UEA Digital Repository FAQ


What is the EPrints repository for?

  • To collect the research output from UEA, increase its visibility and make it available to a wider audience via the web. The repository stores publication data and, where copyright permits, full text.
  • Other repositories may also collect teaching materials, or share earlier versions of papers internally.

Why should I put my refereed papers into a repository?

  • To make them internationally available
  • To increase the impact of your work
  • To meet funder requirements (eg UK research councils require that research results are made openly available)
  • To be found easily via Google and other search engines as well as specialised scholarly search engines such as OAIster
  • To preserve the digital copy in the longer term

Concerned that the copyright of your e-thesis may have been breached?

  • There have been rare examples of people trying to resell theses without the permission of the copyright holder.
  • The University of East Anglia takes protection of its, and its authors’, intellectual property, including copyright in its works and rights to its trademarks very seriously. We ask staff and students, past and present, who are aware of any UEA PhD theses for sale without permission on Amazon or where you identify any publication reuse over which you have concerns, to please complete our notification form

Adding Outputs

How do I deposit?

  • If you are a member of UEA academic or research staff, you can deposit your research using PURE. For help with using PURE to update your publications, please contact openresearch@uea.ac.uk .

How do I export citation information from EPrints?

  • There are a variety of citation export options available eg Bibtex, csv, RSS.

Searching for Outputs

How do I search EPrints?

  • There are 2 options - simple or advanced.
  • The advanced option allows combination of terms such as author and keyword. It will also permit you to find specific categories of records such as all items by an author and/or School.

Who can access the articles on the repository?

  • Where an output is made available, it can be accessed by anyone with access to the internet, subject to the UEA Digital Repository’s Terms and Conditions. Some outputs may be under embargo (access temporarily restricted to Repository Administrators only) until a given date, and some items are deposited as closed access, though this is rare.

How will people find my articles?

What if I can't see my uploaded publications data in the ‘live’ version of the digital repository?

Managing Copyright

Managing and Editing Papers

What am I able to do in EPrints?

  • You can use EPrints to search for research publications. Uploading publications to EPrints is now managed using PURE.

If I have co-authored an article, who is responsible for uploading the publications record?

  • All authors have a responsibility to ensure that publications are uploaded to PURE. However, it is expected that in the majority of cases this will be done by the corresponding author or the main UEA author.

How can I be sure no one will delete my records?

  • Only Administrators can delete records.

For more information on Repository Policies, visit the Repository policies page.

If you have any queries, please contact openresearch@uea.ac.uk.