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Kunzlik, Peter (2013) Green Public Procurement – European Law, Environmental Standards and 'What to Buy' Decisions. Journal of Environmental Law, 25 (2). pp. 173-202. ISSN 0952-8873

Kunzlik, Peter (2013) From Suspect Practice to Market-based Instrument: Policy Alignment and the Evolution of EU Law’s Approach to ‘Green’ Public Procurement. Public Procurement Law Review, 3. ISSN 0963-8245

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Kunzlik, Peter (1997) Access to the Commission’s Documents in Environmental Cases – Confidentiality and Public Confidence. Journal of Environmental Law, 9 (2). ISSN 0952-8873

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Kunzlik, Peter (1986) Public International Law – Cannot Govern a Contract, Can Authorise an Arbitration. The Cambridge Law Journal. ISSN 0008-1973

Book Section

Kunzlik, Peter (2013) Neoliberalism and the European Union public procurement regime. In: Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Kunzlik, Peter (2009) The Procurement of "Green" Energy. In: Social & Environmental Policies in EC Procurement Law: New Directives, New Directions. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Kunzlik, Peter and Arrowsmith, Sue (2009) EC Regulation of Public Procurement. In: Social & Environmental Policies in EC Procurement Law: New Directives, New Directions. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Kunzlik, Peter and Arrowsmith, Sue (2009) Public Procurement & Horizontal Policies in EC Law – General Principles. In: Social & Environmental Policies in EC Procurement Law: New Directives, New Directions. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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Kunzlik, Peter (2002) Re-building the Cathedral? The Partnership Question and the Effect of “Modernisation” on the Professionalism and Ethics of the English Bar. In: Towards a New Ethical Framework for a Legal Profession in Transition. Intersentia Publishing, Antwerp, p. 173.

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Kunzlik, Peter (1994) Spicer's EU Law Briefing: Environmental Policy. Longman, London.

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