Dongxiao, Ziemen, Florian, Zinner, Tobias and Zoger, Martin (2021) EUREC4A. Earth System Science Data, 13 (8). pp. 4067-4119. ISSN 1866-3516

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