Constraint-based modelling of metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Calderwood, Alexander (2016) Constraint-based modelling of metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

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Plants are the most abundant biomass on Earth. Understanding plant metabolism
represents a significant, fundamental challenge, requiring the incorporation of
many fields of study. However it also provides potentially significant leverage
with which to change the world in which we live.
The model organism Arabidopsis thaliana is probably the single best under-
stood plant system. The aim of this thesis is to use mathematical modelling
to investigate to what extent existing knowledge can describe broad, emergent
aspects of the behaviour of metabolism in this system, with particular respect
to the metabolism of sulfur, and other nutrients, and to gain insight into the
consequences of the structure of its metabolic network.
Constraint-based modelling approaches provide a framework for modelling large
reaction networks. Although they require various simplifications, and assump-
tions, they provide a route for the understanding of large metabolic networks,
which is not possible through other approaches.
Here, a genome scale model of Arabidopsis metabolism is developed to reflect
experimental data, and deployed in the study of nutrient stress, and nutrient
requirements. This model predicts changes in gene expression in response to
stress, and provides insight into the consequences of the metabolic structure
on nutrient use effi�ciency, metabolic
flexibility, and the consequences of genetic

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